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Ultra Stacks
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Meedas  [developer] Sep 10, 2016 @ 3:21pm
Patch Notes
All notes regarding patch updates will be placed in this thread.

Current Version 2.21

Bug fix with regards to Kibble. Now all Kibble will stack properly.

Version 2.2

In order to help players who want to spoil meat faster with Ultra Stacks installed, I added a Meat Spoiler to this mod. The Meat Spoiler will allow you to spoil meat at a faster rate than standard times. You can craft the Meat Spoiler inside your player inventory once you have learned the engram. If you don't want the Meat Spoiler enabled on your server, please add the following lines to your Game.ini:


Version 2.1

Transferable Element and Transferable Element Shard have been added to this mod. These items can be transferred between ARK clusters and will work just like regular Element and Element Shard. You can craft both of these items inside your player inventory. If you don't want these items enabled on your server, please add the following lines to your Game.ini:


Version 2.03

Updated mod to latest ADK v312.2

Fixed issues with Unstable Element and Unstable Element Shards (should now work with Structures Plus properly).

Re-Added Sweet Veggie Cakes (Please let me know if you experience issues).

Also added the following items as stackable (with reduced weights and spoiling):
Primal Crystal (Crystal Isles), Tropeognathus Egg (Crystal Isles)

Version 2.02

Updated mod to latest ADK v.310.12

2nd attempt in fixing Tek Grenades (hopefully they should work now).

Removed Sweet Veggie Cakes from the stack mod (reset back to vanilla).

Also added the following items as stackable (with reduced weights and spoiling):
Tek Stego Egg, Tek Rex Egg, Tek Raptor Egg, Tek Quetzal Egg, Tek Parasaur Egg

Version 2.01

Fixed bugs related to unstable element and unstable element shards (issues with spoiling times - times are now set at 0.5 seconds for instant conversion).

Also added the following items as stackable (with reduced weights):
Allosaurus Brain, Alpha Basilisk Fang, Alpha Carnotaurus Arm, Alpha Karkinos Claw, Alpha Leedsichthys Blubber, Alpha Megalodon Fin, Alpha Mosasaur Tooth, Alpha Raptor Claw, Alpha Reaper King Barb, Alpha Tusoteuthis Eye, Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth, Basilisk Scale, Basilosaurus Blubber, Fire Talon, Giganotosaurus Heart, Lightning Talon, Megalania Toxin, Poison Talon, Rock Drake Feather, Sarcosuchus Skin, Sauropod Vertebra, Therizino Claws, Thylacoleo Hook-Claw, Titanoboa Venom, Tusoteuthis Tentacle, Yutyrannus Lungs

Version 2.0

Updated mod to latest ADK v.310

Added the following items from Genesis DLC as stackable:
Shell Fragment, Code-Key, Ambergris, Bloodstalker Eggs, Magmasaur Eggs, Megachelon Eggs, Tek Giganotosaurus Eggs, Tek Trike Eggs, Fish Nets, Flaming Spears

Fixed Tek Grenades not working properly.

Fixed Sweet Veggie Cake not applying proper buffs.

Version 1.8

Updated mod to latest ADK v.287

Added the following items from Extinction DLC as stackable:
Blue Crystalized Sap, Silicate, Condensed Gas, Element Dust, Red Crystalized Sap, Unstable Element, Crafted Element Dust, Fragmented Green Gem, Scrap Metal, Unstable Element Shard, Corrupted Wood, Scrap Metal Ingot, Corrupted Nodule, Fungal Wood, Corrupt Heart, Gasbags Bladder, Basic Augmented Kibble, Exceptional Augmented Kibble, Extraordinary Augmented Kibble, Regular Augmented Kibble, Simple Augmented Kibble, Superior Augmented Kibble, Snow Owl Eggs (non-fertizlied), Velonassaur Eggs (non-fertalized), Cannon Shells, Rocket Pods, Tek Gravity Grenades

Added all non-fertizlied eggs as stackable

Version 1.7

Updated mod to latest ADK (v.280)

Version 1.61

Fixed an issue that prevented Charge Battery and Charge Lantern engrams from being learned properly.

Version 1.6

Updated mod to latest ADK (v.276.4)

Added the following items from Aberration DLC as stackable:
Zip-Line Anchor Ammo, Aquatic Mushroom, Ascerbic Mushroom, Auric Mushroom, Nameless Venom, Mushroom Brew, Aggeravic Mushroom, Reaper Pheromone Gland, Featherlight Egg Kibble, Glowtail Egg Kibble, Rock Drake Egg Kibble, Element Ore, Fungal Wood, Congealed Gas Ball, Blue Gem, Red Gem, Green Gem, Species Z Seed (including Hack Speed), Species Z Grenades, Glow Sticks

Version 1.51

Updated mod to latest ADK (v.268.3)

Version 1.5

Updated mod to latest ADK (v. 264)

Added Honey, Baryonyx Kibble, Megalania Kibble, Kentrosaurs Kibble, and Tranq Spear Bolt as stackable (will need to relearn engram for the Tranq Spear Bolt for it to take effect)

Fixed issue where Raw Mutton cooked as Prime Meat instead of Lamp Chops

Version 1.43

Updated mod to latest ADK (v. 257)

Added Kibble (Iguanodon Egg), Kibble (Ichthyornis Egg), and Tek Grenades as stackable. Please note that the Tek Grenades will require you to relearn the engram if you have already learned this engram before the update.

