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Dalo Lorn  [developer] Feb 12, 2017 @ 2:46am
Patch Notes
Rising Stars v1.0.0 (The Glory of War) - July 16, 2016
  • Removed everything from the mod and reverted to vanilla.

    The following patch notes cover readdition of ABEM content, rough changes from vanilla and ABEM, and new content.

  • Restored content related to other restored content. That's basically it.

  • Revamped the 'Neutron Plate' anomaly.
    • Instead of choosing between unlocking Neutronium Armor or buffing all armor health, you now choose between unlocking Liquid Armor and a 5% maintenance reduction for all armor types, or Neutronium Armor and a 10% labor cost reduction for all armor types. (This also affects Structural Reinforcement.)

  • Floating Continents can no longer be used on planets that are currently constructing or expanding Subsurface Habitation Complexes. The inverse is also the case - planets cannot begin construction/expansion of subsurface habitats while they have a Floating Continent.
  • Protoplanets can once again be used to create T3 resources, with an energy cost of 1700.
  • Changed the strategic icons of the Revenant pieces to reflect their appearance.

  • Restored the Command Center.
  • Revamped the Government Center.
    • Now called the Centralized Coordination Complex (or C3).
    • Grants 1 Influence Stake for every 20 population in your empire.
    • Can only be built once.
  • Changed the size of Megafarms and Hydrogenators to 2x2 down from 3x3. This has also led to a reduction in their maximum cost when constructing on undeveloped tiles.
  • Barracks now have no maintenance cost on desert or developed tiles, but only grant a +10 bonus to Defense Reserve.
  • Mechanoid FTL Breeders no longer consume population when built, and an improved version of them can be built by all races with the Flux FTL trait.
  • Added the Xenomanufacturing Center and Xenoindustrial Sector civilian buildings.
    • Are constructed instead of the University and Tech Center, respectively. Can only be built by Berserker races.
    • Generates Defense and Labor in quantities equivalent to 75% of a Base and Industry, or a Launch Pad and Enterprise, respectively.
    • Uses Research pressure equivalent to its non-Berserker counterpart.
  • Restored the Ringworld resource buildings.

  • Restored and revamped the Terraforming and Orbital Habitation Ring constructions.
    • Terraforming is now called Infrastructural Development, and develops 15 tiles in exchange for 500 Ore and 100 Labor.
    • Orbital Habitation Ring is now called Subsurface Habitation Complex.
      • Adds a 10x2 chunk of undeveloped Artificial tiles under the main planet surface.
      • Costs 1000 Ore, §500k and 50 Labor to construct.
      • Can only be built once per planet, but additional 10x1 chunks can be attached to it for §700k and an increasing amount of Ore and Labor using the Expand Subsurface Complex construction.
      • Cannot be constructed or expanded while a Floating Continent is present on the planet. Remove the Floating Continent before attempting to do so, and then place it back when you have completed the project.
  • Moonbases owned by Mechanoid races now add §100k income each.

  • Added the 'Remnant Fortress' camp. A powerful starbase which, when destroyed, unlocks Crystalline Armor, Disruptors or Particle Lances. Only available in Wake of the Heralds matches.

Design Stats
  • Did stuff... I'm not sure I want to look that closely at it...

  • Restored derelicts. Unfortunately, you can't board them yet due to missing equipment, so you can just scuttle them.
  • Selecting or mousing over an owned object will display a semi-transparent, bluish circle around it, indicating its sensor range. This is only useful in nebulae or when cloaked, as sensors have not yet been fully restored.
    • If seeable range has been modified by cloaking or entering a nebula, this is similarly displayed by a semi-transparent, pinkish (I think) circle. If you don't want to be seen, you must merely keep enemy ships outside of that circle. :P
  • Added the Glory mechanic for Berserkers and Pacifists. Perform specific actions and avoid others to improve your empire - fail to do so and suffer the consequences.

  • Restored the Embassy. In addition to its previous bonuses, it now correctly provides 2 Influence Stake and a 5% chance each minute to receive a random influence card. However, its price has been increased to compensate.
  • Restored the Power Transmitter.
  • Restored the Stellar Shield Generator.
  • Added the Subspace Telescope Array.
    • Costs §1M, 50 Labor and 750 Ore to construct. Has a maintenance cost of §100k.
    • Can pay 100 FTL to use the Telescope ability on any system within a range of 40 thousand units (displayed by a green circle when selected or moused over). Has a cooldown of 3 minutes.
    • Can move with an acceleration of 0.2 u/s^2.
  • Increased the health of some basic orbitals.

  • Restored/added the following lifestyles for use in Wake of the Heralds matches:
    • Berserkers - Rahta Empire
      • No longer suffers buffs/debuffs depending on war status, but most of these buffs/debuffs have been migrated to the Glory mechanic. Gains Glory by contesting systems (fighting Remnants doesn't count), destroying orbitals and non-civilian ships (including Remnants and miners) dependent on their Labor cost and hull type (if applicable), or capturing planets. Glory decays over time and must be actively maintained to avoid suffering reductions to all non-money civilian resource generation and obtain various pre-RS buffs.
      • Now starts with Troop Pods unlocked.
      • Research pressure is now converted into civilian Defense and Labor generation instead of civilian Research generation. Other sources of Research still function as before.
      • Now gains Research by destroying orbitals and non-civilian ships dependent on their Labor cost and hull type (if applicable). Destroyers, stations and Remnant flagships give the most Research; non-Remnant support ships give the least Research.
      • Sulphate on the homeworld has been replaced with the unique Sulphate Traces resource, which provides only half of the benefits of Sulphate.
    • Pacifists - Fasshi Republic
      • No longer suffers buffs/debuffs depending on peace status, but most of these buffs/debuffs have been migrated to the Glory mechanic under the 'Comfort' label. Loses Comfort by contesting systems (fighting Remnants doesn't count), losing orbitals or any ships dependent on their Labor cost and hull type (if applicable), or losing planets to invaders. Comfort accumulates over time and must be maintained by avoiding the above scenarios to avoid suffering reductions to civilian Research, Money and Energy generation, and to obtain various pre-RS buffs.
      • Now starts with Broadcast Antennae unlocked.
      • Fixed an issue where Envoys did not correctly protect planets against loyalty loss.
    • Researchers - Alipha Foundation
      • All shield capacity is increased by 90%, and all shield regeneration is increased by 45%.
      • Starts with Shield Generators and Shield Harmonizers unlocked.
      • Doubles the shield capacity added by Shield Harmonizers.
      • All armor has halved health. Cannot research most armor types, but can discover some of them through anomalies or Remnant Fortresses.
      • Does not start with any armor subsystems unlocked, and uses the inexpensive and fragile Structural Reinforcement instead.
      • Most armor research nodes have been replaced with the new Containment Protocols tech.
        • Increases the Research generation of Tech Centers and Research Complexes by 0.1. This effectively reduces the efficiency penalty of allowing Universities to condense into Tech Centers by 20%.
  • Added the Technocracy government for use in Wake of the Heralds matches.
    • Uses a drastically different technology grid based on the infinite progression techs introduced in ABEM and Wake of the Heralds, more akin to the tech tree of the Space Empires games or Star Ruler 1. Research efficiency decay reduced by 25%.
    • Starts with a Battleship. This Battleship has 30% less hull HP and fleet effectiveness and must use the 'Make Repairs' ability to restore itself to full operational capacity, at the cost of 400 Energy and §600k.
    • Starts with 5 Energy Clashes, 1 Mall of the Galaxy and 1 Claim Artifact card.
    • Starts with a modified level 1 Progressive.
    • Cannot be used by the AI.
  • Added the Clumsy trait. Reduces engine thrust and hyperdrive speed by 30%. (Unless you don't research any thrust buffs, in which case it's only 23%. Bah.)
  • Restored the Inefficient trait from Early Access. All weapons drain 25% more supply when firing.
  • Restored the Sequestered Society trait from Early Access. Starts with 25 fully-developed tiles on the homeworld. Probably not compatible with Ringworlders once they're reimplemented; definitely not compatible with Star Children but I don't know if it's explicitly forbidden.
  • Modified the Industrious trait from Early Access. Civilian Labor generation on the homeworld is increased by 10%.
  • Restored the Flux FTL method from the WotH closed beta for use in Wake of the Heralds matches.
    • Automatically sees anything it can trade through.
    • Ships cannot enter interstellar space. (But Subspace Telescope Arrays might, perhaps?) Scouts are therefore useless except for gathering anomalies.
    • Ships cost FTL energy to construct.
    • Ships (including colony ships!) can instantaneously teleport to any star system seen by the empire. This incurs a jump cooldown dependent on the distance traveled.
    • Cannot be researched, and cannot research other FTL types.
  • Ancient races now automatically have an extra trait point from the Lavish trait because it does nothing to them. The Lavish trait is therefore no longer allowed to Ancient races to prevent people from doubling the bonus.

  • Restored Quantum Armor, Composite Armor, Shielded Antimatter Generators, Singularity Cores, FTL unlock nodes and Centralized Coordination Complexes, and condensed several old shield techs into the Advanced Shield Manipulation tech, which grants Covariant Shield Generators, Power Transmitters and Stellar Shield Generators.
  • Miner Hulls must now be researched.
  • Added Juggernaught Hull, related to self-destruct devices and possibly required to use them. ... Don't ask...
  • Added secondary unlock options to various technologies.
  • Added the Ferrofluid Armor secret project.
  • Any and all of the above changes may not have been made to the vanilla tech grid. To be sure you're getting everything, play a Wake of the Heralds match instead. (Keeping both grids up to date was infeasible, though Alar has made at least a token attempt with an unknown degree of success.)

  • Local Asteroid Fields now add 12-22 Pressure Capacity depending on planet level in addition to their other effects.
  • Restored the Intelligence Hub, Technofarm, Tropical Paradise, Research Complex, Sulphate and Ancient Shipyard resources. (It is entirely possible that Ancient Shipyards will still refuse to spawn.)
  • Added/restored T6 bonuses to all vanilla scalable resources.

