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ARK: Survival Evolved

Pimp My Dino
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Gankey69 Apr 1, 2016 @ 6:32am
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Gankey69 Apr 1, 2016 @ 6:32am 
(Btac) 5xtame,loot,Moded,lvl200
teamspeak ingame
join link
Judgemental OfficialServer 4.5x All -Wiped-

Connection Info:

Server Perks/Specs


- Crosshairs Enabled

- Player Map Location Enabled

- Third Person View Enabled

- 4.5x Experience Gain

- 4.5x Taming Speed

- 4.fx Resource Gathering

- 2x Day time

- 0.5x Night time

- 1.0x Wild dinosaur damage

- 1.0x Tame dinosaur damage

- Custom Points to learn A lot of Engram
Serendipity Apr 1, 2016 @ 3:51pm 
The Savage Land is hosted by 3 very friendly, very active, very helpful admins. We strive to give you guys the very best experience possible by taking your opinion into account whenever we do anything!! We've just made a major upgrade as we've moved to the Center map mod, and changed our rates a little from before. Freshly wiped(Obviously) starting new, we have our three admins in a tribe to themselves and we do not interfere with the normal players unless absolutely necessary. We play ourselves just as you do!! Everyone is very nice and helpful and even if you're raided you'll end up with everything back in the end if you ask! We don't allow killing of passive dinos and use ORP to help ensure those pesky raiders don't waste their time :D

What are your server's rates?

2.5x exp
5x gather
10x tame/breeding. Interval is also lowered so you can breed more often!

What we do special on our server you ask? Look below!!

Any passive dinos killed can be replaced if you remember the level they were tamed at and how far they were when you lost them (Tribe log can show you this)
We have spontaneous events when 10+ players are online and try to have many weekend events from brawls to dodo fights to safari events.
We now have Dino Colors + mod added which makes every dino spawn in crazy and unique colors!! We also have wild baby dinos spawning throughout the map :)
Every new player gets a lv 75 bird and a set of tools and basic gear if requested. We also have a safe house for players needing sanctuary!!

Awesome! I want to play, what now?

Go to
We've cut down our mod list quite a bit since our last wipe, only the Center is a sizeable download now and you should have little trouble logging in!! If you do, unsubscribe and resubscribe to all the mods in the above lists, 2-3 at a time until you can log in easily.

What's your game ip?

I love the players and want to get active in your community, what should I do?

Head over to our Steam Group, and join us!! All events are announced and sent to everyone online that's joined up, we also encourage you to post on our discussions if you need help, a tribe, or have any suggestions on the server!!

We're here for the players.. If you want it, we'll give it a try!! We don't have a server Teamspeak yet but will very soon. If you have a ts or other chat service you'd like to offer feel free to let me know!!

We can't wait to see you on The Savage Land!! Keep Surviving!!
Esproc Apr 1, 2016 @ 8:52pm 
The Jungle PVP 10xAll 2xWT Lv300 [Mods+Pimp My Dino]

10x All, Player level 300, Dino level 450
Fresh Server 3/26
Competitive PVP Encouraged
Server IP:
Server TeamSpeak

Current Mod list:
Sarcasm Detector Apr 1, 2016 @ 9:49pm 
ACRIMONY Server is up and open!

Name:ACRIMONY [PvE 3xE 10xH 25xT MODS]
Location: Montreal, CA
Slots: 35

Primary Admin = Sarcasm Detector:

Server Settings:
  • 3x Experience
  • 10x Harvest/Gather
  • 25x Taming
  • 5x Breeding!

  • Pimp My Dino 655581765
  • Healthbars & Torporbars V2 642284892
  • Pub Mod 600015460
  • Extra ARK 574069627
  • Extra ARK: Doors 643684973
  • Silent Electric Fab 598195575
  • Seven's Forge Kit 640022028
  • DPs Tranq Sniper Rifle 587288100
  • Better Beacons Redux! 647269599
  • Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls 520879363
  • Small Dragons 519998112
  • Forever Bone Dinos 571251994

Server Rules:
  • Be respectful with everyone.
  • No structures on the volcano or in caves.
  • No blocking access to caves and/or any resources.
  • No spamming, capslock, and/or advertising.
  • No begging.
SubZeroOG Apr 2, 2016 @ 4:23am 

- Name: Phoenix
- Server Location – Strasbourg , EU
- Dedicated Server – Low Ping NA and EU
- 35 Slots (Increased as community grows)

- Server Settings Note: This rates can be modified based on difficulty and availability.

