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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
[POS]katiehal16  [développeur] 29 août 2013 à 21h16
Clarification about Steam keys & Prior Purchases, please read!
Hi everyone--Katie from Phoenix Online here. I want to apologize for the confusion and want to clarify the Steam key situation for people who bought episodes in bundles:

Prior to being Greenlit in June, we also thought we would be able to send out keys for single episodes. We had read this on Steam's Greenlight FAQ that we would be able to provide keys to all existing customers. Once we were Greenlit, it turned out that our situation was different as Cognition is an episodic game. Steam has changed how they handle episodic games to only selling the game as a single item--the Season Pass, all four episodes bundled together--rather than as individual episodes. The only keys we will have to distribute are those that are good for the entire Season; single episode keys don't exist for us to be able to give them out.

HOWEVER! Since that's the situation, here's what ARE able to do. We are going to be sending discount coupons for the Season Pass on Steam to bundle-buyers, which we'll have access to after we release on Steam. Those who've bought individual episodes will be able to get the game on Steam at that discounted price, proportionate to how many episodes they bought on bundles elsewhere.

For those who purchased all 4 episodes (either through the Season Pass or buying all of the episodes separately, through bundles and/or store, for example), we will be able to provide a full Steam key.

Again, I am sorry for the confusion. If you have any questions, please ask and I'm happy to answer. We really do appreciate the support everyone's given us for Cognition in Kickstarter, in the bundles, and also in voting for us in Greenlight. We know where we came from, and that we wouldn't be where are without that support, it really does mean the world to all of us.
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[POS]katiehal16  [développeur] 29 août 2013 à 21h22 
If you'd like to ask me any questions in private, you can reach me at katie@postudios.com.
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cesarbittar  [développeur] 29 août 2013 à 22h21 
Yes, that game was released in 2010. Since then, Telltale has become the main force behind episodic gaming, and more so with The Walking Dead, and Steam has been adapting to offer episodic content as a single package now. If you notice, more recent games such as The Raven: http://store.steampowered.com/app/233370/ and Kentucky Route Zero: http://store.steampowered.com/app/231200 have been adapting that model.
But is a requirement or a suggestion? If was a requirement it doesn't make a lot of sense why the other episodic games haven't been changed to the new "requirement".
cesarbittar  [développeur] 29 août 2013 à 22h33 
We approached Steam once Greenlit because we wanted to release Ep1-3 right away before we had Ep4 ready and Steam wanted us to wait for Ep4 so we could release it as a single package. We explained what we had offered to people and that we were worried about Steam keys,and they said we could cover that by offering discounts depending on how many episodes people had bought previously.
Fair enough. We'll all just direct our irritation at Steam in that case.

Follow up question, if one has x amount of episodes on Desura/an indie bundle and there's a sale on the full season on Steam, will we still get the correct discount off the full season if we buy it here?

For example, say the full season is $20 and one as episode 1 and 2. By your explanation, they can buy it for $10. Now what if the full season is 75% off at $5. Can someone who owns episode 1 and 2 buy it for $2.50?

Thanks for your prompt responses.
cesarbittar  [développeur] 29 août 2013 à 22h44 
Yes, we are working on taking into consideration current discounts. So, for example, our current price for the Ep2-4 upgrade is 19.99. If we launch with a 25% for the season, to say something, and someone already has Ep1 and they just want the upgrade, we'll give them a discount for the 19.99 package, with the 25% applied to it. So you'd end up paying 14.99 for it.
Alright, thanks for the info.
Motoki 29 août 2013 à 22h47 
Well all this is going to serve to do is cause me to never vote again for any games on Greenlight that are broken up into episodic content.

Great job everyone involved.
Motoki a écrit :
Well all this is going to serve to do is cause me to never vote again for any games on Greenlight that are broken up into episodic content.

Great job everyone involved.

I completely agree.

You bribed potential customers into voting for your game by promising Steam Keys to early adopters. Along with the sources from the other thread, here are two more:


"And don't forget, once we're greenlit, all existing customers are eligible for Steam keys! "

Not a discount, a KEY. I'm sure that people would have been hesistant to vote knowing that they would only receive a coupon. This was a message that you repeated in various forms and as recently as Monday, August 26th on your own Twitter account:

"yes, both episodes will be eligible for a Steam key when #Cognition is up on the Steam store. :)"

Now deleted, of course. Thank God for Google cached mode.

Look, I understand that Steam might have changed the structure of how you can sell your game, and I'm not saying that's completely fair to you, but I'd like to think you would do more to make this right to your customers who took you at your word and who you've led along for months now. It's definitely not their fault.
Motoki 29 août 2013 à 23h49 
Yep, I agree. They bought their way into Steam by promising keys for a vote and now are reneging on that saying 'Sorry no keys, blame Valve. But hey here's a coupon'.
This situation really rubs me the wrong way. What bothers me about this is I was told I was getting Steam keys for the INDIVIDUAL episodes I had previously purchased. Once the game gets the Greenlight on Steam no keys all of a sudden because you're releasing it as one whole package instead of episodically?

Now not only does that feel like you lied to your previous paying customers who were playing and spreading the word about your game before being Greenlit, your also saying I essentially have to pay more money to get the first two episodes on Steam I was promised (I know I get episodes 3+4 as well, but that doesn't change the fact I have to pay more money to get the original episodes 1+2.)

I think I supported this game alot. Spoke about how much I liked the first episode in various forums (still havn't played the second yet.) I purchased this twice on Indie Game Stand and organized a "Indie Gala Weekly 2" group buy for 5 of my friends. So 7 times I have personally or organized my friends to purchase your game.

I really don't agree with this situation or the solution at all.

Is it impossible to have individual listings for each episode on Steam now? If the coupon route is the only way this can ever go will it stack on top of sale prices? (I generally purchase Steam games during Summer/Winter sales, so if your game is 40%-75% off, will my 50% coupon stack with the sale price because from what I remember Steam normally doesn't allow this.) And lastly will this coupon have a expiration date? (Almost all coupons I currently remember have a short expiration date of around a month or two.)
I understand Phoenix' position here. They WERE trying to do it one way, so they weren't really lying. It's Valve that has told them to do it another way, and with this being their first game on Steam, I doubt they want to defy their newest biggest distributor right off the bat.

That said, you (the dev) did promise something different than what you're currently doing to your customers, and that isn't totally cool. The best course of action would be to clearly tell Valve "We NEED to sell the episodes separately because of how we've set things up and what we've promised out fans and supporters." I seriously don't believe that it's a SET requirement to sell episodic games altogether ONLY on Steam. I think it's something Steam would simply prefer.

That said, if you go to Valve and explain that you do need to sell the episodes separately and they flat out say NO, well... that's that. As it stands though, this is a kind of a mess. There's going to be a lot of backlash and irritation put towards you for how things are being handled right now.
Eh whatever. If they can't try harder than a coupon and some finger pointing at Valve after we got their game in here then they deserve whatever ill will and smack talking on the net that they get. I won't be looking at any of their stuff in the future, that's for sure.

People can have a long memory about stuff like this so I hope that what they are choosing to do ends up being worth it for them.
amok 30 août 2013 à 2h12 
If they wanted to ignore Valve, they'd have to only release episode 1 then run three more Greenlight campaigns.
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