  • Drastically altered balancing of all armors, shields and basic weapons. (Advanced weapons will be rebalanced in a later release.)
  • Added Forcefields (broken, not fully localized), Progenitor Armor (not fully localized), Progenitor Shield Generators (I think?), Boarding Parties, Adaptive Lasers and Matter Disruptors to the Design Sandbox.
  • Restored/added the subsystems mentioned under 'Research'.
  • Added Ceramic Armor. Cheapish defense against energy weapons, not too efficient against other weapon types. Cannot be repaired, can be permanently destroyed and must be restored by a retrofit.
  • Restored Security Stations. Completely useless as Boarding Parties have not been placed on the tech grid yet.
  • Disabled Carpet Bombs to protect Mechanoid races. Will be restored at a later date once it is no longer outright exploitative against Mechanoids.
  • Changed the art of several subsystems.
  • Skip Drives and Ion Cannons no longer count towards the hex limit.
  • Added the Juggernaught Hull. Labor-intensive, slow but maneuverable, low maintenance, super-tough and can only be used as a delivery platform for Self-Destruct Devices. Can use the 'Ramming Speed' ability to drastically increase acceleration for a brief period.
  • Titan Hulls no longer have a penalty to maneuverability.
  • Reactive Armor is now less effective on Destroyers, significantly less effective on Titans, and drastically less effective on Colossi, but is slightly more effective on Carriers.
  • Added support variants of various armors.
  • Restored Support Shield Generators. As in ABEM, these are unlocked by researching Shield Generators unless playing a Technocracy race.
  • Flagship Missile Launchers can now fire multiple missiles per salvo through use of the Launch Tube modifier. However, this increases reload times to match. Up to five Launch Tubes may be added onto a subsystem.
  • Railgun Batteries can now fire long-range 'sniper' shots at orbitals or stations.

  • Removed the Nebula system from the game.

  • Added and changed some default designs. These designs are far superior to vanilla designs, but some of them are ugly as hell.
  • The IRC now alerts you if your name or the string '%everyone%' is used in a message using a warning sound.
  • Restored most game configuration options from ABEM.
  • Added a configuration option for the Invasion map that can be used to allow war between players.
  • Added a 'Gate Sharing' treaty clause that allows empires to enter or exit each others' stargates as if they were owned by the same empire. Teams and vassals automatically have this clause enabled.
  • Replaced the 'Remnant Warlord' shipset used for the 'Progenitor' shipset with the revamped Remnant shipset. I somewhat miss Exa's kitbashes, though.

Known Issues
  • Technocracy can be selected in non-WotH matches. It falls apart in a hurry and will not be available in non-WotH matches after the next patch.
  • Pacifists can be selected in non-WotH matches by selecting the Fasshi preset. This works flawlessly, even unlocks Broadcast Antennae, but is nonetheless an unintended loophole that must and will be patched.
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Dalo Lorn  [developer] Feb 12, 2017 @ 2:46am 
Rising Stars v1.0.1 - July 17, 2016
  • Resolved an issue where Pacifists could be used in non-WotH matches by selecting the Fasshi preset. (On another note, the next patch will unrestrict both Berserkers and Pacifists altogether, with the caveat that they won't get their free subsystem unlocks in non-WotH games. It turns out we were being overly cautious with them because of Glory, but Lucas has set us straight.)
  • Disabled Technocracy in non-WotH matches. As noted above, it just didn't work.
  • Fixed an oversight that was making Clumsy, a negative trait, have the same color as a positive trait.
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Feb 12, 2017 @ 2:47am 
At last, a new patch is out!

Rising Stars 1.0.2 - November 7, 2016

  • Reworked the Refinery's pricing scheme.
    • Now costs between §0k/§10k and §100k/§20k to build and maintain, and requires 200 Ore to construct.
  • Altered the pricing scheme of FTL Breeders.
    • All FTL Breeders now cost between §75k/§40k and §315k/§100k to build and maintain, down from §300k/§80k and §540k/§260k, respectively.
    • Mono FTL Breeders require 350 Ore to construct.
    • Flux races' FTL breeders require 500 Ore to construct.
  • Increased the amount of Defense Reserve granted by Barracks from 10 to 20.

  • Fixed a slight and probably inconsequential compatibility bug with Subsurface Habitats and Ringworlds, Vast Plains or Artificial Planetoids.
  • Nylli will no longer see the Subsurface Habitat and Infrastructural Development constructions in the build menu. Non-planet objects will also no longer have the option to construct them.
  • Infrastructural Development Labor costs have been reduced to 50, down from 100. Additionally, the maximum amount of developed tiles has been increased from 15 to 20.
  • Added the 'Refined Beacon Architecture' construction.
    • Unlocks standard Fling Beacons. Requires 200 FTL Energy and 300 seconds to construct.
  • Added the 'Streamlined Wormhole Equations' construction.
    • Unlocks the Gate subsystem. Requires 200 FTL energy and 300 seconds to construct.
  • Added Outpost upgrades.
    • Structural Enhancement adds 10k health and 5k armor to the outpost, modified by various buffs to orbital health.
    • Refit Launch Bays adds 256 support capacity and 4 Defense generation to the outpost.
    • Install Swarm Missiles adds 10 missile tubes to the outpost, each firing one missile per second and dealing 50 damage per missile. May be modified by upgrades to stationary (planetary?) defenses.
    • All upgrades require 2 minutes and 300 Ore to construct. Each upgrade requires an additional 300 Ore for each subsequent level of that upgrade.

  • Resolved a logic error that was causing the 'Allow War' toggle on Invasion maps to be inverted.
  • Added two new difficulty levels for the Invasion map, 'Very Hard' and 'Nightmare', which increase Invader strength to 125% and 150%, respectively. ('Hard' is 100%.)
  • Fixed a vanilla issue where Remnant fleets and Remnant Defense Stations in the Invasion map would fight each other. Remnant Fortresses would sometimes spawn and eat the Defense Stations for breakfast, making the game harder for some players.
  • The Invasion timer UI has been moved from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen, to prevent overlaps with various UI pieces. (It may instead overlap with the info bar if there are too many abilities available.)
  • Added the 'Precious Clouds' galaxy:
    • Designed for up to 4 players. Recommended team configurations: 2v2, 1v1, 1v1v1v1
    • Multiple instances of this galaxy can exist in a single game.
    • Fight for supremacy over a large quantity of Pretiosian and Radioactive nebulae, protected by strategically-placed Remnant strongholds.

  • Reduced the build cost of Subspace Telescope Arrays to §750k, down from §1M.
  • Outposts can now store up to 1M Ore, and consume that Ore to upgrade themselves. Outpost upgrades are constructed individually for each Outpost.
  • Added the Experimental Fling Beacon orbital.
    • Unlocked by researching Fling Beacons.
    • Functions like a regular Fling Beacon.
    • Can construct 'Refined Beacon Architecture' to unlock regular Fling Beacons.
    • Costs §1M/§125k, 500 Labor, 500 FTL Energy and 5000 Ore.
    • Has 50k health and armor.
    • Requires 0.15 FTL/s to function.
  • Added the Prototype Stargate orbital.
    • Unlocked by researching Gates.
    • Can construct 'Streamlined Wormhole Equations' to unlock regular, designable Gates.
    • Costs §1M/§125k, 250 Labor, 500 FTL Energy and 5000 Ore.
    • Has 50k health and armor.
    • Cannot move.
    • Requires 0.15 FTL/s to function.
    • Functions like a regular Gate.

  • Unrestricted the Rahta and Fasshi presets and their respective lifestyles. Berserkers and Pacifists can now be played in non-WotH matches, but will not receive free Troop Pod and Broadcast Antenna tech unlocks.
  • Saar who obtain Outposts will now automatically have them converted to Star Temples, as in late ABEM versions.
  • Restored the Manifest Destiny and Sedentary traits from Early Access.
    • Manifest Destiny decreases the Supply cost of capturing planets by 25%. Costs 1 point.
    • Sedentary doubles the time it takes to construct civilian or imperial buildings on a planet. Grants 1 point.
  • Sequestered Society now grants 5 pressure capacity on the empire's homeworld in addition to developing 25 tiles.
  • Sequestered Society can no longer be taken by Nylli or Atroan empires.
  • Increased the colony ship speed of Flux races from 10% of normal to 25%.
  • Flux races now start with a free Subspace Telescope Array.

  • Various changes to the Technocracy research grid:
    • Fixed an instance where Technocrats could use research points to unlock Simulators and Targeting Sensors.
    • Targeting Sensors now have a study cost of §500k.
    • Increased the requirements and study cost of Quantum Compressors to Energy Science 7 and 1700 Energy, up from Energy Science 6 and 1500 Energy.
    • Increased the required level of Orbital Architecture for Artificial Planetoids from 5 to 7.
    • Artificial Planetoids now additionally require level 4 in Shield Modulation and level 5 in Metallurgy to unlock.
    • Star Forges now additionally require level 5 in Metallurgy to unlock.
    • Ringworlds now additionally require level 5 in Shield Modulation and level 7 in Metallurgy to unlock.
    • Increased the Shield Modulation level required for Covariant Shield Generators from 1 to 4.
    • Increased the Shield Modulation level required for Shield Harmonizers from 4 to 6.
    • Increased the Shield Modulation level required for Shield Hardeners from 5 to 7.
    • Increased the Shield Modulation level required for Deflector Arrays from 6 to 8.
    • Deflector Arrays now additionally require level 6 in Energy Science to unlock. (The description erroneously claims level 8.)
    • Orbital Architecture now grants orbitals a 30% health bonus and a 5% build and Labor cost reduction, rather than a 20% health boost and an 8% cost reduction. Additionally, it increases the local Defense generation and health of Outposts, and the support capacity of Outposts and planets.
    • Increased the base cost of Orbital Architecture to 600 Research and 60 seconds, up from 275 Research and 27 seconds.
    • Increased the cost-per-level of Orbital Architecture to 120 Research and 12 seconds, up from 100 Research and 10 seconds.
    • Added the Dedicated Mining Architecture tech to the grid.
      • Unlocks Miner Hulls.
      • Requires level 2 in Chassis Engineering.
      • Costs §500k and 120 seconds to unlock.
    • Reduced the cost of Fling Beacons and Gates to 2000 Research and 200 seconds, down from 4000 Research and 400 seconds.
  • Moved the Dedicated Mining Architecture tech.
  • Added the Progenitor subgrid to all tech grids. Cannot be accessed at this time.
  • Researching Fling Beacons or Gates now enables the construction of a special orbital with their respective functionalities. This orbital can then begin a research project to unlock regular Fling Beacons/Gates.
  • Reduced the cost of Fling Beacons to 1000 Research and 60 seconds, down from 4000 Research and 400 seconds.
  • Reduced the cost of Gates to 2000 Research and 200 seconds, down from 4000 Research and 400 seconds, and removed the 80 Influence study unlock.

