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Is there a wiki made or in progress? I'm a beginner at best when it comes to complex city/kingdom builders. While I'm adapting, I would like to be able to identify what resource is what and what it is good for. For example, I'm only now discovering cotton when I had thought they were strawberry plants at first >_>
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coats 17.2.2013 kello 12.22 
There is a community made wiki in progress. It gets updated fairly regularly.

Keramane 17.2.2013 kello 15.29 
Huh, well, shows what I know, doesn't it XD
coats 19.2.2013 kello 19.23 
I'm glad you started a thread for it because it's a work in progress.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on coats; 19.2.2013 kello 20.29
Keramane 19.2.2013 kello 21.07 
Mm, I consider adding to it in portions as I play.

I'm loving this game, but it's playing me like Darksouls; I can't seem to survive past day 7 summer. Damned Honey Badgers have it in for me... one of them takes out two or three of my actually competent fighters, and the goblins bleed the rest dry >_< Ore's a royal pain to find, and Bone Shirts are about as effective as tissuepaper...

Anywho, having a comprehensive list of what container holds what would be super useful. It took me about 5 maps to find out that cotton fibers go in bags while bolts of cotton go in crates. I'm still working on figuring out what can hold tree trimmings. Also, while it is possible to grow plants underground (currently), trees never bloom underground, so don't waste time doing that.

Also, when searching for metals and such, the most efficient way is to mine 1 every 3 rows, so that you can see the blocks on both sides of each row without missing tiles. Unfortunately, at depths below -6 it is very risky, unless you have metric craploads of torches, as blockading these channels when finished is difficult, as haulers will be trying to grab the dropped stones and dirt, and will often get on the wrong side of a placed wall.

Stuff like that is useful to know, but I hadn't found it on the wiki; it was all experimentation while dying from bloodloss and badgers.

Edit: Something I would love to see is a back-slot item like a backpack, that allowed haulers to carry multiple items between dropoffs. Maybe something that allowed up to 5 items to be carried, or if that's too much, then make it count as an extra hand for the same of hauling items, so one item held in each free hand and one on the backpack. That would make cleanups sooooooo much faster.
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coats 21.2.2013 kello 18.38 
Wild animals can be a bothersome. Early on it's a good practice to either build a wall or dig a trench around your starting area to keep animals out. But leave a "front gate" fortress where your soldiers can gain experience by killing intruders.

Certain ore is found at specific depth locations, specifics found on this wiki page:

Barrels are for liquid, bags are for plants and seeds and crates are for everything else. I guess any "final product" is no longer considered a plant, so it goes in a crate. I think the farming underground is a bug, so unfortunately it will someday be fixed.

The trick with torches is that one torch can light an 11 square radius. So you should be able tp mine "rooms" that large using only one torch in the middle. This way you can build your miner experience levels and conserve the torches you use, while searching for ore just as effectively as before.

There is definately talk of hauling vehicles (wheel-barrels) and a backpack or tool-belt has been requested on the Gnomoria forums a few times. It's definately a good idea. I hope that personal items can eventually be assigned. For now we have the uniform tab for assigning equipment, but it's not quite what you are asking for. Just remember to put all your gnomes into a squad and give the workers a "militia" perk. This way, you can give them instructions to avoid combat and equip basic protection.

Good luck.
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Keramane 21.2.2013 kello 21.39 
Mm, after all my efforts, the only method that has worked at keeping the goblin hordes from slaughtering me to the man was walling off my city completely (no door) and only making a point of access when I see death messenges from gobbies dying to bears/badgers/lizards/starvation so that I can loot their junk, or when the first rolls around so I can let in Gnomads.

I'm not sure if it's just me being crap at combat, but even with the starting set of armor (and a bone helmet and 2 bone shirts) my initial defense is garbage and I usually lose 1-2 guys to the first goblin attack. Then I lose 1 or so for every attack thereafter, and this is -with- me having a glut of 30+ bandages for the taping up. I don't use "retreat if bleeding" since that ends up leaving them alternating fleeing from the battle and utterly depleting my bandaid pile in seconds, but if I don't, I'll lose guys T_T

On my home PC's best save, I managed to - via the bunkering down method I refer to as Turtlling - reach winter, but the 6 man goblin barrage I fought when I let my 11 winter gnomads in (using 2 gnomes fully suited in copper platemail, one with hammer/handaxe and frenzy, the other with a claymore, and 10 Militia with random handaxes and pieces of gear) I lost 3 militia and my two-weapon guy T_T I had the two armored guys training for a full month, and the claymore guy had sword 40, but they seem to get cut down so easily by the goblins even with outgearing and outnumbering them. Is this commonplace?

I can provide the combat log if you're interested (a feature that I find absolutely awesome, never get rid of it.)
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Keramane; 21.2.2013 kello 21.40
coats 22.2.2013 kello 0.52 
It's not just you. Gnomes die a lot and will continue to do so.

The starting armor isn't that useful. Bronze and higher are required for any kind of rough combat. You should have a reserve of bandages near the entrance of your base and allow soldiers to retreat if bleeding. This works great if you have a full squad to fight with. Maybe try to get full bronze armor before engaging in combat.

Yes, it's commonplace to lose even seasoned warriors. It's how armor works in the game. You are losing troops because copper armor isn't really that great. It's better than leather or bone, certainly better than nothing. But it in no way fully protects you from injury. Try to trap goblins (traps can be researched in Tinker Bench) to harvest their equipment. It's my main strategy.
Yeah, seems to be the way it'll have to work.. When I get my first summer finished, I usually have enough spare weaponry to make a full team of dual-weilders, which is great, but they get slapped around alot.

My laptop save I was playing on was doing really well, until a gobby soldier showed up in Iron armor... I had to open the front barricade so I could harvest the trees outside; I didn't stock up enough for winter >_>
Keramane 22.2.2013 kello 20.40 
I'd just like to put out there...

Mants. F@ck.

PS: My rommate says that mants should build bases so that they won't starve and slowly will build up an infestation. I... will weep blood when that day occurs.
Keramane 22.2.2013 kello 21.45 
Also, by utter happenstance, I shieldbashed an ogre into a lake, wherupon he drowned. Hurray! However, he isn't decomposing... He's slated to be auto-butchered, but they obviously can't get to him (unless there's a way to say, mine stairs next to water and build barricades to somehow push back water tiles...

Do drowned enemies ever despawn? or is it the auto-butcher keeping him active?

Additionally, is there a way to stop units from throwing off half their armor to equip the other armor from fallen goblins in the field? I'm getting incredibly annoyed with opening a drawbridge and then having my soldiers run out, throwing away all their gear and then engaging the enemy :V
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Keramane; 22.2.2013 kello 23.16
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