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Little Racers STREET
WaaghMan  [Разработчик] 19 сен. 2012 в 0:29
General questions
If you have any question regarding the game or its features, we'll be happy to answer them :)
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What uniqe features does it have?
WaaghMan  [Разработчик] 26 сен. 2012 в 5:16 
AFAIK, it's the only top down racing game centered on street racing.

Although not unique, a proper online mode, that works much like modern shooters (drop in/drop out, join in progress, game lobby, automatic track switching, integrated with the campaign), is hard to find on racing games, and almost nonexistant on topdown ones.

The challenges are rather unique, although other games add them in form of sponsors.
The handling, designed for spectacular drifts and cornering, is rather unique as well.

The car customization and tuning, although not unique at all, is rather unusual on topdown games.

And weather effects on racing games are also quite unusual.
It's a great combo between arcade and simulation.
Cars have some weight behind them, making the cornering all the more fun.

There are also weather effects (snow, rain, day / night), a big car selection with customizable paintjobs (colors, patterns) and upgradable parts (power, handling, etc) and a pretty big track selection inside the city.

And the game has a great soundtrack.
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"and a pretty big track selection inside the city." It's quite astonishing really. The city is fairly small but the track layouts make use of the city in such a way that all of the many many tracks feel completely different.
And as for the weather, it seems to make a big difference to how the race plays out. You should not just go full speed in snowy weather for example, unless you want your repair bill to be as large as your winnings. :P
Автор сообщения: DarkByNight
"and a pretty big track selection inside the city." It's quite astonishing really. The city is fairly small but the track layouts make use of the city in such a way that all of the many many tracks feel completely different.
And as for the weather, it seems to make a big difference to how the race plays out. You should not just go full speed in snowy weather for example, unless you want your repair bill to be as large as your winnings. :P

I have to agree there, the track selection is indeed huge, not just fairly large.
I'm delighted to hear "Little Racers Street (LRS)" has been Greenlit. The gameplay of this game is really fun and one of the best top-down racing games for me (already own Desura version).
And also, I'm glad to read about lots of new features for Steam version and to hear Desura users will be able to get Steam key when it's released. Thanks a lot to Milkstone dev. team.

I agree this game has very nice & huge (my impression) map. The map of this game is very well designed. It has twisted inner city section with good rhythm, mountain section and high-speed straight section around the map. It's really fun to drive and race.

This game has 5 difficulties (Easiest - Easy - Medium - Hard - Unfair). And we can not only Upgrade the cars but also Downgrade the cars at any time. This means we can change the difficulty as we like it by upgrading or downgrading the cars (also we can change the Class of some cars too).

One more great feature is we can choose 4 driving views, Isometric (e.g. Mini Motor Racing EVO style cam) - Cenital (close to the view from straight above) - Rotating - Chase (normal behind car view of usual racing games). Each driving view is very well adjusted and nice to drive.
I always use "Rotating" view which is close to the normal behind car view with higher camera position. And we can drive like usual racing games with this view.

So like these, LRS is focused on racing and very well designed as top-down racing game I think.

By the way, I was not sure Milkstone dev. team had any plan to update this title and did not ask about it. But this time, I'd like to ask some questions about Steam version.

- About the repair costs

The racing in LRS is very exciting and intense. And it's (sometimes) hard to finish the race without hitting or being hit (especially in upper B Class fast-paced races). The exciting racing means lots of fun for me and it's quite OK :)
But one problem I thought was the repair costs are tad too expensive.
Of course, I understand the policy "Drive Carefully". But LRS is not a Sim and in some cases we have to spend most of the reward (money) to repair the cars. And the result is I/we have to repeat the races again and again to get enough money to buy new cars & upgrades ... or sell my loving cars to get money. But this is not what we want maybe.
So, I hope some re-balancing of this "rewards - repair costs" in Steam version.

- How many Steam achievements ?

Desura version has lots of in-game "Challenges" and I enjoyed and completed them.
I personally wish lots of Steam achievements too like some other racing games on Steam (Codemasters etc.) and would like to enjoy unlocking them.

- Manual Transmission (MT)

I think MT is not planned maybe and it's no problem considering the gameplay of this game. But I personally wish this optional feature and would like to know about it.

