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The Moon Robot Mar 3, 2017 @ 10:08am
Guardian Suggestions
Hi ucdmodlab, I'm Jet
The Question I always ask on every last Concept and Greenlight page is this:
"Has your team ever thought of adding your game to any other indie sites?"
The reason why I ask this question is In my opinion,
I believe that Steam is like the big leagues and greenlight is the tryouts

So from that said here are the sites I suggest:


How can these sites help your game
- Gains exposure and Extends your developing time.
This will also Extend a lot of Developing time for you because of the fact that your game would be on other sites.

- You can sell your game earlier
Seems like Greenlighters at times just hope there game gets greenlighted and then they can sell their game, But With those sites you can do it a little earlier.

- Work in progress
This also of course always a good thing to see whats going on with the game(concept art, progress of the game, etc)

- Adding a demo
That's another grip I have with Greenlight were going off the game only visualy were we should be able to go off it physically playing it as well.

-Gaining even more feedback
Once your game is ever greenlighted the people who bought it or played the demo could come to your green light page, and suggest to improve or add more features to your game.