  • Miner Hulls now correctly throw a design error if the ship has any support capacity.
  • Reverted Skip Drives and Ion Cannons to vanilla behavior.

  • Nebulae (this includes 'Empty Space') have been returned to the mod.
    • Aside from being the focus of the new map, 'Precious Clouds', nebulae can only occur through the 'Spatial Anomaly Occurrence' option in galaxy configuration. At the maximum setting, this option will replace all non-homeworld, non-unique systems in the galaxy with nebulae. You have been warned.
    • Empires will now automatically absorb adjacent nebulae into their territory as if they had colonized them.
    • Fixed a longstanding bug that was causing Sicutmarian Nebulae to not disable certain abilities as intended.

  • Restored various files related to the Progenitor lifestyle. If you notice any Progenitor-related content anywhere outside the design sandbox, please report the bug.
    • Except the Progenitor subgrid. That one's there on purpose, but it cannot be used at this time.
  • Fixed a potential compatibility issue with other mods that define a 'Shuttle' material. ('The Firstborn' may have been a victim.)
  • Added some new default designs and improved the Buster Machine.
  • Changed the graphic for developed tiles to be darker, making it more visible on grey biomes such as Mountains.
  • Torpedoes no longer auto-target colony ships and civilian freighters.
  • Marked 2.0.2 as the primary supported version of Star Ruler 2, and applied changes from that version to the mod's files.
  • Fixed a bug where AI cheats were not being applied.
  • The Abundance and Strength AI cheats now apply 10% modifiers per cheat level, down from 50%.

Known Issues
  • Several techs do not exist on the Technocracy grid.
  • While writing these patch notes, it has become apparent that localization data for nebula names is missing.
  • Localization for the Destroyer Hull is inaccurate.
  • Localization for the Juggernaught Hull tech node appears to have taken a holiday.
  • Flagship Health nodes erroneously grant health buffs to support ships as well. This is a vanilla bug as well.
  • Design stats from ABEM have not yet been restored. RS design stats may not work correctly, and have not yet been properly localized.
  • The description for Precious Clouds is too long for the map selection UI. The UI will have to be corrected.
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Feb 19, 2017 @ 6:10am 
I expect to push the new patch out soonish... something has distracted me.

Rising Stars v1.1.0 (Return of the Ulthaar) - February 19, 2017

  • Restored abilities related to the Guardian Facility.

  • Restored the Derelict Remnant Guardian from ABEM.

  • Restored the Guardian Facility artifact from ABEM.
  • Ported artifact icons from ABEM. Also improved quality of Revenant icons, and added icons for the Shard artifacts in Invasion.

  • Restored the Ancient Gravitational Collapser and Recall Facility from ABEM.
  • Sublight races can also build FTL storage.

  • Revamped the Remnant Guardian and its supporting fleet.

Design Stats
  • Restored various design stats from ABEM.
  • Fixed the 'Strength' stats Alar tried to introduce, renamed them to 'Base Combat Strength' and 'Base Toughness'. Also renamed 'Fleet Total HP' to 'Fleet Total Toughness' for consistency, as Fleet Calc does not really output a fleet's HP.

  • Restored the Guardian Facility orbital from ABEM.
  • Restored the Advanced Solar Engine and Nylli Recall Facility from ABEM.

  • Restored the Progenitor lifestyle and Ulthaar preset from ABEM.
  • Resolved an issue where Atroan Orbital Replicators and Nylli Motherships could take control of a quarantined planet without defeating the Remnants responsible for the quarantine... and possibly render the planet useless to all empires including themselves.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing Atroans to build Command Centers and Centralized Coordination Complexes, and perform Infrastructural Development.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing Atroans from building Infusers on Orathi Prime.
  • Fixed an issue where Flux races couldn't play Star Children.
  • Flux ships now require 65% of ship size in FTL energy, down from 200%.

  • Renamed Plasma Throwers to Cohesive Plasma Projection.
  • Renamed Muon Cannons to Muon Projectors
  • Researching Cohesive Plasma Projection now also adds a +50% damage boost to Torpedo Launchers in the form of a plasma DoT.
  • Researching Muon Projectorss now adds a boost to support Railgun damage, accuracy and armor penetration.
  • Added new nodes to the Technocracy grid:
    • Superstructure Hull, Juggernaught hull, Cloaking Mesh, Smoothed Mechanism, Hyperfield Stabilization, Cohesive Plasma Projection, Station Sustenance, Abundance and Planetary Thrusters.
  • Deleted several duplicate tech nodes that were causing issues with saving.
  • Fixed an issue where Payload Amplifiers and Warheads could not be researched on the Technocracy grid.

  • Fixed a bug which was causing Quartz to ignore an empire's first artifact activation.
  • Restored the Ancient Hubworld resource from ABEM. In addition to its previous benefits, level 2 Hubworlds will now also act as jump beacons, allowing jumpdrives to safely reach it from any distance.

  • Removed the support Muon Cannon from the mod.
  • Rebalanced several weapons:
    • Muon Cannon Battery:
      • Increased base range by 80 units.
      • Doubled damage per shot.
      • Quadrupled base firing delay.
      • Drastically improved accuracy, turret tracking and armor penetration.
      • Increased turret damage resistance by 25%.
    • Torpedo Launchers now deal Energy damage, and can deal damage over time if Plasma Throwers are researched.
  • Added Dumbfire Rockets for use on support ships.
    • High damage and armor penetration. Behaves roughly like a Rocket Pod.
    • Very short range and extremely long cooldown.
    • Projectiles do not track their target.
    • Recommended for use on raiders due to their range.
  • Added Energy Bomb Launchers for use on support ships.
    • Scatters five unguided torpedo warheads across a wide cone.
    • Slower projectile speed and reload rate.
    • Cannot be upgraded with Plasma, unlike torpedoes.
    • Significantly lower range. 50% larger area of effect.
    • Recommended for use on raiders against support swarms due to their inaccuracy and AoE.
  • Slightly reduced the effectiveness and Power consumption of Shield Generators, doubled their Labor cost and halved their build cost.
  • Restored Progenitor subsystems from ABEM, with some changes:
    • Recall Device and Progenitor Control Computer are unchanged. Progenitor Shield Generator has been slightly tweaked.
    • Progenitor Armor:
      • Same health per hex as Crystalline Armor (66% of Neutronium).
      • Increases the health of adjacent hexes at the same rate as Nanomesh.
      • Has half the damage resistance of Ablative Armor.
      • Each hex regenerates 1% of its maximum HP per second. (Not affected by tech upgrades, or boosts from adjacent Progenitor and Nanomesh hexes.)
      • Slightly lighter than Quantum Armor, just as heavy as Composite.
      • Has the highest penetration resistance in the mod, tied with Quantum Armor.
      • Has about three times the damage threshold of Reactive Armor. (Given that it also has somewhere around eight times its health, and damage resistance this isn't as bad as it sounds.)
      • Singlehandedly the most expensive armor in the mod, with the build and Labor costs of Quantum, five times the maintenance cost of Quantum, and four times the Power consumption of Quantum Armor.
    • Piercing (formerly Boring) Drone Launcher:
      • Projectiles now penetrate ships like regular drones.
      • More fragile than a regular Drone Launcher.
      • Deals 75 damage per impact.
      • Drones are 50% faster than regular.
      • Drones have half the lifetime of their regular counterparts.
      • Uses a lot of Power and Supply.
      • Fires an amount of drones equal to the subsystem's size (with a minimum of 1), and fires them in cycles similar to those of a Rocket Pod rather than those of a Drone Launcher.
      • Ignores shields (can still be blocked by Shield Hardeners) and damage resistance, and has a small amount of armor penetration.
      • Requires a lot of Control.
  • Shield Harmonizers can now be used alongside Support Shield Generators. They will transfer damage to flagship shields before the support ship's shield takes damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Ferrofluid Armor impeded firing arcs and engine exhausts on support ships.

  • Black holes now have a 2.2% chance of spawning instead of a nebula.
  • The Remnant Guardian has been restored to all black holes and the Orathi system.
  • Remnant Guardians will now spawn even when Remnants are disabled. Additionally, fixed an issue where Guardians assigned to the Orathi system would instead defy their programming and protect a random system nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where Pretiosian/Radioactive asteroids would spawn without resources.

  • Integrated dolynick's "Fleet Calc" addon into the mod.
  • Restored some ABEM localization, including nebula names.
  • Resized the galaxy description box to fit the description of Precious Clouds.
  • Integrated Darky's "Empire Colors" addon into the mod, and added a golden Ulthaar preset on top of it. (An unexpected side-effect is that Sandbox players are now red and orange instead of cyan and orange. I don't mind, though.)
  • Planets now immediately become visible upon entering a system. (This doesn't really matter, because sensors haven't been ported from ABEM yet.)
  • Fixed an error that was causing Gates to use the wrong material.
  • Integrated Xangi's "Improved WotH Weapon Effects" addon into the mod.
  • Once again fixed an encoding issue with locale files. (If any references to amounts of money stop showing the § symbol and replace it with something else, notify a developer immediately.)
  • Fixed some missing or broken localization.
  • The mod now only supports version 2.0.3 of Star Ruler 2.

