ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

Armored Storage Stands (V 1.2)
redbackdanno  [developer] Mar 5, 2016 @ 6:44pm
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The Cook Mar 8, 2016 @ 10:45pm 
!NEW 3/8 PvE Annunaki x1000Lvl Ark And Chill - 50G - 250xp come join ! steam://connect/
The Cook Mar 8, 2016 @ 11:45pm 
hey my new servers are up heres the links for the pvp and pve one pvp - Pve -
DesmondNero Mar 20, 2016 @ 9:45am 
ARK Quietus: An Advanced ARK Experience |

Server Name: [PvPvE] |2xXP|5xG|6xT|ORP|Mods|Events

Server Address:

ARK Quietus is a community of individuals who play and appreciate ARK: Survival Evolved from an advanced perspective. Our dedicated, modded server was recently established with an active player base and room to grow. Those who are new to the game are encouraged to join. The server utilizes well-developed and tested mods. Our admins host frequent and engaging events.

Server Info & Settings Summary:

• Location: Montreal, Canada (survivors from around the U.S. report low pings—20-35)
• Server uptime is nearly 100%
• Max survivor level is 100
• PvPvE
• XP x 2
• Gather x 5
• Tame x 6
• Difficulty offset is 1.0
• Longer days and shorter nights
• Admins are available daily and receptive to feedback
• No micro transactions—we don’t try to sell you anything

Rules Summary:

• Players/Tribes are permitted to construct a protective pen for passive dinos (see rules for details)
• No offline raiding (mod supported), griefing, or harassing others
• No killing passive and penned dinos
• Do not interfere with others who are taming
• Those who degrade the community will be banned
• Gigas and small dragons (mod) can be used for defense only
• Limit auto and plant turrets on platform saddles and rafts to a total of four (this does not include manned turrets)
• No building on the volcano peak, in or near caves and cave entrances, on carno island, or near spawn points
• No killing players under level 30
• Visit for full rules

Mods List:

We hope you will join our adventure. |
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ZEUS Mar 21, 2016 @ 2:42pm 
Name: The Odd Fellows server
PvPvE server 10 slot

Running mods
Ark Futurism - (612504284)
Industrial Grinder - (534838287)
Music Radio - (539467094)
Ultimate Remote Control - (598349626)
Ark Advance 8.1 - (572277026)
Storage + - (632097668)
Joan"s Bulk Crafters - (633831197)
Joan's Oil Compressor - (622595587)
Joan's Charcoal baker - (622608522)
Joan's Meat spoiler - (569786012)
Joan's Egg N Poop Collector and Incubator - (554678442)
Recycler -(642935680)
Armored Storage Stands - (638464460)
TRRadTOOLs.INC - (497432858)
Exhumed Mar 23, 2016 @ 4:59am 
Server Info
Rechenzentrum (Datacenter): Frankfurt-Germany
Anbindung: 1000 Mbps

Map: TheCenter
Player Slots: 20
PvP: Nein
PvE: Ja
Tag / Nacht: ca. 45min. / 15-20min.
Schwierigkeitsgrad: 1.5 (max. lvl 150 Dinos)
Dinos zähmen: 8x
Ressourcen Abbau: 5x
XP Multiplikator: 2.5x
Wild Dino Population: 2.5x
Admin Logging: True

Aktive Mod's inkl. Mod ID

Health & Torpor Bars: 642284892
The Center: 614734500
No Collision Struckture: 632091170
Jurassic Ark: 564895376
Improved Spyglass: 538827119
Better Beacons: 506506101
Metal with Glass: 510590313
Corrected Strucktures: 536214294
Auto Torch: 543859212
Industiral Grinder: 534838287
Armor Storage Stand: 638464460
Recycler: 642935680
Tavans Trough: 531713045
Rawrs Stacks: 567790555
Rhaykoza Mar 30, 2016 @ 7:56am 
New server who search serious people

Adress :
Name : [FR/EU] The Lost Ark ||NEW|| MOD ||
Steam connect : steam://connect/

Rates :

X5 Experience
X8 tame
X4 harvest

Mods installed :
Welcome to The world in war.

Information about admins:

The server have five professional admins, two/included myself will mostly stand for the server updates and mod updates so the server status always will be healthy. The last two admins will mostly be seen in game to supporting.

Information about Server and people in game

The server is hosted from a host company so it’s not a dusty old computer standing in the basement :-) The server have not been online for very long, So you will not get that feeling that everyone in-game have big empires and 100 years ahead of you. Every single player we have online is very helpful and if you are a solo player, there will be a tribe for you to join. The world in war have Offline Raiding projecting, When you log off our mod will project you with a buff so your base won’t be raided while you are offline “to enable offline Raiding projecting you need to spawn the ORP-Pillar you find this in your engrams.

