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Frosty Grin 14 Out, 2012 às 8:38
Too difficult?
I've tried the game, and it's sweet, but too difficult and frustrating. The combination of one-hit deaths and crazy turns all but ensures that there's more frustration than anything else - at least for an average gamer. Can it be rectified with longer, easier levels or a rocket that can withstand a few hits? Or is it just the way the game is, meant to be appealing to a strictly hardcore audience?
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Fufichoops 14 Out, 2012 às 13:32 
Here is my point of view on it. They released levels that were hard to keep an audiences attention for a while. I personally fount it rewarding the first time I completed the Pilot map. Again, this is coming from somebody who enjoys dextarity games so to me it's quite enjoyable.
sranine  [desenvolvedor] 16 Out, 2012 às 15:38 
Frosty Grin, it sure is a difficult game and can take some getting used to!
Part of the game is this process of getting used to the rocket... to think that it's totally uncontrollable and then, after some practise, realise that it actually is; and when it clicks, then just...flow through the levels. (And after that, figuring out how you can improve on your technique.)

It is amazing to watch players try it for the first time and say "I hate this game, it's too difficult, but I'll just try one more time. Just one more time." and then, hours later, hear "OMG I DID IT!!!" :D

But, to get back to your post and suggestion - yes, there will be easier levels. And more difficult ones! And a lot of other stuff that we are experimenting with right now, such as obstacles and hazards, which opens up for new types of gameplay, that some might find easier and some more difficult...
Regarding rockets that are able to take a few hits; that's not something that we plan to implement. Being so incredibly fragile is a too big part of the game to take out.

Another huge part of this project is the level editor, and allowing players to create and share maps. I'm sure that plenty of easier maps will show up there as well.

And as 4t3one said here too; the web version that we keep online now needs to have levels that are difficult enough to keep players busy for quite a long time. At this rate, we are updating about once per month. :)
Frosty Grin 17 Out, 2012 às 5:00 
Thanks for your reply. I definitely get the "just one more time" thing, and a difficult game certainly can be popular. It's mostly a matter of a reasonable difficulty curve - starting with something small and easy. Super Meat Boy is a good example. You start the game and get your "I did it" moment in a few minutes, not "hours later". And then another one...

So I'm glad there will be easier levels.
Frosty Grin 22 Out, 2012 às 21:00 
I tried the shooting range level and, even though it's technically more difficult, it's much less frustrating because, first of all, there's more space and it doesn't feel so restrictive. In particular, there's more vertical space and vertical movement feels more natural for a rocket. Finally, there's more variety - you can shoot the targets in any order, so if you haven't mastered a particular turn, you can try another one. Plays much better.

Also, a level like this one could have an easy mode if the destroyed targets stayed destroyed after a crash (for an endless number of attempts or only three).
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sranine  [desenvolvedor] 23 Out, 2012 às 11:36 
That's great to hear! We shall look in to that further. Much appreciated feedback, thank you! :)
Benji0nics` 12 Nov, 2012 às 13:39 
I don't think the rocket's too fragile, but I did notice those flaps on the edge of the rocket really stretch the rocket's vulnerable hitbox. That's extremely noticeable when you're riding the edge inside a dip, which are the most dangerous. On particularly deep dips, your orientation has to be absolutely perfect, or the edge will tap your flaps, killing you instantly. To me, it's a little unreasonable and unbalanced. When I play, I get the feeling that the invulnerable side of the rocket needs to be just a bit wider. Working with those fins that stretch so goddamn far is a headache. Maybe the bottom of the fins should be invulnerable. Maybe I'm a noob, though, but I freaking hate the fins of the rocket and I have the biggest urge to saw them off.
Benji0nics` 12 Nov, 2012 às 13:41 
But yeah - ultimately I don't think the game is too difficult. It's just the concave curves that present a noticeable spike in the game's difficulty.

I would equate navigating your rocket around the edge of a dip to that of driving a speeding car into an extremely narrow tunnel (And if you touch the wall, you'll explode)

Like guiding a thread through the eye of a needle.

After playing for several hours, I've decided I don't like that part of the game. :P

Getting the orientation just right is kind've a matter of luck instead of skill.
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Frosty Grin 12 Nov, 2012 às 14:22 
I agree that the fins may be annoying - and, yes, largely because getting the right angle may feel like a matter of luck. I got used to it, but it's still not the most pleasant aspect.
Fufichoops 12 Nov, 2012 às 20:14 
@Benji0nics: while i agree with both you and Frosty Grin the the underside of the fins can be annoying, i think it hadds to the game in a way. If you think back to the old school arcade days, such as the old Mario saving Peach from Donkey Kong, there was maybe a 1-2 pixel clearance while jumping over the barrels. what may seem like luck at first, with practice, becomes a great skill.

it is my opinion, that games aren't as hard as they used to be, and a game like Super Meat Boy, which is intended to be hard by todays standards, was actually much like what most games used to be in terms of difficulty. Now i'm not saying that good for accessability, but for those who enjoy a good challenge, then this is a great game. In a sea of easy, hand-holding games, Flowstorm is a refreshing change of pace.

A good way to discribe the difficulty that Flowstorm presents is like this: The first half hour will be quite a challenge, as mastering the controls won't be easy. After that, when completing an easier level for the first time, there are the moderate levels. At that point, the user will want to push how fast they can complete a level, which ramps up the difficulty depending on how fast one wants to go. then comes the hard levels, completing these will take at least 5 hours of game time, but once one completes that, they will want to finish it faster. Essentially, once the controls are mastered, difficulty lies on the user to create.

In conclusion, while i know it seems annoying, for now it's just something to learn. One thing you can do, is to contact the devs, as there is a Rooket (tutorial rocket), that will be chosen by us, the players. Come up with some ideas for that and you may get your wish! :)
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