Known Issues
  • Flagship Health nodes erroneously grant health buffs to support ships as well. This is a vanilla bug that will be resolved during the upcoming research revamp.
  • As always, localization may be missing or incomplete throughout the mod. It probably isn't, but if you see anything...
  • The Technocracy grid may be broken in one way or another, I don't know. This will become a moot point during the upcoming research revamp.
  • Activating Revenant parts inside Radioactive Nebulae will crash the game. (It is unknown if the issue extends to other nebula types. The cause of this bug is currently unknown.)
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Apr 9, 2017 @ 9:23am 
Rising Stars v1.1.1 - April 9, 2017
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Progenitors from advancing through the Expanse.
  • Fixed the model of the Derelict Remnant Guardian and added missing localization.
  • Warhead damage is now reduced by shields.
  • Tweaked the description for Precious Clouds. This is just a UI change - the actual text remains the same.
  • Renamed the Juggernaught Hull to Bombship Hull and added missing research texts.
  • Resolved an issue where the nebula capturing behavior introduced in 1.0.2 was frequently causing random crashes.
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Jul 20, 2017 @ 5:40am 
Rising Stars v1.1.2 - July 20, 2017
  • Flux ships will no longer automatically try to use wormholes or equivalent phenomena (gates, slipstream tears) to reach other star systems.
    • Manually ordering them to travel through the wormhole will still work as before.
    • In-system navigation should not be significantly affected, and they should continue to use wormholes for in-system trips.
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Nov 12, 2017 @ 11:20am 
Rising Stars v1.2.0 (Coming of the Vanguard) - October 26, 2017

  • Revamped Boarding.
    • Deals shield-ignoring damage over time to random hexes, gradually reducing in magnitude at a rate dependent on the target's Boarding Defense.
    • Prefers Security Stations.
    • Avoids Antimatter Reactors, armor, sensors, Solar Panels, Forcefields and disabled subsystems.
    • When the ship loses all control cores for any reason, it temporarily becomes neutral and begins repairs. After a period ranging between 2 and 30 minutes, depending on the percentage of boarders that survived the battle, it changes ownership to the boarding empire.
    • If the ship has a functioning Self-Destruct Device, it will self-destruct when the ship's control cores are destroyed.
    • Orbitals are captured when they reach 25% health, following the same rules as ships.
    • Requires a Boarding Party. Boarding Parties are built by planets and orbitals with Labor.
  • Added autocolonization behavior for Bluuhbi Harvesters.
  • Orbital Replicators can now queue up Ore Transmuters if they have been unlocked to claim a planet.

  • Changed Portal Stabilizer art and rescaled it.
  • Added Ore Transmuter.
    • Generates 7.5 Base Materials and 45 Ore per minute.
    • Combines the costs of Strip Miners and Transmuters, and requires between §40k and §160k maintenance.
  • Ancients can no longer build non-Core Control Hubs on Ringworlds and Artificial Planetoids.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Ancients from building Infusers on Ringworlds.

  • Added constructions for the Hyperdrive, Jumpdrive and Slipstream Generator unlocks.
  • Added Train Boarding Party. Used to refill flagships which have used a Boarding Party.
  • Capturing or receiving a Prototype FTL device from another empire as a Flux empire will no longer allow the Flux empire to unlock other FTL methods.
  • Added Core Programming, Adaptation and Specialization constructions.
    • Core Programming allows Cores to generate resources equivalent to 50% of a basic Tier 1 resource. Has a build cost equivalent to 75% of the cost of terraforming that resource.
    • Core Adaptation increases the effects of Programming by 25%.
    • Core Specialization increases the effects of Programming and Adaptation (if present) by 50%.
    • Reprogramming a Core costs more than programming an unprogrammed Core, especially if it has also been Adapted and/or Specialized. All programming-related effects are discarded when a Core is reprogrammed.
Design Stats
  • Added design stats for Forcefields and the new Shrines.

  • If a ship doesn't have enough Supply to cover a repair cycle, repairs are reduced to the point where its Supply reserves are enough to cover them.
  • Similarly, if there's not enough damage for a full repair cycle, repair costs are reduced accordingly. This prevents ships from wasting Supply trying to fix unrepairable subsystems such as Ceramic Armor or Forcefields.
  • Terraforming is no longer disabled by default in game configuration, but it must be unlocked via research in order to function.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Solar Engines to have excessively large icons.
  • Restored the Hydroponics Station and Water Reclamation Facility from ABEM.
  • Added missing Nylli variant of the Centralized Coordination Complex.
  • Renamed the Hydroponics Satellite to the Nutrient Reclamation Satellite.
  • The Nutrient Reclamation Satellite now costs 750 Energy instead of 100 Research, and adds water in addition to food.
  • Increased the width of Artificial Planetoids to accomodate Portal Stabilizers.
  • Added Orbital Control Satellite.
    • Ancient replacement for Nutrient Reclamation Satellite.
    • All Control Hubs on a planet generate 50% more resources.
  • Added Antimatter Core Assembler.
    • Mechanoid replacement for Nutrient Reclamation Satellite.
    • Reduces population costs on a planet by §150k and 5 Labor.

  • Removed Technocracy and all related data.
  • Berserkers now start with Boarding Parties unlocked.
  • Researchers now start with Forcefields unlocked and placed on their starting designs.
  • The C'k'tnilit preset starts with Jumpdrives again.
  • Restored the Ringworlders from ABEM along with the Bluuhbi preset.
  • Mechanoids now correctly have radiation immunity.
  • Mechanoids can now build population in increments of 10 and colonize in increments of 5.
  • Handicaps now boost empire income and civilian resource generation in addition to the fleet effectiveness buff.
  • Star Children now have Nutrient Recyclers instead of the Megacity research node. Unlocks the Hydroponics Station and Water Reclamation Facility.
  • Devout races now have new Shrine types instead of Shield Generators.
  • Ancients now have Ore Transmutation instead of Megacities. Unlocks the Ore Transmuter building.
  • Ancients now have Improved Extraction instead of Metropolitan Optimization. Improves Transmuter and Strip Miner resource output by 50%, and increases Ore Transmuter output by 33%.
  • Ancients have Optimized Core Programming instead of Terraforming. Unlocks Core Programming.
  • Ancients and Star Children have modified versions of the Terraforming-Adaptation specialization tree.
    • The Ancient Terraforming equivalent reduces the cost of Core Programming and unlocks program upgrades in the form of Adaptation and Specialization.
    • Star Children Terraforming specialization is unchanged.
    • The Ancient Adaptation equivalent increases various forms of resource production.
    • The Star Children Adaptation equivalent upgrades orbitals instead of buildings.

  • Completely rebuilt the research grid, using a layout borrowing elements from both the WotH grid and the old ABEM grid.
    • This new grid is used with or without Wake of the Heralds. WotH-only techs will be replaced with link nodes if the expansion is not enabled, but the tech progression will otherwise remain unchanged.
    • In the event of a conflict between WotH and non-WotH techs (for example, the Bulkhead unlock), WotH research costs and effects will be used for consistency. (Having two separate balance schemes was only asking for trouble, just like having two separate tech grids.)
    • This change means that Rising Stars now fully supports the base game, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
  • For the sake of easier identification, Energy hurdles now use different color intensities dependent on how much Energy they consume.
  • Tweaked numbers and graphics on several research nodes.
  • Researching Hyperdrives, Jumpdrives or Slipstream Generators now unlocks an expensive subsystem which can be used to unlock their regular counterparts. Also adjusted research costs accordingly.
  • Increased the research cost of Fling Beacons to 1500, up from 1000.
  • Decreased the research duration of Gates to 60, down from 200 seconds.
  • Renamed Emergency Shields to Improved Plasma Harnessing and placed it back on the tech grid. It doubles the duration of Emergency Supplies' shield regeneration buff.
  • Restored the flagship-support specialization tree from ABEM.
  • Fixed a bug where Flagship Health buffed support ships.
  • Fixed a bug where the Reactive functionality of Progenitor Armor was not being improved by upgrades to Reactive Armor.
  • Restored the research nodes for the Matter Disruptor and Adaptive Laser.
  • Fixed a bug where Support Shield Generators weren't being unlocked by the Shield Generator unlock.
  • Fixed a bug where the Muon Projectors tech did not correctly upgrade Railguns.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cohesive Plasma Projection tech did not correctly add a DoT effect to Torpedo Launchers.
  • Reduced the Energy cost of all Energy hurdles.
  • Changed multiple tech nodes to require research points, and removed the secondary unlock from Metropolitan Optimization.
  • Increased the Research cost of Nutrient Reclamation Satellites to 250, up from 150.
  • Added Terraforming tech. Unlocks terraforming.
  • Added a new specialization tree attached to the Terraforming tech, choosing between improved terraforming (Terraforming) or improved buildings (Adaptation).
    • The Terraforming specialization branch significantly reduces terraforming costs and unlocks more valuable resources.
    • The Adaptation specialization branch improves buildings and planets instead.
  • The Ferrofluid Armor secret project now becomes available when the total size of all Liquid Armor built by the empire reaches 2000, instead of requiring 5 arbitrary ships containing Liquid Armor.

  • Made another attempt at convincing Ancient Shipyards to spawn.

  • Self-Destruct Devices can now be used on non-Bombships, with the following limitations:
    • Cannot be manually detonated.
    • Damage is reduced by 66%.
    • Explosion radius is reduced by 75%.
  • Added subsystems for the Hyperdrive, Jumpdrive and Slipstream Generator unlocks.
  • Reworked Emergency Supplies:
    • Halved Energy cost and increased Supply generation by 50%, effectively tripling the amount of Supply generated per unit of Energy.
    • Description now correctly explains that it briefly increases shield regeneration when activated.
  • Restored the Matter Disruptor and Adaptive Laser from ABEM.
  • Restored and significantly revamped Boarding Parties from ABEM.
    • Functions like Troop Pods.
    • Requires large quantities of Control.
    • Cannot be placed on Miner Hulls.
  • Added boarding defense to all control subsystems.
  • Doubled the health of Security Stations.
  • Fully disabled the Muon Cannon subsystem, preventing it from being used by Remnant support ships.
  • Finished implementing Forcefields.
    • Highly expensive, inefficient form of shielding painted on the hex grid.
    • Low health.
    • Takes significantly higher damage from Warheads and Particle Lances.
    • Is not affected by Shock Missiles, Shield Harmonizers or Radioactive Nebulae, and doesn't take additional damage from Metreon Nebulae.
    • Is affected by anything that buffs a flagship's health, such as Veterancy or Structural Matrices.
    • Does not reduce damage dealt by Disruptors, Particle Lances, or Warheads, and does not prevent control loss in a Radioactive Nebula.
    • Only the core counts towards the hex limit, but Power requirements grow exponentially with the field's hex count.
  • Support ships can be marked with the "Experimental Design" applied subsystem, preventing them from being built by Defense without any other effects.
  • Reworked Warheads.
    • Damage is now reduced by shields.
    • Changed the way Warhead damage is calculated.
      • Damage is now divided equally across all hexes instead of being applied to all of them.
      • Base damage has been increased to assume a 128-hex design.
  • Reduced the Ore cost of Superstructure Hulls by 25%.
  • Renamed the Shrine to the Shrine of Protection and changed its graphics.
  • Added the Shrine of War as a researchable Shrine variant. Improves a flagship's damage output and repair rate.
  • Added the Shrine of Leadership as a researchable Shrine variant. Adds twice as much Prayer as other Shrines.
  • Added the Shrine of the Gods as a researchable Shrine variant. Combines and improves the effects of all other Shrines, but is extremely expensive.
  • Fixed an issue where the size of the Planet Devourer didn't affect its mining rate.
  • Fixed an issue where Targeting Sensors directly increasing projectile speed could cause problems with missile targeting and exponential speed growth. (However, projectile speed is also derived from range, so there will still be an increase - just not an exponential one.)
  • Reduced magnitude of Bussard Ramjet maintenance reduction by 30%.

