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hogscraper  [developer] Oct 24, 2015 @ 9:31am
Patch Notes
Patches are usually going to be on Sunday from here on out. If an update to the dev kit comes through with something mandatory I will do emergency patches as needed.

Added more roughness to the polished stone materials to cut down glare when used as floorings.
Normalized all health values for pieces in this mod.
Attempted fix for fireplaces. Still working correctly in dev kit, new emmiters for live testing.
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hogscraper  [developer] Oct 24, 2015 @ 11:57am 
1.04 is live on my test server. Fireplaces are working now. Glare on floors is definitely reduced, (70% from sun), but fire seems to be really setting it off at a distance. Looking into the amount of light the emitter is putting out as next check. Also testing newest wall texture.
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hogscraper  [developer] Oct 24, 2015 @ 10:09pm 
Patch v1.05 Fixed Castle Wall texture and removed test value I had for xp cap. Issue seemed to be resolved but just in case I set it to zero and normal caps are showing in dev kit. Uploading within the next sixty minutes.
hogscraper  [developer] Oct 26, 2015 @ 7:04pm 
Patch v1.07 Patch is live
Square column has been fixed and can once again be removed.
Corner and Straight Battlements have had alignments tweaked a little. Still need work but they are better aligned to each other.
1/4 width stairs are now shortened width to fit in between walls of a 1x1 setup. They still have two snap points on the Castle Walls but can also be placed freely on foundation for better use with battlements.
Full width steps and curved steps can now be placed anywhere on the foundation as well as snapping to curved walls. Full width steps can be placed on the ground to work with Bridges.
Drawbridge placing distance increased slightly. Now its a lot easier to place if you stand a bit back so you can see more of it.
Fixed collision of the drawbridge so players can't walk through the walls of the small alcove that has the outside handle.
Fixed collision on the balcony. Players should no longer be able to sprint over the railing without jumping.
Workstation can now be learned at level 40. That seems more in line with things already in the game.
All three fireplaces now have 15 inventory slots and no longer report that they are campfires.
Added Basic Arched Bridge structure. It can snap to foundations and itself to extend out with same height as foundation.
Added Workstation and Bridges to admin box.
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hogscraper  [developer] Oct 29, 2015 @ 5:12pm 
Patch v1.08 (incoming patch later tonight)
Fireplaces have had their warmth radius increased dramatically. Heat output has been raised as well. Stack sizes for all three have also been increased.
Revamped snap points. Still isn't perfect but much better responding than it was. More ways to connect steps and walls.
Full Width Steps and Fortress Steps both snap to the insides of walls now but outside snap is off.
Full width steps and 1/4 width steps now have a small platform at the top for filling in the rest of the 3/4 ceiling while also fitting in between two castle walls on one foundation.
Bridge has better snaps to foundation and can snap to the tops of walls. Bridge can also be placed on the ground to be used across shallow water or for lining up with the ramp on a drawbridge.
Curved pieces have been tweeked slightly to better align with straight pieces. Much better fits overall between the two execept for some slight height differences between ceiling pieces when going from straight to curved.
hogscraper  [developer] Oct 29, 2015 @ 9:48pm 
Patch v1.09
Several fixes for the workstation and rose window.
Workstation can now be picked up as well as demolished.
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hogscraper  [developer] Oct 31, 2015 @ 8:42pm 
Patch v1.11
Rose window rebuilt from scratch. Fingers crossed:)
Fixed Curved Gated Window and added it back into the workstation.
Added Curved Foundation and Curved Foundation Steps. Not really all that curved but they fit the Curved Walls a lot better than the regular Castle Foundation. Those pieces are still wip but are usable atm)
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hogscraper  [developer] Nov 6, 2015 @ 7:18pm 
Patch v1.12 (For upcoming Sunday Patch):

New Structure: Wall Foundation - No snap points to Castle Foundations yet but all walls snap to these and they can be formed in 90 degree arrangements. Full Width Steps will also snap to these. They are slightly wider than a Castle Wall and are designed to be the same height as normal Castle Foundations.