- Max Difficulty - As on Official servers ( max wild dinos are 120 lvl )

- 5x Tame – Maximize Kibble use, creates progression, stronger and more dinosaurs obtain as the player grows. Reference: A fully kibbled Level 120 Giganto takes 1 hour.

- 5x Experience – Offering a medium multiplier to maximize use of every item in the game, such as the use of thatch houses for starting players and higher tiers as the player grows in level, removing the feel of pure grind.

- 5x Gather - Enough to not feel like a massive grind, while offering a good and balanced gathering.

- 10X Hatch and Mature Multiplier

- Admin Logging Enabled

Server Rules:

- No racism and no harassment of any kind
- If any kind of Cheating are confirmed, you will be banned permanently!
- Don't be a ♥♥♥♥
- We Are Family friendly so please keep your language under control
- Be respectful to other players
- No blocking resource spawns
- Do not kill new or low level players, please try to play fair
- Max members per tribe x5
- Admin powers will NOT be abused ever!
- Offline Base Raiding is NOT allowed , but raiding of outposts is allowed at any time without any notice.

Future Plans:

- PvP Arena ( Weekly Games )

Connect with Steam:

- Open the servers list in Steam
- Navigate to favorites.
- Click on add server on the bottom right
- Add the following to the IP address field:
- Click on connect.


Click Subscribe To All Of The Mods We Use Below:

Downloading them before entering the server will help you to get on the server easier and faster!

- Advanced Architecture Mod

- Metal With Glass Set

- Small Dragons

- Map Extension: Terrus Arena

- Pimp My Dino
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Nymera Apr 2, 2016 @ 12:06pm 
PRIMEDEN now runs this mod!

IP address:

Are you tired of Ark getting boring in the late game? Tired of the lack of immersion and miss that feeling of the dangerous wilds at low levels? Sick of players being completely indestructible once you have your 30,000 HP Rex and giant Quez sky fortress?

PRIMEDEN might be the server for you.

We're an actively-staffed Ark server from veteran players that want a more immersive and demanding survival experience, without being unfriendly to newbies. Most of our changes target high-end gameplay, making it less safe and less predictable, while also encourging tribes to travel and interact with one another.

We also use a small selection of mods, such as:
- Dodo saddlebags, which help new players a bit.
- Better beacons
- Buildable bridges
- Hairstyles mod for cosmetic appearance

To connect to PRIMEDEN, select the "Unofficial Servers" filter in the game and search for: PRIMEDEN

You may also connect via IP:

Or Steam link: steam://connect/

You will need to subscribe to our small list of mods here:


Our server is re-balanced to provide a more challenging, immersive, but less rage-inducing experience. Some of our changes include:
  • Day cycles are longer than normal, with daylight being twice as long as night.

  • Corpses persist in the world much, much longer than standard Ark. Take your time to mount a proper rescue mission to retrieve gear, or live by scavenging dead animals in the world.

  • Tame times are 2x normal rate, but only gain half as much stats from leveling up. This keeps them more in line with wild creatures, so they are strong but not overpowered.

  • You cannot tame flying creatures or apex predators (Gigas or Mosas) in PRIMEDEN. These creatures break the balance of the game; try our server to experience unique gameplay from the ground at high level, always fearful of a gigantic monster around the corner.

  • Turrets deal extra damage; you'll need to find a way to destroy them with ordinance if you want to attack a base, not tank them with dinosaurs.

  • Rex and Spino spawns are now very rare. Search the island carefully to find one of these top-tier creatures to tame, and protect them well.

  • Two admins, both in their 30s with a strict non-interference, non-cheating policy. We have no desire to gain an unfair advantage, and global admin logging is enabled for transparency.

  • Hacking and exploiting is a banable offense. If we think an exploit was a legitimate mistake on your part, you can appeal your ban. Players found hacking (using 3rd-party apps or otherwise manipulating the game files/code in unintended ways) will be perma-banned.