  • Fixed a number of localization errors.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue with the "Purchase Influence" ability on Commerce Stations, which was causing it to display an incorrect price.
  • Fixed an issue where pinned popups would disappear when loading a game. Also inadvertently fixed a crashing issue that could occur in loaded savegames when a pinned object had been destroyed.
  • Removed a few redundant cost displays.
  • Fixed a few texture issues with certain orbitals and artifacts.
  • Orbitals now correctly display shield health.

Known Issues
  • Ringworlders do not have a replacement for Terraforming or the Terraforming specialization branch. (They can't terraform.)
    • Adaptation should work fine, though.
Last edited by Dalo Lorn; Nov 14, 2017 @ 1:31am
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Aug 10, 2018 @ 5:16am 
Hotfixes for Rising Stars v1.2.0 - October 29—November 9, 2017
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Terraforming from unlocking.
  • Fixed a typo that was causing Oil to have a base terraforming cost of §45k and 750 Labor, instead of the expected §750k and 45 Labor.
  • Ancient Replicators will now be able to autobuild Ore Transmuters once they have been unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Atroans from receiving the Core Programming tech replacement.
  • Fixed an oversight that was causing Planet Devourers to always mine at a fixed rate regardless of subsystem size.
  • The Purchase Influence ability on Commerce Stations now displays the correct price of §300k. This is only a display change.
  • Fixed a capitalization issue in the description of the FTL Containment tech.
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Aug 10, 2018 @ 7:57am 
Rising Stars v1.2.1 - February 4, 2018

  • Bluuhbi Harvesters now provide two warnings to planet owners: One occurs when the Harvester has begun preparing a planet for harvesting, and another when the planet is ready for harvesting.
  • Fixed an issue where Boarding Parties did not respect any damage restrictions when boarding orbitals.
  • Fixed a script error that was preventing control subsystems from counting towards boarding defense.

  • Xenophobic is now progressed by maintaining Military Starbases along an empire's borders.

  • Refineries now cost §20-40k to maintain, up from §10-20k; they also cost 500 Ore to construct, up from 200.
  • Significantly revamped planetary defenses.
    • All planetary defenses now have a range of 2000 units.
    • Damage output has been increased by 400%. (1200% for the Planetary Artillery Cannon.)
    • Planetary defenses will now fire as long as the planet is orbited by a Targeting Control Satellite, regardless of whether the planet is under siege.
    • If there is no Targeting Control Satellite in orbit, planets with defenses will spawn a new one after a three-minute delay.
    • Ancient Gravitational Collapsers are not affected by any of these changes.
  • Increased the costs of Portal Stabilizers to 10000 Ore, 2000 Energy and 1000 FTL, up from 1000, 1000 and 500, respectively.

  • Ore is now automatically placed into the Material pool once delivered to a planet; see Gameplay for an explanation of Materials.
  • If not explicitly exported to another planet, Base Materials from a Transmuter are stored and spent from the Material pool.
  • The C'k'tnilit "Support" resources are now stored solely in the Material pool.

  • Revamped the Cargo system, turning it into the Materials system.
    • Most cargo resources are now stored in a global pool, whose contents are displayed at the top of the global bar, above the global resource displays.
    • Materials in the global pool can be gifted or offered as voting incentives, just like money or energy.
    • Unless otherwise noted, any attempts to consume Materials will first try to consume the contents of local storage (if applicable), followed by taking the remaining cost from the global pool. (If demands still can't be met, both local and global consumption is refunded.)
    • Depending on their relevance, Material types may or may not be visible regardless of whether the empire has any in storage. (Ore is visible to everyone, but racial resources will only be visible to those races or to empires owning a stockpile of the resource in question.)
  • Starship shields now start at full strength.
  • Flinging planets are no longer affected by free FTL effects such as Tachyon Nebulae and level 5 FTL Crystals.
  • Integrated Darloth's "New Movement Physics" into the mod.

  • Reworked orbitals using a modified version of a core/module system from Early Access. The system is also akin to the starbase system of Galactic Civilizations 3, as seen in the Crusade expansion pack.
    • Several pre-1.2.1 orbitals have been converted to modules, which can be installed onto a 'core' starbase module:
      • Solar Engine -> Economic Starbase
      • Senatorial Palace -> Economic Starbase
      • Singularity Lab -> Economic Starbase
      • Commerce Station (renamed to Commerce Hub) -> Economic Starbase
      • Nylli nutrient orbitals and FTL Storage -> Economic Starbase, repeatable upgrade
      • Nylli Centralized Coordination Complex -> Economic Starbase
      • Outposts -> Replaced by Economic Starbase (trade zone), Military Starbase (fleet command, attitude/research effects, weapons) and Command Center (see below)
      • Supply Depot -> Military Starbase
      • Power Transmitter -> Military Starbase
      • FTL Jammer -> Military Starbase
    • Most modules require a small amount of Ore to construct, in addition to their previous costs. However, they do not require Labor to install onto a starbase, and are instead instantly added to the starbase.
    • Modules add a small amount of health and armor to the starbase in addition to their other effects.
  • Added the Command Center module for the Military Starbase. Command Centers provide a subset of the abilities previously available to Outposts:
    • Triples the effectiveness of the starbase's support ships and doubles their health.
    • Protects all planets in the system from capture after a 90-second delay.
    • Adds local Defense generation, increased by the amount of Command Centers located in adjacent systems.
    • When affected by the Nylli version of Multipurpose Infrastructure, generates a moderately powerful shield and allows the starbase's support ships to raid.
  • Added the Mining Complex module for the Economic Starbase.
    • Allows the starbase to capture an asteroid with a tractor beam, extracting Ore from it and periodically sending automated freighters to a nearby owned planet.
    • If a cargo hauler is destroyed, 20% of its Ore will be given to the empire that destroyed it.
    • Mining Complexes can extract Ore even after the asteroid has been depleted, albeit at a significantly reduced rate.
    • Each Mining Complex costs §500k to construct and §70k to maintain.
  • Added the Pretiosian Harvester module for the Economic Starbase.
    • Costs §300k and 250 Ore to construct, and generates §50k income.
    • Can only be constructed in a Pretiosian Nebula.
    • Up to two Pretiosian Harvesters can exist in a single nebula, and can be placed on the same starbase.
  • Added the Tachyon Collector module for the Economic Starbase.
    • Costs §300k and 250 Ore to construct, and has a maintenance cost of §15k.
    • Generates 0.5 FTL/s.
    • Can only be constructed in a Tachyon Nebula.
    • Up to two Tachyon Collectors can exist in a single nebula, and can be placed on the same starbase.
  • Added the Armor Plating, Defense Turrets, Shield Generators, and Tactical Coordination Suite modules for use on all starbases.
    • All of these upgrades cost §200k and 250 Ore to construct, can be constructed repeatedly, and provide double benefits on a Military Starbase.
    • Armor Plating adds 5000 health and 15000 armor to the starbase, and costs §5k to maintain.
    • Defense Turrets adds the following weapons to the starbase and costs §10k to maintain:
      • 2 missile turrets with a range of 1800 units and a total of 15 DPS.
      • 3 laser turrets with a range of 900 units and a total of 15 DPS.
      • 2 railgun turrets with a range of 1200 units and a total of 16 DPS.
      • Turret damage is doubled on a Military Starbase.
    • Shield Generators adds 6000 shield capacity with 6.25 regeneration to the starbase and costs §20k to maintain.
    • Tactical Coordination Suite adds 128 support capacity to the starbase and costs §15k to maintain.
  • Added the Orbital Tractor Beam module for the Military Starbase.
    • Costs §500k and 500 Ore to construct, and has a maintenance cost of §50k.
    • Grants the Orbital Tractor Beam ability, which has a significantly higher range of 500 units.
  • Added the Ion Cannon Array module for the Military Starbase.
    • Costs §500k and 500 Ore to construct, and has a maintenance cost of §50k.
    • Grants the Ion Cannon ability.
  • Added the Targeting Control Satellite. See Buildings for details.
  • Tactical Satellites now act as a backup Targeting Control Satellite, in addition to their other functions.

  • Atroans and C'k'tnilit will now see their respective racial resources in the Material pool.
  • Atroans can now choose to temporarily prevent a planet from consuming Base Materials from the Material pool. The planet will still try to consume Base Materials imported from Transmuter planets, though.
  • Atroans can now choose to temporarily prevent a planet from consuming Ore. Buildings requiring Ore will not function until the ban is lifted.

  • Shield upgrades now also apply to orbital shields.
  • Customized the Terraforming specialization branch for the Bluuhbi.
  • Added a Terraforming replacement unlock for the Bluuhbi. Increases the capacity of Cargo Storage by 25%.
  • Oko no longer receive blank connectors instead of Megacities and Metropolitan Optimization. Instead, these are replaced by Dense Storage and Construction 2, respectively.
  • Stockpiling and Dense Storage techs are now replaced with Construction and Construction 2 for the Bluuhbi.
  • Drastically revamped the research system. Most techs now stack additively rather than multiplicatively.

  • Psionic Reagents now grant 10 Loyalty instead of making planets immune to capture. Systems can now be affected by more than one stack of Psionic Reagents.

  • Destroyer Hulls now increase shield capacity by a factor of 6, the same as subsystem health.
  • Ceramic and Ferrofluid armors now correctly benefit from damage resistance buffs.
  • Fixed a bug with the build costs of Progenitor Control Computers.
  • Non-core hexes of Antimatter Generators now have the correct amount of HP.

  • Ported a number of old ABEM fixes to the tractor beam. Tractor beams can no longer target Remnants, pirates, or otherwise untractorable objects, and can target objects which are explicitly marked as tractorable.
  • Added FXAA as a possible antialiasing level in the settings menu. Original addon by Jon Micheelsen and dolynick.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing objects to be built without sufficient resources.
  • Fixed an issue with the victory UI that was preventing it from honoring team status. Similarly, Vanguard Victory is now shared by all team members.
  • Changed the image for developed tiles to make them easier to identify.
  • Ported a number of fixes from SOI, with help from soloriens.