I'm sorry, these are simply my personal questions. And I think dev. team has their own plan to make this game better and I always respect it :)
Anyway I've been waiting for the release on Steam. And now I'm really looking forward to it.
Thank you !
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WaaghMan  [Разработчик] 22 ноя. 2013 в 0:48 
Thanks for your impressions Jeff, glad to know you like the game :)

As for your questions:

* Repair costs:
Repairing damage is something most games, including AAA racing sims, have removed some time ago. I really don't know why, I think the repair system was great in games such as NFS Porsche.

Anyway, it also helps acting as a money sink, meaning having a more expensive car is harder to mantain. So expensive that, as you say, many times the reward money of the race is almost zero (car repair damage can take up to 90% of the race reward money).

I agree that, unless you finish in one of the first places, finishing in 4th place or worse with some damages will net you too few money, so we'll look for something to fix that.

Maybe just reducing the max repair damage to 80% instead of 90, or just reducing the repair costs for the more expensive cars, or even reducing damage taken by cars during a race... We'll try.

* Steam achievements / Challenges:
We'll probably add a few more challenges, and adjust the one that gives you the Fetuccini Langostino to be a bit more difficult. As for achievements, we'll probably go with a more achievement-like tasks, not just doing X races, etc. We haven't planned the achievement list yet, but I suppose we'll add around 25 of them.

* Manual Transmission:
Sorry, but I don't think it will be worth it. I'm a fan of MT on most driving games, but in a game like this, were cars reach full speed in around 2-3 seconds, and brake even faster, it's just not going to work. There's also the matter of engine sound. We tried to do transmissions for the sake of engine sound, but it didn't work for the same reason, they accelerate and brake so fast it sounded weird.
Hello, again.
Thanks for your kind reply, WaaghMan.
I read before in Desura forum that several updates were planned but it depends on the Steam release. Now being Greenlit, I'm excited about the news of a whole new city and new cars :)

I also like NFS: Porsche Unleashed (still my most favorite NFS ever). And thanks to your explanation, I understood the reason why the repair costs so much in LRS.
You are right, without repair cost system, the players won't care about hitting the walls & other cars. Actually, I always tried to drive carefully so that I could get more money. It must be the essential and important part of the racing experience.

My last Challenge left in my Career Mode was "Win the 1st Place with Fetuccini Valiente" and it costs 3,600,000 Credits to buy as known. But I already spent (all of) my money to buy another cars to complete other Challenges. I wanted to enjoy closer racing with higher difficulty. But closer racing means more damage & repair costs. This is the reason why I wrote my thought about the repair costs above.

As far as I remember, at the point when I finished most of the Career races & Challenges, I didn't have enough money to buy Tristan Skyfire (3,200,000 CR) & Fetuccini Valiente (3,600,000 CR). I could afford to buy (or get) other cars with rewards. I'm sorry I don't know about the game development though, reducing the max repair damage (or cost) from 90% to 80% might be a great help for players too. Thanks again for your consideration.

About Steam achievements, I'm glad to read about your plan. It's really promising and I'm looking forward to trying new achievements & challenges :)

About MT, I know about the driving & the physics of LRS. And as I wrote above, no MT is no problem. It was simply my personal wish as a Sim Racing fan.
The acceleration and the braking in this game are very well adjusted and it's fun to control the speed and the drifting to keep the fastest line without hitting the walls.
And I have no problem about the sounds at all. Especially some turbo sounds when boosting are very nice and I always enjoy them :)

Once again, thank you very much for your kind reply and explanation. I'm looking forward to your further information and the upcoming release !
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a game from 2009 and multiplayer still in beta?
WaaghMan  [Разработчик] 2 янв. 2014 в 9:48 
Автор сообщения: JusticeXD
a game from 2009 and multiplayer still in beta?

The game was first released on 2012, you may have seen the original Little Racers ( http://www.milkstonestudios.com/little-racers/ ) which was released on 2009.

As for multiplayer, it works flawlessly on Xbox 360, the original platform, but we haven't been able to gather a big enough crowd on Pc to guarantee it will work on most setups. So, it's supposedly final, but there may be some issues. Rest assured we're working hard to make it as robust and smooth as possible before release.
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