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orionsun  [desenvolvedor] 20 Dez, 2018 às 18:07
Atlas & The Future of S+

Normally when a new UE4 game comes out(Conan, DnL), there are requests to port S+ to that game but that will not be necessary for Atlas as I have been working on that game from the start. I can't discuss specifics until the game launches but I will say that the building system in Atlas is not only everything I wanted to do in ARK but also so much more. I am likely the most biased source on this matter but I feel confident that the building in Atlas is one of(if not the) best building systems in the survival genre.

What's next?

After the extinction update for S+(no ETA), I will no longer be updating any of my mods. I would like to release the source for the remaining mods I have that are not open source(S+, Platforms+ & Platforms Anywhere) but I will have to run that by Wildcard as they technically own the mods(or that's at least how I interpreted the sponsorship agreement).

I have been modding/developing games for the last 3 years and it takes a large amount of my time to do so. It's been a fun ride and has taken me places I didn't think I would go but my father passed away suddenly earlier this year and that caused me to re-evaluate my priorities in life(cliche as that sounds). I no longer wish to spend so much time in front of the computer watching life pass me by.

I was going to leave Wildcard immediately but Jeremy talked me out of it and I am glad I stayed until the end but its no surprise to anybody in the game industry how much of a toll that takes on your life.

My deal with Jeremy expires upon early access launch and I will no longer be working for Wildcard/Grapeshot. I will be moving early next year and starting in a new industry which will leave little time for modding and little desire to deal with the steam drama.

Making mods for ARK turned out to be one the best decisions of my life and I would recommend it to anybody who has the desire to get into the game industry to give it a shot.

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Valkyrie 20 Dez, 2018 às 18:18 
Thank you for all of your hard work. Best of luck for the future :)
Kalkethar 20 Dez, 2018 às 19:05 
Txs for all the work, and good Luck in the Future
DaKata_GER 20 Dez, 2018 às 21:07 
Thx 4 youre Time and Work, the S+ is the best Mod i have ever seen. Less Micro-Management, better Structures and Building and so much Creative ideas to help the Players even in PVE. You and you´re Mod maked ARK a better Game, better than Wildcard could ever do. And to Wildcard themselves: Don´s Screw up this Mod! Let all as it is. When you wan´t to do something try to add more Genius Automatation Systems, Structures, All-Day-Helpers and other cool Stuff. And keep an Eye on PVE, not only on PVP in Buff and Nerf behaviours. Orionsun i wish you the best, keep you´re Head up for you´re Life!
PBandjellyfish 20 Dez, 2018 às 21:22 
Good luck on your new path, it was a fun ride you took us on and it made the game much more enjoyable.
Modsouls 21 Dez, 2018 às 7:38 
I had the pleasure of talking with you a few times and you gave me invaluable help when I was getting started in modding. You've been a pillar of the modding community, and an amazing asset to the game as a whole.
I'll be sad to see you go, but wish you the very best in your future endeavours.
Hazearil 21 Dez, 2018 às 7:46 
Orionsun, you are one of the people who inspired me to start modding. I wish you best of luck with whatever you are going to do after all of this!
Tyler 21 Dez, 2018 às 15:23 
thank you for everything orionsun. I'm sorry to hear that you will not be modding anymore, but I totally understand why. I wish you the best of luck for whatever it is you choose to do in the future.
Granny The Gamer 21 Dez, 2018 às 16:56 
I wish you the best in what you do. Love your mods!
Thank you for your contributions in Ark! S+ has been one my favorite mods from the day i picked it up. The second i create a new server, i start making a mod list and S+ is always at the top.

Best of luck my friend!
Kicore 21 Dez, 2018 às 22:19 
:steamhappy::steamsad:What an emotional rollercoaster that read was! You had me angry, sad, compassionate, and happy all in the same paragraph. I wish you the best orionsun, you alone have made ARK the game it is. The devs did their part yes, but without you, this game would have died a long long time ago. Your behind the scenes enhancements have not gone unnoticed to true fans of your work. Thank you so much for everything! Your impact on my life has been substantial to say the least. I wish you the best in whatever adventure your taken to next!
Caitreth 22 Dez, 2018 às 3:20 
My condolences on the passing of your father. I lost my mother last year and yeah ... this is a kind of experience you only know when you've been there. I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into S+! Ark would not have been the same without you. You are an awesome modder. And Ark helped me through the worst bits when my mother fell ill and died as it helped to get my mind off things every now and then. And in a way with S+ you helped me through this, too. I am a builder, you know. Thanks so much!
Yentlyn 22 Dez, 2018 às 5:13 
"I feel confident that the building in Atlas is one of(if not the) best building systems in the survival genre"

Clearly you don't know the power of voxel technology.
Sorry to beak it for you bro. But modular building pieces with snappoints are the common way to do building in sandbox mmo's. Voxeltech allows you to be really creative.
Elgar 22 Dez, 2018 às 6:37 
Thank you for all, orionsun ! I want to express my sympathy about your father.

I wish you good luck and godspeed.
orionsun  [desenvolvedor] 22 Dez, 2018 às 12:21 
But modular building pieces with snappoints are the common way to do building in sandbox mmo's.

Thats like saying all cars with internal combustion engines are the same because they use the same underlying technology. Once people see the building mechanics in Atlas, I think they will be very happy(especially for those used to ARK).

Clearly you don't know the power of voxel technology.

Do you have a specific game in mind or are you just talking about the potential of the technology? I've played minecraft and empyrian, both of which are voxel based and both of which I prefer the building in Atlas over(some people are going to have preferences for one over the other and while the potential of voxel might exceed modular snapping, I dont think any game has actually realized that).

Like I said though, it may not be the best but it is one of the best imo.
ﮱﮔutex 22 Dez, 2018 às 20:39 
Good luck, hope your work continues in Ark..
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