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Melody's Escape
A Couple of My Own Suggestions ;)
So I decided I wanted to give some feedback but feel free to ignore it, I just wanted to voice my opionion on the game so far (or rather what the game I've seen.) First of all, the protagonist, she's awesome! I'd love to see multiple animations for each of her moves, without removing the 'twichty' and fast aspect of them, just so the movements don't feel robotic, so maybe slightly diffrent animations for jumping etc. It would also be cool if the levels and backgrounds featured some sort of scenery without ruining the already awesome aesthetic and style the game already has, and for the backgrounds to change and interect according to the music. I feel as though most other games that generate levels depending on music always fall short of the mark when it comes to 'responsiveness' I know it's hard if not impossible to make the game work with every single bit of audio, but it would be awesome if you could really 'see' the ENTIRE level react to every beat, not just the obstacles. I'm sure most of my suggestions are impractical and bad so feel free to ignore them, I just wanted to give some suggestions (although I'm sure you have more than enough!) Anyways, keep up the great work, this looks like a fantastic game that I look forward to playing! :D
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Loïc  [kehittäjä] 16.12.2012 kello 14.44 
Thanks for your input! The backgrounds will react to the music with visualization, allowing to display every peak of music; each intensity mode will have its own theme.
Epsi lähetti viestin:
Thanks for your input! The backgrounds will react to the music with visualization, allowing to display every peak of music; each intensity mode will have its own theme.

Awesome ;D
Galestorm 22.12.2012 kello 15.29 
I would like to add some ideas to this conversation seeing that I love this game and would like to buy it when and if it becomes available. I would love to see perhaps a flat scene image in the far distance of a city skyline or perhaps a Japanese garden or even a tropical beach just to name a few. And this of course will only be a flat image in the background as the character does her obstacle moves to the music. The image needs to have enough variety so that it changes as the player moves horizontally across the screen. This would help the game be more interesting visually. I would also make this an option the player can select seeing that not all images would fit the music that they are playing that the game to. Anyway, thanks for reading my ideas. n_n
Pomf 1.1.2013 kello 21.02 
I already made a comment in the comments section, but I just want to say I agree with some points that both Cartwheel and Galestorm suggested. Basically, some variety in backgrounds would be nice, and I also agree with Cartwheel that a bit more detailed animations for Melody would be very pleasing since you did such a good job of her character design, just seems like a waste not to put in a little extra effort since the base designed has turned out so good.
I definitely agree with everything that's been said so far, especially with Galestorm's suggestions on types of backgrounds.

That said, I do have a concern about the gameplay itself. I'm hoping that we'll see more than 6 or 7 types of obstacles in the game, otherwise the experience would get stale very fast. Some more variety in obstacles and gameplay mechanics would be very welcome.

Anyways, keep up the good work Epsi! One of the most promising games I've seen on Greenlight so far. :D
Pomf 4.1.2013 kello 22.08 
After some thought, I would take the game as it is right now even. I am kinda afraid actually that some changes would ruin the perfect state it seems to be in. But I guess you never. I am just really excited about this game. And to think that I considered the music game genre garbage after my experience with about 10 other ones. Just goes to show you if you get the right designer, even an abandoned genre can suddenly become god-like. This is without a doubt my top favorite choice in Greenlight out of the the already 510 (out of 1010) games I have reviewed so far. I check this project everyday...I can't wait...
I would add one little thing: Music-on-demand-program- (like Spotify) -support
Loïc  [kehittäjä] 3.2.2013 kello 10.28 
I cannot support streaming, due to the much advanced music analysis algorithms, the full song is required for analysis before starting to play.
Funee 25.2.2013 kello 12.40 
The animation department of things is a bit lacking. It looks choppy.
FuneePwnsU lähetti viestin:
The animation department of things is a bit lacking. It looks choppy.

Part of the reason that the animations look choppy is because the footage is early game footage but Epsi has previously stated that they made the animations so short due to the fact that if the animations were long and drawn out it could ruin the rythm of the game and make sections were lots of obstactles come at you with very short intervals impossible.

Epsi lähetti viestin:
* While I'd love to add more frames, the fact is that the fast rhythm gameplay requires twitchy animations that finishes quickly, so interpolating two animations together would miss a beat completly by the time that they are over. I have to decide between smoothness and intensive/precise gameplay (especially since there is a margin of error allowed for the player to react, so I also have to take the "worst timing" case into consideration.

EDIT: Developer quote
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Cartwheels; 25.2.2013 kello 13.50
Pomf 18.4.2013 kello 1.53 
^ No.
Pomf 19.4.2013 kello 9.43 
Saying no IS part of the conversation though since it expresses an opinion. Then again, clearly you wouldn't understand such common-sense logic given your original suggestion. This is a beat music game, not an RPG, it doesn't need a story and would actually be worse off by adding a story.
oh sorry :(
Pomf 19.4.2013 kello 20.17 
Wow, calm down bro, no need to get so autistic. Don't be mad just because I disagreed with you.
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