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Melody's Escape
My own suggestions/hopes for development.
Hi! First off, this looks like a really neat concept, and I love the character design/idea! It's neat to see the movements in relation to the music, and enjoy the jumping and running progression. There are a few things that I'd look for before I'd consider buying it, but this is just what I'd like to see! Maybe they'd spark ideas or help the development process.

-Based on the trailers, it doesn't quite look like there's enough complexity in the rhythm demand. Sure you can change reaction times, but everything I saw was on the down beat, and there were no "combo" inputs like <-- and --> at the same time, etc.

-The background is a bit bland for my taste. The girls movements are decently clean and the particle effects are pretty, but it's not enough to immerse me. Even a pulsing with the music or some kind of background change when the tempo changes (more than hue) might make it more interesting. I get the simplistic black with splash of color style, but the hair alone changing with the beat seems too small to me. (The background animation is mentioned to not be shown in the trailer, but, I just wanted to mention it as an issue I have, and I'd like to see how you address that.)

-Is there any incentive to actually hit every note? Is the girl being chased? Does every missed note slow her progress, bringing her closer to her captors? Yeah, score is nice, but maybe she trips up when she misses a note and we want to make sure she escapes. I'd like to see how the animations handle when beats are missed, and how well success/failure animations chain when close together due to tempo and/or syncopation, quick repetition, etc.

Small grievances in some cases, but things that I personally would want fixed before playing it in earnest. Good luck with it! It looks like an interesting concept!
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Loïc  [kehittäjä] 12.8.2013 kello 10.23 
Hey, thanks for your comment.

- The game is centered around simplicity and "feeling" of the music, it is not a DDR type of game and you are not playing every notes, only beats (unless a fixed tempo has not been detected, in which case another algorithm takes over using local peaks in the sound)

- Backgrounds will be animated, but considering this is icing on the cake, I wanna make sure the game is solid first, then concentrate on the eye candy.

- I will demo "failed" animations soon.
Hey, thanks for responding! It's good to hear that, and I look forward to seeing some of those animations too! I have a secondary question about the beats algorithm. How does it handle odd metered songs? Things like 3/4 waltzes or evern 7/8 or 7/4 atypical meters?
Loïc  [kehittäjä] 13.8.2013 kello 7.04 
A non stable 4/4 tempo is handled differently, using the highest local sound peaks, so it kinda always work.
Madeline 19.8.2013 kello 17.42 
I'd like more Urban backgrounds during gameplay, but other than that so far it's :P:erfect!
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