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Various Control-Related Suggestions
First off, I'm a big fan of this project! I hope it gets the attention it deserves. While playing, I had a few ideas and questions I'd like to put out there:

1) Could we adjust the rotation speed, and perhaps use CTRL+Arrows to do a slower rotation?

2) Have you considered having a gamepad's analogue stick directly control the ship's orientation (i.e. you want to accelerate towards 2 o'clock, you put the stick at 2 o'clock, but then you want to stop, so you put the stick at 8 o'clock, wait a few milliseconds for the ship to steer around, and boost)? I think this would provide a much more natural and precise steering mechanism. Might make the game easier, but in return you'd see amazingly skillful moves and level runs.

3) The down key is currently unused as far as I remember, how about using it to magnetically adhere to rails? I think this could provide very interesting strategies and maybe make railing safer

4) In the "Too difficult" thread, I've seen complaints about the ship being too easy to crash because of the fins, and I tend to agree. I hope the bottom parts of the sides of the rocket become reinforced. As it is now, even just being a few degrees off on a steep slope can result in an unsuspected death :/ I would like to be able to pull off more fuel-less tricks by kicking with the rocket's bottom corners!
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Acegikmo  [Разработчик] 15 апр. 2013 в 14:41 
First off - Apologies for the very late reply!
We mostly check our own forums[flowstormgame.com] these days :)

1) We might have analog steering on gamepads, allowing slow rotation, in which case there will probably be gravitated input settings for the keyboard control as well!

2) Directly sounds scary, if it means a 1:1 mapping. That said, having an alternate control mode that makes the ship rotate to the given direction, with its maximum torque (Rather than direct control)

3) Most likely not on the blue "Storm" rocket. There might be additional rockets in the future with that kind of feature though :)

4) Not sure when you played last - but the Storm rocket has had its landing gear slightly extended, making it easier to land slides and do ramp kicking in curves!

Again, sorry for the late reply! It would be nice if you could write in the official forums if you have any more questions :)
1) Cool
2) Yeah, I was thinking it would work with maximum torque, as I clumsily explained it
3) Cool
4) I played some Alpha 4, and I indeed had a lot less frustrating corner accidents.

Awesome :D And if I have any further comments I'll be sure to go to your forums.
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