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APS: ARK Postal Service [Discontinued]
Vas Apr 23, 2017 @ 8:58pm
Tiered Mailboxes
I had an idea for tiered mailboxes. Your current allows 50 pieces of mail by default.

So what about a primitive mailbox? Made out of thatch and some wood. Holds 10 pieces of mail, that will decay into "destroyed letter" after 2 real days?

A wood mailbox, that can hold 25 pieces of mail, and the mail will stay safe for 10 real days.

A wood delivery box, that has 3 inventory slots that are default locked to only tribe members, where inventory will stay safe for 10 real days. Items delivered by mail must be delivered by dimorph.
(You can take a page from homing pidgin and use that for flight path and such. Make the dimorph passive for its journey, then it flies back to its owner.) ((Alteratively, you can judge the distance between the mailbox and the delivery location, require the user to have a dimorph nearby and select it, move the dimorph into stasis and have a timer set to place the contents in the box, then another timer to move the dimorph back to where it was before it went into stasis.))

A metal mailbox, this will be like the one you have now, 50 pieces of mail. Lasing 20 real days.

A metal delivery box, holding 10 inventory slots of items. Still uses dimorphs for transport, same lasting time as metal mailbox.

Reinforced Mailbox, holding 75 mail, lasting forever.

Reinforced delivery box. 15 slots, lasts forever. Uses dimorphs or Pteras for delivery. Pteras are slightly slower but can carry more weight.

Large Reinforced Mailbox, holding 100 mail, lasting forever

Large Reinforced Delivery Box, holding 20 slots, uses dimorphs, pteras, and args for delivery.

Tek Mailbox, holding 300 mail, lasting forever.

Tek Delivery Box, holding 30 slots, uses dimorphs, pteras, and args for delivery.

Tek Virtual Mail Box, holding infinite mail, accessible anywhere through the use of a Tek Tablet item. Instant notifications of mail, also notifies you of deliveries made to a Tek Delivery Box and can scan items from a Tek Mailbox. Users can send VMail any time to anyone, no engram must be learnt to use a Tek Tablet. Tablet beeps at you 2 minutes after you get on if you don't check your inbox if you have new mail.
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jslay  [developer] Apr 23, 2017 @ 10:04pm 
Maybe somewhere down the road this might be a possibility.

Right now, we are focused on getting APS converted over to the new system, which will allow cross ark mail and item shipping, along with remote web management and other features.

The new system is completely different from the current setup. Te♥♥♥♥♥ally, the mail in the new system is a pure JSON object (read text string), which then gets converted to an item, which has some base details about the object. When reading the mail, it has to pull it from the server now, instead of the mail actually being the item in the inventory itself. The front end to the players will be very similar, but will have some slight changes to support cross ark mail and item shipping. The complexity of the mod went from a 3 to an 11 while we get everything sorted and vetted. I am sure that there are probably going to be some slight bugs with the new version that will take their time as well.

We have a long road ahead of us already, and getting everything wrapped in is taking some time. So no real ETA on when this could make the road map.
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Vas Apr 23, 2017 @ 11:18pm 
Yea, I was going to suggest a tek tier cross server thing as well. But I already got carried away with my idea to begin with and wasn't sure how difficult cross server would end up being. A lot of people don't like cross server stuff these days because of how its used on Official.

I know what JSON is, I love the format myself. So much nicer looking than XMLs but then XMLs allow more data inside them in a way so.

I still hope your next version keeps to using paper notes for sending messages though. I mean sure it can use the UI to display text in a different way, but I'd like the paper notes because it allows someone to steal mail and spy on information. Imagine being able to intercept mail before it gets to the delivery location! Or run up to someone's mailbox and damage it 50% to get it open and take whats inside. A whole new level of espionage.

I'm actually thinking Archa could be a good delivery bird instead of dimorph. Its a useless bird usually, this would give it a good purpose. :P

Just more thoughts/ideas. xP

I actually haven't tried your Primative Plus mod. I love technology too much. Maybe I'll give it a whirl sometime.
jslay  [developer] Apr 24, 2017 @ 12:20pm 
Still mail items to steal with the new version.
Vas Apr 24, 2017 @ 12:24pm 
Any way to intercept delivery however? Like someone looking up at the skies looking for a bird to catch/intercept.

You know how the pego carries a little bag when it steals something from you? Perhaps an Archa that does the same thing, carrying a little bag in its claw or beak when doing deliveries. Uses sprint speed when a non-ally gets close to it because its still a skittish creature.
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