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Project Zomboid

ORGM Silencer / Suppressor Mod
ORGM F.A.Q May 14th 2019
Q: ORGM Silencer Mod is it working?

As of build 40 of Zomboid ORGM version 3.09.2 it is working. ORGM has a built-in backward compatibility patch to make sure it works.

Q: Suppressor does not seem to work like before.

Fenris Wolf changed how Silencer works changing its effectiveness from 15 tiles 90% noise reduction ( previously ) to 30 tiles, 80% noise reduction.

These settings can be changed by going to Settings -> ORGM and you can manually change how effective the silencer is.

Q: How do I install the changes to my Dedicated server?

You first need to make the changes through ingame settings.
A settings file will be saved in Zomboid\Lua\ORGM.ini

Now copy this file to the same folder in your server.
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