Known Issues
  • Quite a few as of the time of writing. Quite a few... :(
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Aug 15, 2018 @ 5:14am 
Rising Stars v1.2.2 - August 2, 2018

  • Fixed an issue that was allowing certain abilities to be triggered when they shouldn't be.

  • Fixed an exploit that was allowing a Mining Complex to singlehandedly max out the Collectivism attitude. Collectivism now tracks the number of active mining bases owned by the empire at any given time, also including expired temporary resources such as Construction Materials or FTL Shards.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Level 6 Altars from providing any bonuses. They now correctly support 1000 population.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Moon Bases to offset any new Subsurface Habitats (and vice versa).

  • Doubled the strength of Large Remnant camps.

Design Stats
  • Added design stats for shield mitigation.

  • Completely revamped galaxy scaling, based primarily on the scaling changes in DOF.
  • Ships will no longer gain an extra repair bonus of 1% of their max HP when out of combat.

  • Several standalone orbitals have been modified to accept generic upgrades such as Armor Plating:
    • Shipyard
    • Star Forge
    • Subspace Telescope Array
    • Mainframe
    • Vacuum Telescope
    • Star Temple (only Armor Plating and Shield Generators)
    • Embassy (only Armor Plating and Shield Generators)
    • Stellar Shield Generator
    • Support Station
    • Ancient Replicator
  • Shipyards now boost the out-of-combat repair rate of ships and orbitals in the system by 2000 HP/s. This buff can be stacked, and is affected by the Repair tech upgrade, but can never exceed 1% of the ship's max HP.
  • Added the Repair Yard orbital upgrade, for use on Economic Starbases, Military Starbases, Shipyards, and Mainframes.
    • Costs §200k and 250 Ore to build, and §10k to maintain.
    • Boosts the out-of-combat repair rate of ships and orbitals in the system by 500 HP/s (1000 if built on a Shipyard or Military Starbase). This buff stacks with, and is governed by the same rules as the repair buff provided by Shipyards. (This includes not being able to repair more than 1% of a ship's max HP per second.)
    • Repeatable.
  • Added the Maneuvering Thrusters orbital upgrade, for use on Ancient Replicators, Mainframes, and Subspace Telescope Arrays.
    • Costs §200k and 250 Ore to build, and §10k to maintain.
    • Adds 2.5 u/s^2 of acceleration to the orbital.
    • Repeatable.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing construction discounts from applying to orbital modules. This does not affect cores.
  • Similarly fixed a bug that was preventing Ore and other miscellaneous resources from being consumed by the construction of orbital modules.

  • Added a new portrait for the upcoming Khalerii race.
  • The Alipha now receive an additional +10% shield mitigation (does not count towards the mitigation cap) in addition to their other buffs.
  • Slipstream-using Alipha should now correctly receive a Slipstream Generator.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Satellites from being constructed in orbit of Ringworlds.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing various modifiers from being attached to subsystems.
  • Implemented a modified version of DOF's shield mitigation system.
    • Unlike DOF's system, there is no restriction on how many shield generators can be on a ship. However, each shield core does not count as a hex for the purposes of calculating mitigation, so a larger single-core shield may have slightly more mitigation than a distributed multi-core shield array would. The mitigation stats of each shield generator are averaged together, so a Covariant-Progenitor shield will have a lower mitigation cap (and reach the cap more slowly) than a pure Progenitor shield would.
    • Armor-piercing weapons, such as railguns, do not have a chance to bypass shields as in DOF. Their damage will not be as severely reduced by mitigation, however; some, such as Muon Cannons, may even bleed through slightly. (Piercing Drone Launchers will bleed through a lot.)
    • Forcefields have no mitigation, but are still immune to armor penetration.
  • Piercing Drone Launchers now only have 50% bleedthrough against Forcefields, down from 100%. They also have increased armor penetration.
  • Quantum Batteries are no longer permitted on Forcefields.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Marenium Generators from being used on any ship.
  • Increased the exponential factor in the Forcefield power calculations, causing large Forcefields to consume more Power than before. Also adjusted Alipha starter designs to accommodate the increased power requirements.

  • Ported DOF's default quickbar layout.
  • As in DOF, fleets whose flagships are in the Exploration class will always be classed as civilians in the quickbars, regardless of their strength.
  • Ported several AI fixes and improvements from DOF.
  • Ported a possible fix for some design loading issues from DOF.
  • Ported dynamically-scaling shipset selection box from DOF.
  • Overhauled the backend implementation of orbital upgrades, allowing orbital modules to inherit and override behavior from one another instead of being written as slightly modified duplicates.
  • Fixed a bug where planet resource icons would not show if the planet hadn't been 'seen' yet. (This does not have any noticeable effect, as the sensor mechanics are still disabled.)
  • Fixed a display error that was causing many ship stats to always display as if the ship was undamaged.
  • The AI now understands how to use Economic Starbases, and has a basic understanding of nebulae, ported from SOI.
  • Added an optional shader tweak that will prevent the game from crashing when rendering Ringworlds on certain old graphics cards (including my current one). This can be enabled from the Options menu.

Known Issues
  • Mitigation-related stats are not saved correctly, so loading a game will irreparably break all shields currently active in that game.
  • Warheads do not correctly interact with shields.
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Aug 15, 2018 @ 5:17am 
Hotfixes for Rising Stars v1.2.2 - August 12, 2018—July 26, 2020
  • Fixed a previously-benign bug dating back to v1.0.0, which was now causing Tech Centers to irreparably break planetary surfaces when constructed.
  • Shield mitigation now saves properly.
Last edited by Dalo Lorn; Jul 26, 2020 @ 7:52am
Dalo Lorn  [developer] Jul 26, 2020 @ 7:53am 
Rising Stars v1.3.0 - July 26, 2020

  • Rising Stars now requires the SR2 Community Patch to be installed. See the mod description for instructions on how to install the CP.

  • Ability ranges now include the radii of the origin and target objects. One notable effect is that tractor beams should now be usable between objects of any two sizes.
  • Added the FTL Jammer Overcharge ability for use on FTL Jammers.
    • Costs 200 FTL. Has a cooldown of 6 minutes.
    • Blocks enemy FTL (as per the vanilla FTL Jammer) for 3 minutes.

  • Stellar Generators will no longer generate protoplanets inside a star. They're no good to us that way.

  • Should have fixed a long-standing issue that was causing dummy attitudes to incorrectly appear in the attitude UI.

  • Should have resolved an issue that was allowing Compressors to compress ships all the way down into exotic matter. They can no longer have negative mass.
  • Planetary Engines have received a new thruster design, and now add 2 u/s^2 of acceleration, up from 0.5.
  • FTL Breeders can now be constructed by any race which has unlocked Gate technology.
  • Reduced the base/tile maintenance costs of Strip Transmuters to 20/0. (Down from 20/2. Ancients don't actually develop planets, so they'd have been dependent on finding large chunks of mountainside to build on.)
  • Ancient ruins can now be vandalized (erm, 'destroyed'), but they now add three random points of pressure to their planet's native resource. These may or may not be of the same pressure type, and will change every 3 minutes.

  • Core Programming now correctly disappears if the planet's Core is demolished.

  • Remnant Guardians will no longer sit idly by while random Mystics blast them from another star system. (That sort of behavior is more appropriate for random Skeksis.)

Design Stats
  • Added new design stats for nanomesh health sharing.

  • The Revenant now provides all the buffs given by its constituent components.
  • Added the "Enable Vanguard Victory" config option, which can be used to prevent Vanguard races from building Portal Stabilizers.
  • Tractored objects are now correctly accounted for in FTL cost calculations.
  • Hyperdrive and Fling Beacon FTLs can now be used in conjunction with a tractor beam. (However, tractoring a fling beacon into FTL will still cause the beam to break.)
  • Fling beacons can no longer be tractored through any form of FTL whatsoever.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Flux ships from being affected by FTL cost reductions.
  • Flux jumps now require the jumping object to have at least 2 u/s^2 of acceleration. This prevents ships from escaping after sustaining critical engine damage, and prevents comically undersized tugs from dragging large objects into their empire's flux network.
  • Added the "Unrestricted Vanguard Victory" config option, which can be used to allow non-Vanguard races to build Portal Stabilizers. (If Vanguard Victory is enabled, of course.)
  • Added the "Unrestricted Progenitor Discovery" config option, which can be used to allow non-Progenitor races to unlock the Progenitor subtree via research. (They will still be able to unlock it by leveling an Ancient Hubworld to level 6.)
  • Revamped Flux cooldown mechanics.
    • The Flux cooldown status has been removed from the game. (An alternative method of viewing Flux cooldowns at a glance will become available in a later patch.)
    • Flux cooldowns are now visible when targeting another star system with Flux objects selected.
    • The same UI is also used to notify the player of the average cooldown of the selected fleets after jumping to any given destination, or explain why a jump is impossible.
  • Revamped FTL jamming.
    • The FTL Jammer is a standalone, upgradeable orbital again. Military Starbases now build the FTL Suppressor instead. (See Orbitals for details.)
    • Virtually all forms of FTL jamming previously in the game have been replaced with FTL suppression.
    • Suppressed empires will face the following penalties:
      • Flux drives will recharge 400% slower while suppressed. (They will not recharge at all while jammed.)
      • Slipstream tears owned by a suppressed empire will decay 400% faster for each suppressed endpoint. (Up to 800% if their creator is being suppressed at both locations. As before, they will disappear tcompletely if their creator is being jammed a either location.)
      • Fling Beacons and Hyperdrives will charge 200% slower while suppressed. They will also travel 200% slower through suppressed space.
      • Slipstream Generators and Jumpdrives will charge 400% slower for each suppressed endpoint. (This does not account for any form of slipstream/jump inaccuracy.)
      • Gates cannot be unpacked while under suppression. (Gates which have already been unpacked will not be affected.)
  • Added Logistics system.
    • Owning multiple ships of a given design reduces its build/Labor/maintenance costs by 4%, capping at 40% for owning 11 ships (10 plus the 'original').
    • Whenever a ship gains XP, all other ships of that design gain 10% of the XP received. (This does not apply to Simulator XP.)
    • Owning a Military Starbase, FTL Jammer, or one of the new Tactical Detection Nodes in a system will alert you when enemy ships are FTLing into or have entered that system.
  • Flux jumps now obey the origin point's free FTL buffs when calculating cooldowns. Jumping from a free FTL system will not longer incur a cooldown.

