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thale5  [producent] 21 stycznia 2019 o 9:16
Guide: How to skip prefabs
What is skipping?

Prefabs are the assets that come with the game and its DLCs.
When you skip a prefab that you don't need, it will not be available in game, saving some memory.

You can skip buildings, vehicles and props using this mod.


Create a text file (for example skip.txt) that lists prefabs by name, like this:

Buildings: Ore 4x3 Processing Space Elevator Vehicles: Donut Van Bugspray Van Props: Clown

Then start the game and open the Options dialog of this mod.
Enable skipping (check box). Also set the file path for your skip.txt in the dialog.

Where are the prefab names?

I have created a web page that shows all buildings, vehicles and props available in the game, including all DLCs: Prefab names and pictures[]

That's many names to type

You can use wildcards and there's even more.
I have created an example of a skip.txt that explains it all: skip.txt example[]


If a building is already placed in your city, the mod will not skip it.
If it did, there would be errors. Just bulldoze the ones you don't want and the mod will skip them.

Vehicles and props are different. If included in your skip file, they will be skipped.

Mod compatibility

Some mods will give you trouble if you skip important props, such as traffic lights or street lights. Network Extensions 2 in particular requires certain props. Those are listed in the skip.txt example file.

Prop It Up will create errors if you skip prefabs that are on its list. So, you must not skip, replace, or remove the same prefabs in both mods. If you do, you'll get errors from Prop It Up.


The mod puts info like this in the log: Cargo Harbor -> not skipped because used in city.
Open your output_log.txt to see them.

Any errors in your skip.txt are also reported in the log.

Skipping everything

As explained in my skip.txt example, you can skip everything if you want.
However, if you use the * pattern to skip all buildings, the mod will keep these buildings anyway to prevent errors:

- Statue of Shopping because the game requires at least one unique building.
- Electricity Pole because it is special in the game.
- Wind Turbine because the game requires at least one source.
- Dam Node Building and Dam Power House because dams are special.
- Water Pipe Junction and Heating Pipe Junction because pipes are special.
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UguuDoki 21 stycznia 2019 o 18:20 
Lennep 22 stycznia 2019 o 8:41 
great news
Intern Waffle 23 stycznia 2019 o 7:16 
Testing this out now, total gamechanger! Making custom themes will be a breeze if I dont have to wade through buildings I will NEVER EVER USE.

Curious: Would it ever be possible to make the game generate a second skip.txt containing the items that were "missing" upon loading? I have tons of assets with props I didnt download because I don't find htem necessary for the experience, but the game still tries to load them every time.

ALSO: Is there any means to see a building name in-game so I can add it to my list if I see one I don't like?
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Intern Waffle; 23 stycznia 2019 o 7:17
thale5  [producent] 23 stycznia 2019 o 8:53 
@Materia Girl You are confusing custom assets with prefabs. This mod does load custom assets, yes, but on this page we are talking about built-in prefabs ONLY. Prefab skipping has nothing to do with custom assets.

About those missing custom props: the game is not making a big effort to find and load them. Those messages are purely information for you about assets that you could have if you wanted. No extra loading time is spent because of that.

About names in-game: Yes. This tool is built-in in the game. Google "cities skylines dev ui". Then mouse pointer will show building and vehicle names in-game after pressing TAB.
Ostatnio edytowany przez: thale5; 23 stycznia 2019 o 8:54
Big Bad Nonja 24 stycznia 2019 o 8:25 
Somethings about the skip.txt I am finding confusing, very much so.

1.) Above, in your skip.txt example, there are no asterisk identifiers, yet your in-depth guide states we need to use them.
2.) In the in-depth guide, You have the asterisk use explained just as vaguely. Do we use an asterisk before and after, or just after each skip line.

Like this >

*Residential Low*
*Residential High*

or this >

Residential Low*
Residential High*

Do only individual buildings lines need no asterisk, and in which format?

L5 3x3 Villa02
L2 2x3 Detached01
L1 4x3 detached04
L1 3x4 detached04
L5 3x3 Straight
L2 2x3 Straight

Or >

*Buildings:* < < < Single or double asterisk(s) here?
L5 3x3 Villa02
L2 2x3 Detached01
L1 4x3 detached04
L1 3x4 detached04
L5 3x3 Straight
L2 2x3 Straight

same for exceptions?

You have another format >


which is completely different from the others, even more confusing.

