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Daedric Shrine To Sithis
Well the Sithis shrine is cool but...
Sithis isn't god he isn't daedric he isn't mortal
In the early days before gods and daedrics there was an everlasting darkness caleed the void and 1 soul surviving being
that was Sithis
Then he saw a light and a darkness darker than the void the light were the gods the darkness were the daedrics they created 3 dimensions atherius mundas and oblivion
in between the dimensions is the void and there is Sithis.
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He's right, Sithis isn't a daedra or a mortal
Is what... Sithis is a creature of the void.
Sithis is worshipped by the dark brotherhood, and how i know this is from being in the dark brotherhood of the elder scrolls IV: Oblivion! and once you kill somebody on a contract you send them to the VOID!
how i worrship sheagorak i cant build it
I thought he was a creature in the void.
According to the Lore pages on UESP, Sithis is a representation of chaos, diametrically opposed to Anuiel (the representation of order). Both beings seem to be considered both primal forces (order and chaos) and beings personifying them (Sithis and Anuiel). Of course, this is all seen through the eyes of a largely medieval society, so it's possible that Sithis and Anuiel are completely nonexistent except in the minds of the people.

Both beings are beyond the Daedra and Aedra (The 8 original Divines, plus numerous lesser spirits), who are aligned to Sithis and Anuiel, respectively. (I'd always wondered why, given the surface portrayal of the Divines as good and Daedric Princes as evil, some of the Daedra seem to be benign (or just nuts, like Sheogorath) rather than strictly evil. Now I know.)

If you want more info, check out the UESP Lore pages. There's a truly astounding amount of information there if you're so inclined.
While yes, Sithis isn't technically a Deadra, he is worshipped and if he was put as a Deadra or Aedra he would be a Deadra. Also if the creator didn't add him there would be complaints by Dark Brotherhood followers.
The Daedra aren't exactly "evil". They don't follow mortal rules, and so can't be called evil. They embody change. To sum it up, Aedra represent order and unchanging, while Daedra represent chaos and change. Evil is simply a point of view.
Първоначално публикувано от Rashkavar:
Of course, this is all seen through the eyes of a largely medieval society, so it's possible that Sithis and Anuiel are completely nonexistent except in the minds of the people.
Of course, the powers of Sithis that clearly perferrate your journey through the Dark Brotherhood quests clearly lead to the possibility of him not existing. That makes sense; things affecting the world that don't exist. Might as well say that Sheogorath, whom you meet and can become in TES IV is just a figment of non-existence... Same with magic... and the curing blessings of the Nine... I mean this is a medieval society, so that means they must be dumb and their beliefs must be fake. ^_^
So you're arguing that Bethesda's writers couldn't possibly decide to emulate reality by making their society, populated largely by peasants with very little education, have superstitions that are false, simply because they happen to have magic and interventionist deities as well?

I must admit, I've only ever done the Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim - I never played much Oblivion and haven't found the time for Morrowwind, and the Dark Brotherhood quest in Skyrim is all about the Night Mother, rather than Sithis.

My comment was based almost entirely on the Lore:Sithis article on UESP. The terminology used there "Sithis is a representation....It is also the patron of the Dark Brotherhood, in which it is given a male persona..." etc is all terminology that suggests personification of something that is not actually there. (A persona is often an assumed identity, like my being "Rashkavar," and a representation is something that stands in place of something that is actually elsewhere (a rosary, for instance, is a representation of the Christian wearer's faith, which is actually located in their brain and/or soul)).

All in all, reading this, it sounds a lot like the Greek myth of primordial chaos and Gaia. I'm fairly certain the Greeks didn't believe they were living on an extraordinarily large woman's head (Gaia being Earth), so Chaos and Gaia are clearly metaphorical. If the Greeks went through a long period of strife that set their technological and social sophistication back several centuries, and the myth remained, it's quite possible the resulting civilization would interpret those myths literally.

The world of Cyrodil clearly has vast differences in levels of sophistication - the Dwemer were at least late rennaisance or industrial revolution (diffucult to say, since magic has an enormous impact on social development at that point), the current Empire is clearly medieval, probably pre-trebuchet (and seems stuck there, given the time gap between games), and some of the individual races seem to have tribal societies that are pretty much pre-agriculture. Also evident is the fact that there is a LOT of war in this world, which could at any point cause technological disasters (akin to the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, or the House of Wisdom in Baghdad (lesser known because Eurpoe still denies the Muslim world was ever smarter than they were)), or larger scale disasters like the fall of Rome and the subsequent dark ages. Thus the possibility of what was originally a metaphorical myth being interpreted literally by subsequent generations.

After all, the concept of Order and Chaos is largely a distinction made by sapient beings. Take a look at the Big Bang model of the genesis of the universe, if you want something that completely screws over that idea. (If the universe was ordered when it started, the entire universe would still be an even field of particles; it's the imperfections and the chaos that allowed the fundamental forces to pull and push on other particles, making them meet up and react and create the first stars. So the myth that order was imposed upon chaos, thus creating the universe is, if anything, backwards.)
Why does it matter? God or not, people can still worship him.
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