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Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions
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LoaderSaints  [developer] Nov 1, 2021 @ 9:32am
CAST Addon - What It is & How to Use It
Customizable Additional Supported Trucks Addon, or CAST Addon for short, is an addon that allows you to easily add support for your favorite trucks so that you can use the transmissions provided by this mod on any truck you like.

You can find the addon via the SCS Software Forum Topic of the mod (link below) and by scrolling down to and clicking the link titled "Addons & legacy versions (Google Drive folder)".
SCS Software Forum Topic[]

Using the Addon
The addon requires the main mod in order to work. You may place the addon above or below the main mod in the Mod Manager mod list.
By default, the addon does not add support for any additional trucks as it is completely up to the user to choose which trucks to add support for.

Adding Support for Trucks
  1. Extract the Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions CAST
  2. Navigate to def/vehicle/truck folder within the extracted files. There should be 16 folders each named brand.model_## where ## is replaced by a number from 01 to 16.
  3. Rename any of the 16 folders to match the corresponding folder of the mod truck's mod archive you wish to add support for (/def/vehicle/truck/brand.model). Repeat this step for all the trucks you wish to add support for.
    NOTE: Do not edit or rename any other files included in the package to ensure intended functionality!
  4. Once you have renamed the folder(s) you may repack the mod into a zip archive and place it into your American Truck Simulator mod folder.

Truck Lookup Table
The list below can be utilized when customizing the CAST Addon.
brand.model | Mod Title brockway.ksw Brockway 761 by Kishadowalker giant Diamond Reo Giant by Kishadowalker ftl.classicxl Freightliner Classic XL by BSA freight.xl Freightliner Classic XL by Jon Ruda freightliner Freightliner Classic XL by Solaris36 kenworth.needlenose Kenworth Needle Nose by Blueprint Mods hotw9 Kenworth Phantom by AMT kenworth.t800.2020 Kenworth T800 (Modular Wrecker) by Team Edition Mods kw.w900jl Kenworth W900 by Jon Ruda f700 Mack F700 by Kishadowalker peter281 Peterbilt 281/351 by mTG pete352.ksw Peterbilt 352 by Kishadowalker peterbilt.flx Peterbilt 359 by FLX Mods pete362 Peterbilt 362 by Jon Ruda pete.jc Peterbilt 389 by Jon Ruda
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