Information about Server INI settings:

8 times faster XP than normal

Gathering 8 times faster than normal

Tame your dinos 8 time faster than normal

DifficultyOffset is 1.0 so the wild dinos goes up to level 120

25 times faster Mating interval

Your char will have a slower food and Water Drain (Not much so it will ruin the game)

The Third-Person-View is active

The server is balanced but if issues come we will fix it.

You get 3x more in weight when you level up

You can level to 120 on your char

You unlock more engrams than normal so you can take all skills

Server Event [Arena v1]

Community base for public use!

Server Mods

use this link to fast download
press the buttom subscribe all
Pimp My Dino
Armored Storage Stands

will be added!

Homing Pigeon

Pimp My Dino

Armored Storage Stands

Connection Info

if you cant join the server on an instant - you should download the mods first

Server Rules

NO Building In LAND Caves What So Ever - Water Caves Are Fair Game

NO Building On Top Of Volcano What So Ever

NO Griefing , Use your best judgment but locking in cage for extended periods, Sitting outside a base spamming profanity over mic, Spamming Chat....etc

NO Killing New Players - Come on guys give people a chance to get started, There is no reason to kill new players unless provoked.

NO Racist/Offensive Or Vulgar Titles - Including both user and tribe names

NO Excessive Vulgarity - ​Spamming chat with excessive vulgar or innapropriate /offensive language

NO Foundation Or Pillar Spamming - This Will Be STRICTLY Enforced

3 BASES MAX Per Tribe - As long as the base is confined within gates it will be considered as 1 base. Water Caves ALSO count as a base (When raiding a forward operating base for a bed...etc is fine and not against the 3 base rule but PLEASE demo it when the raid is over)

5 MEMBERS Per Tribe - This will change once I raise the player slots eventually.

15 Members Per Alliance - This will chance once I raise the player slots.


If you dont know how to connect to our server use this link here:
Ugodzilla Apr 12, 2016 @ 9:38am 
[GER][PVPVE][T+G25][EXP10][EL] aktive Admins! Serverstart: 04.04.16

MAP: TheIsland

• Epic Level
Players: Max Level 300
Wild Dinos: Levels range from 28 to 840 (28 level increments)
Tamed Dinos: Max Level: 840 wild + 419 (taming effectiveness) + 220 (XP) = 1479 Max level
• Joan's Resource Stacks
• Door Remote
• Corpse Finder
• Super Air Conditioner + Silent Fabricator
• DPs Tranquilizer Sniper Rifle
• Aku Shima JSG Security Glass Mod
• Item Sorting System
• Better Lights
• Mini Industrial Forge
• Mini Vault
• Deep Freezer
• Cooking Extras
• Underwater Item Set
• Egg+Poop Collector
• Oil Compressor
• Ammo Stand
• Tenderizer Fridge
• Rawr Beacons Mod

Server Settings:
• DifficultyOffset=1
• Taming Rate 25
• XP 10
• Harvest 25
The InnerRefuge {PvP}The Center/Annunaki Genesis{5xTame/ 3x XP/ 5x Harvest}
Small friendly server.


Server Info
  • Map: The Center
  • 20 slot
  • PlayerLocation: enabled
  • Downloads: enabled
  • Crosshair: enabled
  • Taming Speed: 5x
  • Max wild dino lvl: 500
  • XP: 3x
  • Harvest: 5x
  • Gamma: enabled
  • Deprecated Structures: enabled


1. No being rude to others, respect please
2. No griefing
3. Have fun C:


Annunaki Genesis (v3.7.2)
No Collision Check v1.3a
Pet Cemetery
Simple Fences/Guard Rails v1.7
Metal with Glass Set
Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls v.4.2
Map Extension: Raptor Claus (V1.2)
Armored Storage Stands (V .6)

Have any suggestions or issues please PM me, thank you.
Loki Apr 14, 2016 @ 4:28pm 

Server Name: Freki's House of waffles

Fresh start as of 4/10

Server settings tweaked for the idea of not having to spend an eternity babysitting big tames, but still wanting a challenge. Some values may be adjusted for balance, as time goes on, but so far I've been happy with what its set at.

If you have any questions or suggestions, the Admin has his email posted in the MOTD, so feel free to ask for any mods that arn't on the server already!
Freki's house of waffles is all about having some fun, and maybe a little bit of screwing with each other, but any serious greifing will be dealt with severely. We don't care about swearing, but any bigoted chatter in public chat will also be dealt with.
Basically, don't be a ♥♥♥♥.