  • Added Labor costs to various orbital modules, because instant construction doesn't mean nobody had to work to build them! (Also, because Berserker research/Glory gains weren't being affected by said modules.)
  • The buffs provided by active Revenant parts now correctly stack multiplicatively with other effects of the same type.
  • The Cannon of the Revenant no longer provides a direct boost to weapon projectile speed, since such a boost is implied by its range buff.
  • Increased the movement speeds of mobile orbitals to account for New Movement Physics.
  • It is no longer possible to erroneously export resources to orbitals that don't use them (such as Economic Starbases).
  • Changed orbital masses to be a tad more sensible.
  • Intergalactic Beacons have finally been split into fully-independent entities, with each Beacon receiving approximately two thirds of the Labor they used to.
  • Replaced the floodlights on Orbital Tractor Beams and Mining Complexes with actual tractor beams.
  • Added the Torpedo Bays and Particle Lance weapon modules for use on Military Starbases.
  • Added the Drone Bays weapon module for use on most starbases.
  • Experimental Gates can no longer be towed.
  • Orbital modules can no longer be installed (or replaced by various effects) when the orbital is in combat.
  • Removed several obsolete uses of the VolkurGenericPBR material.
  • The FTL Jammer is a standalone, upgradeable orbital again.
    • Now provides constant FTL suppression. (See Gameplay for details.)
    • Only one jammer per system is allowed. (Only one empire can have a jammer in the system at any given time.)
    • Maintenance cost has been increased to §50k, up from §30k. (Now that they no longer require a Military Starbase...)
    • Has the FTL Jammer Overcharge ability.
  • Added the FTL Suppressor module for use on Military Starbases.
    • A more expensive version of the FTL Jammer, without the overcharge ability.
    • Costs 0.25 FTL/s to operate, with a maintenance cost of §70k.
  • The Engine of the Revenant now affects non-Hyperdrive FTL types, just like the Thrust tech family.

  • Added the Vanguard Swarmer lifestyle, exemplified by the Khalerii:
    • All orbitals and ship subsystems (except Support Command) cost 50% less money and Labor. All FTL costs are also halved.
    • Tile development and civilian construction rates are twice as fast. Population growth is 50% faster. Imperial buildings cost 50% less to build, and 20% less to maintain.
    • Research costs are increased by 50%.
    • Repair rates, shield capacity and regeneration, health, armor effectiveness, boarding strength, Troop Pod effectiveness and ship weapon damage are all reduced by 50%.
    • All mining rates and cargo storage are increased by 50%. Also starts with the Miner Hull unlocked at the beginning of the game.
  • The research granted to Berserkers when destroying things is now modified by the ratio of the lifetime research points accumulated by the Berserker and their victim. (For instance, if the Berserker player has accumulated twice as many research points as the victim, he only gets half as much research as he normally would. Conversely, if the victim had twice as much research, the Berserker gets doubled research.)
    • If either empire has accumulated less than 2000 RP throughout the game, they are treated as having had 2000 RP.
  • Gate races now start with three free gates.
  • Pentupled the civilian construction rate of Ringworlder races.
  • There is no longer a point penalty for playing Ancient races. Accordingly, Atroans have become an Innovative, Prideful people with a Space Program.
  • The Lavish trait is no longer erroneously conflicting with the Ancient lifestyle. (My bad. Honestly thought it didn't have any effect.)
  • Updated the default designs used by Researcher races.
  • Fixed an issue where Ancient races could learn how to create money during orbital construction. Instead, they can now learn how to build Orbital Replicators for a reduced Ore cost.
  • Ancient races now have their own version of the Centralized Coordination Complex, FTL Breeders, and FTL Storage.
  • Ringworlder races can no longer erroneously have the Industrious trait.
  • Researcher races no longer incorrectly have full regeneration on Progenitor Armor.
  • Ringworlder planets now count twice towards their score. (This is because they have far fewer planets to go around. Now they might stand a chance at winning a score victory.)
  • The Clumsy and Nimble traits now also affect non-Hyperdrive FTL types, just like the Thrust tech family. (See Research for details.)

  • Fixed an oversight that was causing civilian construction techs to stack multiplicatively instead of additively.
  • Trimmed down the Forcefield research description. Sorry, unknown scientist, but you'll have to find funding some other way.
  • Various racial tech unlocks now provide progress towards Progenitor Discovery.
  • Increased the magnitudes of the Star Children's Habitat upgrades to +100% health and +50% weapons, up from +50% and +30%, respectively.
  • Reduced the magnitude of Infinite, Small, and Medium shield upgrades to +5%, +10%, and +20%, respectively, down from +15%, +25%, and +50%. (Their effects on orbital shielding have been reduced to +5%, +5%, and +10%, down from +15%, +12.5%, and +25%, respectively.)
  • Attached additional FTL buffs to the Thrust tech family:
    • Slipstream range and lifetime improvements. (+10% and +20% to each, +10% from infinite progression)
    • Fling cost reduction. (+5% and +10%, no infinite boosts)
    • Flux cooldown reduction. (+5% and +10%, no infinite boosts)
    • Gate FTL discount. (+5% and +10%, no infinite boosts)
    • Jumpdrive range improvement. (+20% and +40%, +20% from infinite progression)

  • Ancient Cities are now considered an artificial resource, and will not be destroyed by terraforming.
  • Intelligence Hubs, Technofarms, Research Centers and Ancient Shipyards will now spawn again.
  • All naturally occurring unexportable resources (except Unobtanium) can now benefit from being leveled past their minimum requirements. (Local Asteroid Field, Technofarm, etc.) This means they will gain full income and pressure capacity at any level, as if they were a scalable resource or a homeworld.
  • Added 2 Research, Money and Influence pressure to Intelligence Hubs, to bring them more in line with other Tier 2 resources.
  • Added 2 Influence pressure to Technofarms, to bring them more in line with other Tier 2 resources.
  • Increased the total pressures of Research Centers, Tropical Paradises and Ancient Shipyards to 16, to be more in line with other Tier 3 resources.

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Dalo Lorn  [developer] Jul 26, 2020 @ 7:53am 

  • Plasma throwers now correctly benefit from various projectile-related improvements.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue that was causing disruptor damage to decrease as the target's shields approached 0%, instead of increasing. (Firing at a ship with 100% shield HP still dealt 0 damage, but the scaling had otherwise been inverted.)
  • Packed gates now have an acceleration of 18 u/s^2, up from 1.5.
  • Gates now only consume 0.05 FTL/s (down from 0.15), and only when unpacked.
  • Revamped forcefields.
    • Added the Forcefield Emitter module (identical in every way to an extra Forcefield core). It counts towards the ship's hex limit, and increases the strength and maximum hex count of the forcefield. Each forcefield emitter supports up to 5 forcefield hexes.
    • Forcefield emitters can no longer be completely enclosed within their own forcefield. There must be at least one direction from which the emitter is not covered by its forcefield (but may be covered by any other hex, including other forcefields).
      • For the purposes of occlusion, other forcefield emitters are not considered to be a part of the forcefield.
    • Forcefield emitters may not be adjacent to more than two hexes of their own forcefield (including emitters).
    • Power costs no longer have an exponential element.
    • Regeneration and capacity no longer grow with the forcefield's hex count. Instead, only the amount of emitters matters. (This means that a forcefield does not need to take advantage of the full hex count supported by its emitters.)
    • Forcefield hexes no longer have any cost whatsoever.
  • Fixed an issue where Shield Harmonizers, Shock Missiles and Warheads incorrectly interacted with shield mitigation.
  • Unpacked gates can no longer be towed.
  • Ramjets are now a lot slower (and provide much smaller maintenance reductions), but also generate more supply at any given speed. This makes them less viable as a primary engine, but still lets them serve as a useful source of supplies and discounts.
  • Boarding Parties now only cost 100% of their boarding strength in money and 5% in Labor (down from 400% and 10%, respectively).
  • Nanomesh no longer erroneously has health of its own.
  • Support Nanomesh no longer has a maintenance cost, but has had its health buff halved.
  • Sinew no longer needs to be adjacent to all forcefield/nanomesh hexes on a design.
  • Nanomesh now regenerates the health of adjacent hexes, similarly to the self-healing behavior of Progenitor Armor.
  • Increased the costs of Shrines to be more in line with regular shield systems. (However, they still require no Power.)
  • Fixed an error that was causing Crystalline Armor to cost 800% more money and 300% more Labor than intended.
  • Fixed an error that was causing Niling Fiber Armor to cost 200% more money and 800% more Labor than intended.
  • Fixed an error that was causing Superstructure to cost 200% more money and 400% more Labor than intended.
  • Fixed an error that was causing Covariant Shield Generator cores to cost 50% less money than intended. (Non-core hexes are not affected.)
  • Reduced the mass and build costs of support Shield Generators. However, they now have a Labor cost.
  • Harvester and Devourer hulls have had their Fling FTL costs significantly reduced.
  • Added a version of the Shrine of Protection for Devout support ships.
  • Worked around an issue that was causing Liquid/Ferrofluid armor to misbehave when interacting with Nanomesh or Progenitor armor.

  • Orathi has Guardians again. ... Again.
  • Rebuilt the macronebula system. Nebulae should no longer mysteriously start rapidly cycling between claimed and unclaimed, and will correctly update their claimed status based on whether they are adjacent to an owned system or not.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing planet surface sizes to heavily lean towards the minimum allowed size.
  • Sicutmarian Nebulae now only suppress FTL instead of blocking it.
  • Fixed an issue where an extra Guardian would spawn in one of the systems surrounding Orathi.
  • The incredible planets of the Orathi system have deflated from rivaling modestly-proportioned red giants to merely having fairly respectable sizes by planetary standards.