Then you end with adding exceptions lists, which are now using a hashtage which you 1st state are for comments, and no asterisks anywhere.

# Network connections
Except:Road Connection
Except:Road Connection Small
Except:Train Connection
Except:Airplane Connection
Except:Ship Connection

Needless to say, I now have no idea which of your formats is correct.

Can you please clarify all of these discepancies?

thale5  [producent] 24 stycznia 2019 o 9:45 
@Big Bad Nonja No discrepancies there. But here we go:

The headers are always written like this (no wildcards in headers):

The in-depth guide does NOT state that you need to use wildcards. But you can, if you want.
And why would you want? Let's suppose you want to skip all building prefabs. There are over 1600 of them so writing down that many lines is a huge task. With wildcards, you can accomplish the same by writing much less.

Matching names with wildcards (* and ?) is common computer knowledge. Please look them up online before using them. Otherwise, you'll end up skipping something you did not want to skip.

Tip: you can practice wildcard use with the Windows Command Prompt. Open some folder that contains many files and try some commands like these two:
dir *a*
dir a*

My wildcards match prefab names in exactly the same way.

Finally, the hashtag is always used for comments. Not for anything else.
Ostatnio edytowany przez: thale5; 24 stycznia 2019 o 9:47
Big Bad Nonja 24 stycznia 2019 o 10:56 
@thale5 > I suppose the best way to see if I'm doing it wrong, (or right LOL) is to have you peek at my skip.txt. It's fairly brief.

Could you please a have a look and if you could just tell me what needs changing? Since it's public, you should be able to edit as well, although I don't expect you do that. :)
thale5  [producent] 24 stycznia 2019 o 13:41 
@Big Bad Nonja I should not be doing this...

Using my html page as reference, the prefab names and prefixes should come from the grey boxes only. So for example Extra Buildings is invalid because you cannot find that in any grey box.

You can use wildcards in prefab names only. Not in prefixes.

*Residential Low* -> you probably meant:
Residential Low:*

Same for the other prefixes.

Mars is not in any grey box. Same for Logic Pack.

Except:IndustrialGeneric L3 4x4 Straight* -> should be:
Except:IndustrialGeneric:L3 4x4 Straight

however L3 4x4 Straight is no pfefab name at all. You must check all those.

I skipped to billboards.

Billboards: -> not a valid header. Should be:

You are using wildcards a lot. Please study the concept before using them. For example, there is no point in writing these two lines with wild cards:
blake_campbell 24 stycznia 2019 o 20:50 
This is absolutely incredible, thank you. This is something I've been waiting for since day one!

One question - do you plan on adding reference pictures for vehicles in the prefab names lists? Does anybody happen to know what the name of the flower-power, VW Beetle style vehicle is?
thale5  [producent] 25 stycznia 2019 o 10:32 
@blake_campbell The name of the flower-power vehicle is just beetle. It's on my skip list, actually.

I'm not adding more pictures. There are less than 100 vehicles in the game and DLCs and I've provided their names in txt format. So it is pretty easy to guess.

Also, there is a nice built-in tool in the game for inspecting vehicle (and building) names.
Google "cities skylines dev ui" if you are interested.
Blackfrost 9 lutego 2019 o 4:12 
Is there any chance to also add an option to skip vanilla decals to this feature - f.e. Yard Tiles and High Level Tiling?
thale5  [producent] 9 lutego 2019 o 7:41 
@Blackfrost Decals are props so it is supported already. Search for 'Tiles' in the htm/txt files I have put together.

Remember to write the Props: header in your skip file before props.
Quelmotz 10 lutego 2019 o 13:35 
Hi @thale5, I assume you can remove vanilla trees using prefab skipping as well? I can't find the exact names of the vanilla trees, but my best guess of the names is:

Small Beech
Alder 02
Small Bush
Tree with Leaves 01
Tree with Leaves 02
Green Tree
Giant Redwood 01
Giant Redwood 02
Flowering Tree 01
Flowering Tree 02
Flowering Tree 03
Flowering Tree 04
Chinese Windmill Palm
Corsican Pine
Sugar Maple

Do you think that'll work?
thale5  [producent] 11 lutego 2019 o 1:44 
@Quelmotz You can skip buildings, vehicles and props using this mod but not trees.
Blackfrost 11 lutego 2019 o 3:27 
@thale5 Thank you very much to confirm that this is supported. I checked my skip file and it worked after changing it a little bit. Great feature! Keep up the good work
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