A collection has been made to make it easy to keep track of what mod's are being run, and to get you loaded in ASAP, just hit the below link, and hit subscribe all.

Max Level : 128
Max Wild Dino Level: 120
Taming Speed : 4x
XP Gain : 3x
Harvest Multiplier : 2.5x
Baby Maturation : 5x

Some of the add-ons:
Shigo Islands Map
Mods installed
ARK Futurism
Armor Stands
Metal Glass
CV's Egg N poop collector
CV's bulk crafters
Building Xtras
Cute hair
Scientist class
Storage +
stairs with rounded walls
Rhino Apr 17, 2016 @ 1:31pm 
[EU][PVP][5xXP3xHarvest5xTame50xBreed]Scandinavian Playground[Statboost]

Low rates so the game is fun. We used to have a 50x all server but that became boring to fast so we lowered the rates to what it is now for players to have a better experience

The Center Map
Aku shima
Industrial Grinder
Stack plus
Rawr Beacons (Very Op Beacons)
No collison
The Center
No Admin Abusing. If seen abusing instant demote and their base will be removed
Custom Stats per level
jimmy has noface Apr 23, 2016 @ 11:16pm 


v---server IP below.server name is above---^

the server is run by myself
jimmy has noface

1) no gigas tamed at all
2) no greif raiding players off the server
3) once you have 5 players in your tribe i will supply your tribe/leader with 10 bush people NPC's of their choice with bush people armour(female pike flack,male hatchet leather, male bow/crossbow leather) none shall be replaced after death(incase of solo 5 bush people shall be supplied to you)
4) no wipes (back ups may occur if server corupted)
5) tribe colours are highly recomended and free dye will be supplied (blue/navy tribe and purple/black tribe are taken)
6) every player gets 1 lvl 300 animal of their choice when they join anything but a giga

gtx gaming
US players are on the server and have said they havent had a problem

max wild spawn 120
max level dino 360
max level human 200
x10 gather
x5 tame
x10 exp
x5 hatch and mature
No cave damage
slow day fast nigh
slow starve dehydrate
no decay
wild bosses spawn

655581765 pimp my dinos (dino armor)
534838287 industrial grinder (pretty much a industrial mortar and pestle)
504122600 valhalla (map)
558079412 ACM (admin tool)
531713045 taverns trough (refridgerated trough)
550370605 bush people v2 consol spawn (admin spawn NPCs can be earnt by increasing tribe population)
576432474 SKIN MOD (animal themed mask skins)
573744980 ark bosses (wild untamable bosses spawn rare)
655261420 homing pigeon (when applied bird will fly home instead of getting lost)
664538834 pet crafting (animals can craft slowly)
628916246 flaming swords (flame and lightning swords)
558651608 bridges (adjustable bridges)
638464460 armour stand (armour,weapon,blueprint,ammo and saddle stands)
526513986 better torches (colourful torches)

restart every 6 hours
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Kioma Apr 24, 2016 @ 11:53am 
ARK-DISTRICT.RU - (Start 01.05) X25 Mods All New

Наш сайт:
Наш TeamSpeak 3: (

Приватный сервер DISTRICT

Рейты сервера:
  • Сбор ресурсов х25
  • Томление х15
  • Увеличен респавн животных
  • Увеличен респавн ресурсов
  • Длинный день, короткая ночь

Дино и Игроки:
  • Максимальный LVL 240
  • Увеличено здоровье
  • Увеличен реген здоровья
  • Увеличен вес

Отличный баланс
Методом долгих проб и ошибок мы добились хорошего баланса, что доставит море положительных эмоций играя на нашем сервере.

Защита от читов
На сервере установлена анти-чит система battleye. Скажем читерам нет.

Много интересных ивентов
Мы постоянно проводим различные интересные ивенты.

Рассудительная администрация
Отзывчивый коллектив администраторов всегда придёт на помощь.

Сервер у официального дилера игры
Наш сервер находится на профессиональном серверном оборудовании.
Especialista77 May 1, 2016 @ 8:38pm 
BR Ark Especialista 5x PvP MODs
Eventos semanais. MODs. Admin atuante. Proteção para jogadores iniciantes.
Venha jogar conosco!
Aurianna May 2, 2016 @ 7:36am 
Forsaken376 PvPvE

20 slot server with 1 admin & 2 sub-admins

Character level 120 - dino level 180
2x harvesting - 3x taming - non-hardcore
No third person - no crosshairs - no gamma alteration

Valhalla map - still lots of areas to build as the map is HUGE!!

Mods list found here:

Come join us!! The more the merrier!!
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