  • Debris fields and other anomalies will no longer be devoured by their stars, and will instead be properly scattered across a system.
  • Similarly, the GPS (Galactic Positioning System) receivers embedded in most anomalies have received a software update, and will no longer forget which system they're in. (This should also make them easier to spot at a distance - comm noise and all that.)
  • Adding a new planet to a star system will no longer cause the system to break down during multi-session games. (I mean, it absolutely should - gravity and all. But it won't.)
  • Freighters spawned by various hooks (such as those used by the Embassy, Star Temple, and Mining Complex) have been upgraded with a proper sublight drive, and will no longer move at a snail's pace.
  • The AI can now sort of build Commerce Hubs. (Sadly, the AI cheats a little, and doesn't need any Ore to do so.)
  • The design editor now accounts for orbital construction discounts on station designs.
  • Fixed a few instances where the UI grossly misused shield mitigation stats.
  • The mod's integrated Fleet Calc instance now pays closer attention to shield absorption rates.
  • All FTL types now show how long it should take (averaged across all selected fleets) to charge up FTL drives towards a destination.
  • Hyperdrive and fling FTLs are now allowed to jump towards a jammed system, with the caveat that they will still drop out of FTL if the jamming effect does not end before they reach the edge of the system.
  • Added new info texts for FTL targeting, providing additional data on the requested FTL jump(s).
  • The descriptions of planetary resources and conditions are now scrollable. Also increased the width of the panels containing those descriptions a little.
  • Vanguard races achieving a conventional victory will no longer be incorrectly indicated as having won a Vanguard Victory.
  • Failing to create a drydock will no longer erroneously consume Energy, Influence, FTL Energy, or Materials. (How one could have caused this to happen in the first place is another question entirely, and one that I cannot answer.)
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Dalo Lorn  [developer] Jul 27, 2020 @ 6:28am 
Hotfixes for Rising Stars v1.3.0 - July 27, 2020—August 16, 2020
  • Fixed a deserialization issue with FTL Suppressors and FTL Jammers that was causing them to self-destruct (taking any attached modules with them) when loading a saved game.
  • Fixed an oversight from v1.2.1 that was causing AI with strength cheats to suffer diminishing returns on their cheats as the game went on.
  • Fixed a deserialization issue that was causing assorted bugs for multiplayer clients.
  • Clarified the description of the Antimatter resource to indicate that it only provides a +300% effectiveness boost. (This is only a display change.)
  • Remnants and pirates will no longer trigger Tactical Detection Nodes.
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Dalo Lorn  [developer] Aug 16, 2020 @ 11:14am 
Rising Stars v1.3.1 - August 16, 2020
  • Defense Grids no longer show factually incorrect damage figures.
  • The Ringworld/Artificial Planetoid Defense Grid (known in the files as the Large Defense Grid) is now only usable on Ringworlds, and has sufficient range to adequately defend them.
  • The Large Defense Grid now fires five 250-damage missiles, instead of 20 125-damage missiles. This is a 50% reduction in DPS.
  • Planetary Artillery Cannons can no longer erroneously be built on Ringworlds.

  • Free FTL effects now provide a 75% discount to flinging planets (up from 0%).

  • Reduced the maintenance cost of Embassies to 100 kilocreds, down from 200.

  • Increased the orbital radius of Ringworlds to accomodate capturing fleets and orbitals. Unfortunately, the planet's support cloud still flies well beyond any reasonable distance, but it will no longer commit suicide.

  • The effects of Fasshi Envoys now last 360 seconds (up from 180). Additionally, they have been buffed:
    • Increased the capture chance against enemy planets to 25% (up from 10%).
    • Neutral planets now receive +5% to civilian Influence, Money, Research and Energy generation. (This effect is doubled for allies, vassals, and the owners of the Envoy).
  • The Nylli no longer erroneously have access to Tile Development techs. They have been replaced with Metallurgy.

  • Fixed a miscalculation that was causing level 6 FTL Crystals to generate 1 FTL/s more than the description indicated.
  • Level 6 FTL Crystals now add 10,000 FTL storage to the empire.
  • Reduced the vote-starting discount of level 6 Allondium to 100, down from 1000.
  • Adjusted Marenium acceleration boosts to account for the galaxy rescaling.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Harvester, Devourer and Mothership hulls from receiving their intended health boosts.
  • Dumbfire Rockets and Energy Bomb Launchers will no longer fire in directions perpendicular to their target.
  • Reduced the range and improved the reload rate of Dumbfire Rockets and Energy Bomb Launchers.
  • Slightly increased the base DPS of lasers, and made their DPS formula scale downward with size like other weapons. (To be clear, bigger weapons still deal more damage. They just tend to fire more slowly, reducing the DPS gains of mounting a bigger gun. Lasers fire all the time, so the equivalent effect was to reduce beam DPS.)
  • Lasers and Adaptive Lasers now receive direct DPS changes from any effect that alters the duration or cooldown of beam weapons.
  • Overhauled most hull types. See if you're interested in the reasoning behind the changes.
    • Unless specified otherwise, all of these hulls may be mixed and matched on a single design.
    • Spinal Mount Hull is now Spinal Mount.
      • Now a one-per-subsystem weapon module instead of an applied subsystem.
      • Weapon must have a firing arc, and have a subsystem size of no less than 150 (and must occupy at least 20% of the ship's internal space).
      • Increases weapon range by 20%, and decreases projectile spread by 50%.
      • Adds the subsystem's size to its build cost, and increases its build, labor and maintenance costs by 20%.
      • Reload times are doubled.
      • Weapon damage and supply costs are tripled.
      • Firing arc is reduced by 60%.
      • Weapon mass is increased by 50%.
    • Destroyer Hull is now Destroyer Architecture.
      • Increases health by 200% (down from 500%).
      • Increases armor damage resistance by 50%.
      • Increases shield capacity by 350% (down from 500%).
      • Worth 50% more for effects such as Rahta kill rewards (down from 200%).
      • Reduces mass by 30% (down from 50%). Also increases hyperdrive speed and jumpdrive range accordingly.
      • Weapon range is reduced by 30%.
      • Support capacity is reduced by 40% (down from 100%).
      • Minimum size of 300.
      • Increases build, labor, and maintenance costs by 30%.
      • Increases hex limit by 30 hexes. This does not affect hex size or any percentile size requirements (such as Spinal Mounts and Tractor Beams).
      • Must dedicate at least 25% of their interior space to weapons.
    • Carrier Hull is now Carrier Architecture.
      • Supply capacity is increased by 400% (up from 50%).
      • Support capacity is doubled.
      • Hull health and shield capacity are increased by 50% (down from 100%).
      • Worth 25% more for effects such as Rahta kill rewards.
      • Repair rate and shield regeneration are doubled.
      • Weapon damage is reduced by 40% (down from 100%).
      • Minimum size of 300.
      • Increases build, labor, and maintenance costs by 30%.
      • Reduces hex limit by 26 hexes. This does not affect hex size or percentile size requirements.
      • Must dedicate at least 20% of their interior space to support command.
    • Miner Hull is now Specialist Architecture.
      • Health and shield capacity are reduced by 25%.
      • Repair rate and shield regeneration are reduced by 50%.
      • Maintenance cost is reduced by 90%.
      • Supply capacity is increased by 50%.
      • Mining rate and cargo storage are increased by 200% (up from 25%).
      • Weapon damage and support capacity are reduced by 80% (down from 100%).
      • Build and labor costs are reduced by 25%.
      • Construction Bay and Ore Processor labor output are increased by 20%.
    • Titan Hull is now Titan Architecture.
      • Hex limit is increased by 300%.
      • Hex size is increased by 33%. This effectively adds 42 free hexes compared to a regular ship.
      • Build, labor, and maintenance costs are decreased by 5%.
      • Mass is increased by 25%. (Hyperdrive speed and jumpdrive range are also affected.
      • Repair rate and shield regeneration are reduced by 25%.
      • Minimum size is 1000 (up from 500).
      • Cannot be used on a ship with the Exotic Superstructure subsystem.
    • Colossus Hull is now Colossus Architecture.
      • Hex limit is increased by 900%.
      • Build and labor costs are increased by 50%.
      • Maintenance cost is reduced by 25%.
      • Health and damage resistance are doubled.
      • Shield capacity is tripled.
      • Mass is doubled. (Hyperdrive speeds and jumpdrive range are also affected.)
      • Minimum size is 3000.
      • Only available via a secret project requiring 3 Titans to have been constructed (down from 5).
      • All weapon damage, supply costs, and reload rates are tripled.
      • All weapon ranges are increased by 50%. Weapon spread is decreased by 50%.
      • Cannot be used on a ship with the Titan Architecture or Exotic Superstructure subsystems.
    • Superstructure Hull is now Exotic Superstructure.
      • Build and labor costs are reduced by 66% (up from 50%).
      • Maintenance cost is halved (up from 33%).
      • Requires Ore to construct, equivalent to 75% of its build and labor costs, and 37.5% of its maintenance cost.
      • Hexes at 25% health or less cannot be repaired, as if they had been turned into Crystalline or Ceramic Armor.
      • Health and damage resistance are reduced by 25%.
      • Cannot be used on a ship with the Titan Architecture subsystem.

  • Localization fixes.
  • The AI now builds Command Posts instead of Economic Starbases to secure its systems.
  • Should have fixed an issue that was causing many of an empire's attitudes to be invisible on the attitude tab for Rahta and Fasshi players.
  • The AI is now allowed to use the Vanguard Swarmer lifestyle.
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Dalo Lorn  [developer] Aug 23, 2020 @ 6:07am 
Hotfixes for Rising Stars v1.3.1 - August 16, 2020—?
  • Tactical Detection Nodes will no longer respond to cloaked or otherwise concealed ships entering a system.
    • Hyperdrive, Slipstream, Fling and Jumpdrive FTLs will still generate warnings when charging up for an FTL jump.
    • Concealment includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Entering a nebula, being a flagship with Stealth Coating, or having an active Cloaking Device.
  • Fleet Computers are now an acceptable substitute for Support Command on Carrier Architectures.
  • Shielded Antimatter Generators no longer create outlandish amounts of Supply out of combat.
  • Split Cloaking Mesh into two subsystems.
    • Stealth Coating.
      • Essentially Cloaking Mesh, with a few caveats.
      • Much more expensive than Cloaking Mesh.
      • Now passively prevents the fleet from being seen by region vision. (As if it were in a nebula. Sort of.)
      • Extremely fragile.
      • Does not at all prevent other subsystems from being damaged by incoming fire, even if it (somehow) isn't destroyed by incoming fire. Damage passes through the coating, but also damages the coating at the same time.
      • Destroying even a single hex of Stealth Coating disables the stealth effect until it is repaired.
    • Cloaking Device.
      • Essentially Cloaking Mesh, with a few other caveats.
      • Now a regular subsystem.
      • Does not need to cover the entire ship (or even be more than 1 hex large at the moment).
      • Larger cloaking devices cost less to maintain.
  • When out of combat and in allied space, Support Command now slowly fills the fleet's support capacity over time, as if it were generating Defense. It takes a little under 10 minutes for an empty fleet to reach maximum support capacity.
  • Reduced the damage output and support capacity of Specialist Architecture to 90%, to be in line with its maintenance cost reduction.
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