  • Racial, homophobic, or sexist slurs are not allowed in chat. Offenders will be warned, repeated offenders will be banned. You don't have to be nice, just don't do these things.

  • Please do not excessively complain about being killed, or "rage" against people in chat. This is a PvPvE enabled server, and PvP is a part of the game. It'd be nice if people could talk first, but we aren't going to force people to.

  • Roleplaying is not mandatory, but we are RP-friendly.

  • The admins don't WANT to ever have to ban people. It's not something we like doing, nor will we do it without letting you plead your case. But sometimes it may be necessary.

  • The admins have a strict policy against any form of outside assistance to their own tribes or friends. We are careful about who we make staff for this reason; it will never be allowed and is grounds for immediate termination from staff. We're all here to play the game fairly the way it was intended. Admin logging is enabled, so any use of admin "cheat" commands will be seen by all players, with an explanation.

  • As the map is still undergoing new updates, it is possible you might lose buildings in an update. Build in areas that are obviously unfinished at your own risk: admins will not restore lost items. We advise multiple small bases until the end of march.

Server settings list:
  • PVP enabled
  • HUD allowed
  • No map pins
  • No crosshair
  • Non-Hardcore Mode
  • 2x Taming
  • Deadlier Wild Dinosaurs
  • Half-Stats for Tame Levels
  • No tamed fliers or apex predators
  • 75% Food/water consumption (slower)
  • Longer days/nights (days 2x long as nights)
  • Long-lasting corpses
  • Normal Player Levels
  • 150% experience points
Fisher Apr 3, 2016 @ 4:13pm 
ARK server IP:
ARK Server Name: IGC - PvPvE 4xT/2xXP/4xDif/Aku Shima/Ind. Grinder

Difficulty Value: 4.0 (lvl 120 wild dinos)
XP: 2x
Taming Time: 4x
Stone, Chitin/Keratin & Cement Paste: 2x
Structures on Platform: 3x
Maturation: 8x

35 Slot’s will expand as needed.

IGC - PvPvE 4xT/2xXP/4xDif/Aku Shima/Ind. Grinder\Server Rules:

A.Must be initiated via RP, This is to avoid griefing and KOS, KOS will not be tolerated
B. New life rule (Unless war has been declared)
C. No killing a user's pets while they are offline, unless they are set to Aggressive Mode and you kill in self defense
D.If you kill dino’s during raid the agresse may retaliate appropriately.
E. No sleeper killing unless WAR has been declared and accepted. Both tribes must be logged on for WAR to be declared.
3. Alliances:
A. Only one alliance per tribe - This is to avoid entire server being allied and ganging up/bullying new tribes on the server.
B. Admin is neutral to all. Admin's tribe can ally but admin will not be involved in any conflicts.
4. Griefing and Harassment:
A. This will not be tolerated.
B. Be respectful of players and admins.
5. Bannable offences:
B. Racism, Sexisum, Homophobia (after 1 warning)
C. No trash talk - Keep chat civil if you have a problem with someone out of game resolve it out of the game.
6. Cave blocking is not admin enforced, but it will open offenders to the possibility of war being called on them, must have access for the Artifact and access to Obelisk terminals.
7. No land reserving using 1x1 foundations OR pillars
8. Giganotos and The DodoRex are not to be used in offensive attacks. Only base defense.
9. Stargates are NOT to be used for PvP.
10. Raidable bases built by admin with defences inside w/ goodies for you.

*If someone kills you for a valid RP reason, you must forget your past life/grievances and return to your base. This is to prevent excessive retaliation and drama. Rule may be revised/removed at a later date.

**While a tribe/user is offline you may break into a base by destroying what is minimally needed to gain entry. You may steal what you can carry. You must formally declare war against another tribe, and a member of the enemy tribe must be online to acknowledge. War may not commence unless at least equal numbers of the enemy tribe are online. If the attacking tribe is much larger than the entirety of the opposing tribe, at least 50% of the opposing tribe must be online. War is defined as a full on assault of an enemy base. During war you may attack beds, bases and pets. If a base is raided and dinos are killed in the process, the aggressee may retaliate as they see fit. This is a valid RP reason for retaliation, whether the aggressor is online or not.