Version 1.42

Fixed an issue with Beer Jars not being consumable. Now everyone can get drunk again. XD (Thanks to ḎȐȪǍȻȪƝ & -LAG- Stingaree for reporting this issue).

Added the Lasso as a stackable item.

Version 1.41

Updated mod to latest ADK (v. 256)

Added the following items as stackable:

Element Shard, Kibble (Microraptor Egg), Kibble (Pegomastax Egg), Kibble (Troodon Egg)

Version 1.4

Updated mod to latest ADK (v. 255)

Added the following items as stackable:

Ammonite Bile, Pheromone Dart, Transponder Node, Cannon Ball, Flare Gun, Laser Attachment, Flashlight Attachment, Holo-Scope Attachment, Scope Attachment, Silencer Attachment

Version 1.3

Updated mod to latest ADK (v. 254)

Added the following items as stackable:

Wool, Hair, Element, Raw Mutton, Cooked Lamb Chop, Kibble (Therizinosaurus Egg), Kibble (Pachyrhino Egg), Kibble (Moschops Egg)

Also added the following recipes as stackable due to user demand:

Notes on Rockwell Recipes, Rockwell Recipes: Battle Tartare, Rockwell Recipes: Calien Soup, Rockwell Recipes: Decorative Coloring, Rockwell Recipes: Egg-based Kibble, Rockwell Recipes: Enduro Stew, Rockwell Recipes: Energy Brew, Rockwell Recipes: Focal Chili, Rockwell Recipes: Fria Curry, Rockwell Recipes: Lazarus Chowder, Rockwell Recipes: Meat Jerky, Rockwell Recipes: Medical Brew, Rockwell Recipes: Mindwipe Tonic, Rockwell Recipes: Shadow Steak Saute

Version 1.21

Fixed Boomerang engram issue - Thanks 霊夢ちゃん可愛い

Version 1.2

Updated mod to latest ADK (v. 253)
Added the following items to be included as stackable:
Tusoteuthis Oil, Beer Liquid, Bio Toxin, Sweet Vegetable Cake, Archa Egg Kibble, Kapro Egg Kibble, Megalosaurus Egg Kibble, Oviraptor Egg Kibble, Tapejara Egg Kibble, Shocking Tranquilizer Dart, Boomerang, Chain Bola, Spear
(Please remember to relearn engrams for Boomerang, Chain Bola, Spear, and Shocking Tranquilizer Dart for the changes to take effect)

Version 1.12

Fixed an engram bug with the small bear traps (thanks Azhalvek)

Version 1.11

Added the following items to be included as stackable:
Wyvern Milk, Blood Packs, Parachutes, Underwater Mines, and Re-Fertilizer
(Please remember to relearn engrams for Underwater Mines, Parachutes, and Re-Fertilizer for the changes to take effect)

Further reduced weights and spoiling times for consumables, resources, and some weapons.
Click here for more information on updated stack sizes.

Version 1.1
The following items from Scorched Earth are now included as stackable:

Flame Arrows, Flamethrower Ammo, Rocket Homing Missle Ammo, Cactus Broth, Cactus Sap, Vulture Kibble, Morellatops Kibble, Mantis Kibble, Lymantria Kibble, Thorny Dragon Kibble, Clay, Death Worm Spike, Preserving Salt, Propellant, Raw Salt, Sand, Silk, Sulfur, Plant Species Y Seed, Cluster Grenade, Plant Species Y Trap, and Oil Jar

Standing torch, wall torch, campfire, and stone fireplace are now stackable.

Fixed bug with Angler Gel not using proper fire animation when added to the standing torch and wall torch.

For established servers, please remember to relearn your engrams for the changes to take affect.

Version 1.05

Due to a limitation within ARK which caused a bug with the stacking of dyes, I had to remove the dyes from the stacking mod. It seems that dyes are currently hardcoded in the game and cannot be altered. If you try to alter the dyes, it will prevent the dyes from working with paint brushes and sprays. Removing the dyes from Ultra Stacks is the only solution to fix the issue. Paint brushes and sprays will work normally again after you apply this update. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for reporting this bug Spanish Inquisition.

Version 1.04

Fixed a bug related to to the crafting of Bug Repellent (thanks for confirming DovahkiIT™).

Angler Gel stacks have been added (stacks up to 3000 - 50% weight reduction).

Also added all of the dyes for stacking (stacks up to 1000 - 50% weight reduction).

Version 1.03

Changed Wood, Stone, and Thatch from 5000 to 10000 stack size.

Mod now increases stack sizes to the following items:

Medical Brew, Energy Brew, Battle Tartare, Broth of Enlightenment, Bug Repellant, Calien Soup, Enduro Stew, Focal Chili, Fria Curry, Lazarus Chowder, Mindwipe Tonic, and Shadow Steak Saute

Version 1.02

Fixed a bug that prevented the mod from loading properly in certain situations.

Version 1.01

Minor update to remove an item that was not suppose to be included as stackable.

Version 1.0

Intial Release
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