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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
[POS]katiehal16  [desenvolvedor] 9 Nov, 2012 às 6:43
** Thumbs Up & Comment to Win a Copy of Ep 1 or the OST! **
We're running a new giveaway! Vote us up & leave a comment on our Steam Greenlight page, and when we're greenlit (whenever that is!), you'll be entered to win one of 3 copies of Episode or one of 3 copies of Volume 1 of the Soundtrack!

The next batch of games are being greenlit on Nov. 30th--we'd love to be one of them, and we need your help to get there. But whether we're greenlit this month or several months from now, this giveaway still stands!
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Relight 9 Nov, 2012 às 20:22 
Can't wait for this game on Steam!
Moogle 10 Nov, 2012 às 11:07 
it would be awesome if it was greenlit next! :D
KeeshPlay 10 Nov, 2012 às 15:35 
I have so much hope that Cognition will be one of them. Steam needs so much more quality adventure titles for me to gift to friends!
bunnymoon 10 Nov, 2012 às 16:22 
I already voted.
Angel.9 Rakou Cobra 12 Nov, 2012 às 1:31 
Voted. ^^ Thanks for the chance!
BigbyW0lf 12 Nov, 2012 às 2:31 
voted. wish you luck ;)
uka7777 12 Nov, 2012 às 9:26 
Voted. I hope you will win!
vnfenris 12 Nov, 2012 às 11:30 
Voted. Let's have it on STEAM!
kof91 12 Nov, 2012 às 18:22 
firestorm 13 Nov, 2012 às 8:56 
Игорь 14 Nov, 2012 às 0:57 
Awesome game! Good luck in publishing it on STEAM!
Stealth Snake 14 Nov, 2012 às 18:16 
yep voted looks so awesome
NSANE 20 Nov, 2012 às 15:02 
Voted! Hope it gets there sooner than later! =)
odedelharar 27 Nov, 2012 às 23:15 
Very talented people making what appears to be a very interesting story, made with the traditional iconic quests of the 80's in mind. This should be a great game to play
tryppy 28 Nov, 2012 às 16:29 
you'll have no trouble getting on Steam. Also have no trouble taking money out of my wallet!
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