***As above, you may only destroy what is minimally needed to gain entry into a base. No camping players. No breaking beds unless in a War. Destroying chests and dumping them just to grief is not allowed.

Stargate Atlantis (
Auto Torch (
Aku Shima (
Industrial Grinder (
Pimp My Dino (
Welcome to The world in war.

Information about admins:

The server have five professional admins, two/included myself will mostly stand for the server updates and mod updates so the server status always will be healthy. The last two admins will mostly be seen in game to supporting.

Information about Server and people in game

The server is hosted from a host company so it’s not a dusty old computer standing in the basement :-) The server have not been online for very long, So you will not get that feeling that everyone in-game have big empires and 100 years ahead of you. Every single player we have online is very helpful and if you are a solo player, there will be a tribe for you to join. The world in war have Offline Raiding projecting, When you log off our mod will project you with a buff so your base won’t be raided while you are offline “to enable offline Raiding projecting you need to spawn the ORP-Pillar you find this in your engrams.

Information about Server INI settings:

8 times faster XP than normal

Gathering 8 times faster than normal

Tame your dinos 8 time faster than normal

DifficultyOffset is 1.0 so the wild dinos goes up to level 120

25 times faster Mating interval

Your char will have a slower food and Water Drain (Not much so it will ruin the game)

The Third-Person-View is active

The server is balanced but if issues come we will fix it.

You get 3x more in weight when you level up

You can level to 120 on your char

You unlock more engrams than normal so you can take all skills

Server Event [Arena v1]

Community base for public use!

Server Mods

use this link to fast download
press the buttom subscribe all
Pimp My Dino
Armored Storage Stands

will be added!

Homing Pigeon

Pimp My Dino

Armored Storage Stands

Connection Info

if you cant join the server on an instant - you should download the mods first

Server Rules

NO Building In LAND Caves What So Ever - Water Caves Are Fair Game

NO Building On Top Of Volcano What So Ever

NO Griefing , Use your best judgment but locking in cage for extended periods, Sitting outside a base spamming profanity over mic, Spamming Chat....etc

NO Killing New Players - Come on guys give people a chance to get started, There is no reason to kill new players unless provoked.

NO Racist/Offensive Or Vulgar Titles - Including both user and tribe names

NO Excessive Vulgarity - ​Spamming chat with excessive vulgar or innapropriate /offensive language

NO Foundation Or Pillar Spamming - This Will Be STRICTLY Enforced

3 BASES MAX Per Tribe - As long as the base is confined within gates it will be considered as 1 base. Water Caves ALSO count as a base (When raiding a forward operating base for a bed...etc is fine and not against the 3 base rule but PLEASE demo it when the raid is over)

5 MEMBERS Per Tribe - This will change once I raise the player slots eventually.

15 Members Per Alliance - This will chance once I raise the player slots.


If you dont know how to connect to our server use this link here:
YOLO Apr 4, 2016 @ 12:29pm 
ARK Moscow Server (XP20 HV15 T10) 29.03 - (v238.3)

For connection to server


Server mods
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ytnn_leo Apr 4, 2016 @ 2:24pm 
Bleeding Viper
Heres our group page for more info
Rekoo Apr 5, 2016 @ 3:44am 
Swedish/English server with these mods:
Aku shima
Planting v1.2f
Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls v.4.2
Ark Automated v1.1.1
Bridge Mod
Pimp My Dino

open 24/7
Tsubasa Apr 6, 2016 @ 2:55am 
Name: The Monster Hunters/ Lv1000/50+difficulty/20H/60T
Location: UK
Type: Nerfed PVP: 36 C4 to blow up a metal wall. Enhanced PVE: wild dino spawn at level 1500
Map: The Island
Setting: 10x Harvest, 60x taming, 50x XP

Rule: No admin interference; Build where ever you want EXCEPT for the volcano

Ark futurism
Difficulty 50+
Joan's egg n poop collector
Industry grinder
Better Beacon
Item Tweaks
Lenon Apr 6, 2016 @ 10:19pm 
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