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Secrets of Grindea
TenToesDown 11 grudnia 2012 o 7:18
Add archer skills?
Hehe, yeah I know, here I am again, but I just wondered if you guys in Pixel Ferrets could make archer skills also, since you have meele and magic skills, well just a sugestion!
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Schattenphoenix 12 grudnia 2012 o 13:35 
Id like the idea, though it would make you an archer by all means and i think they try to not have a class based system (you can shoot fireballs with any weapon if im not wrong).
Bow skills without bow would be hella weird and thus would make them a little displaced.

I wouldnt mind seeing them but i doubt it.
FullMetalSoldier 13 grudnia 2012 o 23:32 
There is an easier answer to that problem
Simply intoduce one new skill that simply is a magic that take very low mp make the projectile it shoots an arrow and in the animation for shooting a fireball you can show the character having a bow appear in the hand of the character. In this way it seems as though for a short period the character has "summoned" a bow although it's simply retexture and slight modeling. In this way everyone is happy. The drawback would be power but the gain would be speed and spammibility. They could even introduce a mechanic that either allow the skill to be use like a fireball on a one shot basis or a actual summon, where 1 press summons a pack of 30 or so shots then a necessary "cool down" period is forced asside from mp.
Schattenphoenix 14 grudnia 2012 o 10:03 
The deal would be that youd never have a bow item to equip... lots of ppl feel wrong about this
TenToesDown 14 grudnia 2012 o 10:28 
Well, acctualy the easiest seloution is just to add a archer skill, still the same, no skill bounderies.
Schattenphoenix 14 grudnia 2012 o 10:49 
But can you use archer skills with another weapon?
If so it would look weird.
If not it would be weird aswell as you usually can use all skills with all weapons, making the archers have a indirect boundary
TenToesDown 15 grudnia 2012 o 7:25 
Well, if you think mroe into it there's several seloutions to this, but the best on in my toughts would be if you could also use magic with archer skills, and the same with melee, and another thing is, it's not a problem at all as you can switch between weapons easy in the game, from bow to meele, to using spells, thanks for me.
Schattenphoenix 16 grudnia 2012 o 11:10 
Sounds logic in general.
If switching weapons in combat is easy (idk if it maybe is restricted in combat), then it would probably be a good idea.
Also i see no reason to restrict skills used with bow (except maybe melee skills).

Im really excited to see this game coming out and id love to test it out abit already :/
Lolihopper 16 grudnia 2012 o 13:38 
There is already an archer skill
Schattenphoenix 17 grudnia 2012 o 8:26 
TenToesDown 17 grudnia 2012 o 9:39 
Well, I haven't seen archer skill on the videoes or on the dev blog? Send me a link where it shows the archer skills, I would like to see :D
Kira 29 stycznia 2013 o 22:17 
As of my last session of playing the beta...The skill tree does not have any bow skills. The bow is used as a consumable item, rather than an equipable weapon.
天诛 2 lutego 2013 o 4:21 
sure it would be like in "Braveheart" " Shooting fireballs and thunderbolts from butt"
They can still have a skill tree that isn't hindering while having bows. They should set it up to where it depends on what you are holding. If your holding a melee weapon, you'll have your melee skills. Holding a bow, archer skills. Maybe they can make two separate skill bars so that depending on what weapon your holding, the skills will switch out to whatever you set them to.
you already have only few skillslots which cycle.
also when the bow is a usable item, it would be pointless to add skills for it... in general it seems a bit stupid to have skills for specific items
thats like making skills for healpotions.

I wouldnt mind seeing bow skills but i dont suppose it will be done and im actually not mad about it.

EDIT: Just thought, a bow could be made as secondary equipment (like an accessory) and unlock/enhance bow "spells". I still doubt it will come but i just re-read the posts above and thought about this :P
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Schattenphoenix; 5 lutego 2013 o 15:08
Or you could make the skill itself be dependant of the Weapon equipped, like if the skill raises attack speed a bow would shoot more arrows quickly. If the skill is a roundhouse attack the bow would shoot arrows in 4 or 8 directions at once. If the skill adds a magic property like flame damage, make the projectile flaming instead. If the skill is a bull rush, make it add reach or knockback instead.
To balance ranged against close combat, one could lower the damage of the attacks.
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