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Seems like Dream is going to take a lot more effort and time to complete.
So here is their kickstarter update:

"Hey again everyone,

So things aren’t looking too great. Only 24 hours left and we still need almost three quarters of our funding to reach the goal. The truth is it’s starting to look a lot like we might not be able to continue working on Dream in the new year. We’ve had some time to plan and see what alternatives we have available to us, as we spent the past couple weeks with our families for the holidays, but one by one every back-up plan has fallen through or been false hope from the start.

We’ve loved working on Dream for the past 6 months, it’s been challenging and we’ve had a lot to learn but it was the best 6 months of our lives so far, we were doing something we really loved doing. The problem is last time we tried paying the rent with love things got weird and he doesn't call us anymore...but in all seriousness our next batch of bills comes in January and with all of our own money having gone into working on Dream full time we don’t really know what's going to happen to us next.

I really hope this isn’t the last update I have to write about Dream and to everyone who has pledged to us, or supported us in anyway, thank you. It’s been amazing."

T.L.D.R: no money pretty much equals to the devs not having the opportunity to continue working on this title(or any title of their own I have to presume).

I have no doubt they will keep trying, but it is evident from the update that this is not a minor hiccup in the development. I really wanted this to happen but best of luck to the devs one way or the other.
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I was really looking forward to this :(
Why do really good games never get released?
and the resolution:

"As things stand we’re in a bit of trouble as we’ve put almost all our savings into the game so far and we don’t have enough left for rent, bills and food. As it became more obvious that the kickstarter wouldn’t make it we had to face the facts that we might need to get full time jobs just to cover the costs we’ve incurred so far. We weren't convinced we could maintain full time jobs and develop dream at a good enough pace to make our efforts worthwhile.

After a lot of back and forth this is what we’ve decided to do;

We’re going to get part-time jobs which should help but ultimately won’t be enough to full continue development so following the advice and support of you guys we’re going to change our development style a little. We’re going to accept PayPal donations and give everyone who donates the pre-alpha to play (available at the start of February) and access to a developer forum that you can leave us feedback in. The deal is we’ll keep working at the game for as long as we can and following your input we’ll try and shape the game into something you’ll all enjoy.

This is a big risk but at the very least we can promise you that we’ll try our best to make something you will enjoy playing and being a part of."

T.L.D.R: So they are continuing the development to the best of their ability with part-time jobs. In every case this will take a lot more time and be very taxing; I can just hope they manage it :)

Again best of luck to the devs with whatever they decide to do long term.
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i wish them the best of luck I hope this game comes out because ill buy it and love the game
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Surkey 6 feb., 2013 @ 13:14 
A tragic day for Greenlight. As a lucid dreamer I was really looking forward to how this game would play out. What a shame! It was such an interesting concept!
Too bad, it would have been an interesting game.
Hope this is still progressing :)
samread  [dezvoltator] 17 apr., 2013 @ 11:01 
Hey Everyone!

We are still all up and running, working on the game full time.

The second ‘Dream’ Pre-alpha is now available for download to everyone who donated £5 or more! Head over to the forum to download the latest build, make sure you’ve signed in with the email address you provided when you donated.

Our new website is also online now so feel free to give us any feedback on the website as well as the new build!

If you haven't donated yet you can still donate to get access to the pre-alpha and all future releases.

Thanks for all you interest and kind words.

- HyperSloth
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