Workstation Revamp: All engrams have been added to the mod. Everything is dependent upon knowing the new Portable Workstation below. Each engram will be 1 point to learn. You can still just learn the engram for and use the old workstation with the blueprints if you'd prefer that method. For now, this is a test to see if a new workstation without blueprints will require rebuilds. It will be a little messy for new players while it gets tested but I feel this new setup should alleviate the issues plaguing the old one. New workstation requirement is listed above the old one on each engram's description and the Royal Engineer's Workstation will be moved to the bottom of the engram list.

New Structure: Portable Workstation - Exactly like the Royal Engineer's Workstation except it doesn't come with blueprints. Will be updating the model to something more 'portable' after a few more things get fixed.

New Structure: Large bed. Testing out a new bed with a temporary mesh. Its not horrible but not the final version.

Added snap points to the tops of Castle Wall for railings. Will add to the rest of the walls after some testing.

Bridges now have support columns four times taller than they were previously. Extended their max placement height to match. Allows for crossing moderately deep terrain.

Increased the size of the drawbridge's texture to make the stones closer to the other walls. This texture is a slightly darker version of the other castle walls and is a test before I change everything.

Bridge collision reworked for better walkability.
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hogscraper  [developer] Nov 10, 2015 @ 6:36pm 
Patch v1.13
Added old Rose Windows back into the Additional Structures to Place array so players can get them removed. On my test server I was able to replace them with other windows but there is a new Rose Window with last patch.

Ceiling Snap Adjustments:Ceiling to ceiling snapping is much easier. Ceiling to wall is good, you just need to be backed up to the opposite side of the foundation for it to grab.

Curved Foundation has improved collision to keep players from getting inside it.

Wall Foundations are snapping much better in testing. Still no Castle Foundation snap points yet but those are coming.
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hogscraper  [developer] Nov 12, 2015 @ 10:03am 
Patch v1.14

Color Changing System has been updated on columns and fire implements, and saved choices are reloading now in testing.

Added darker color to the glass materials to allow them to be seen more easily at wide angles.
Pink is now a non-normalized color while I attempt to fix it. Its still pink, darker after change though, but the wavy bits made the Rose Window look bad. Will update again after more feedback.

Blocked Arch Stained-Glass window and Fortress Steps now remember their color on restart.

Frosted glass material is not rendering correctly in game. It shows as regular glass but is frosted in the dev kit. Leaving it in the mod while I look for a fix.

New Structure:Crenelated Straight Battlement

New Structure:Smooth Corner Battlement

New Structure: Curved Wooden Walkway
This structure is designed to snap to the outside of a curved wall and provides a similar platform to the curved battlement but are wider and do not have a wall. These walkways are designed to serve as a balcony where curved castle walls are used on the inside of your castle.

New Structure: Fortress Steps Direwolf
With the new fur update they did, I was hesitant to add this one as the mesh looks a little wierd but too many people asked me to finish this one so its in. For better or worse ;p Currently working with the updated CCS.

First pass cleanup of structure files. Minor spelling/wording fixes, updated descriptions, verified or added item icons that were missing.
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hogscraper  [developer] Nov 20, 2015 @ 6:16am 
Patch v1.15 (upcoming additions for Sunday's patch)

This week I'm getting the SP version brought up to date so not a ton of additions to the MP version.

Tweaked the wall top snap points to ignore the ceilings a little better when snapping. This should help alleviate instances where walls and battlements don't want to snap on top of another wall if a ceiling is already attached.

Removed snap points for railings on the tops of walls. I know this will effect some players but until Snap Point Exclude fields work correctly they had to be removed. They were the culprit causing ceilings to want to snap over the walls. Since I don't have time to recreate all of the regular ark railings I can't edit them to use the snaps on top of the walls that everything else in my mod already uses. Currently deployed railings will not be effected. Working on another wall topper that will be a 1 foot extension of the wall below to act as a barricade.

NEW STRUCTURE: Rotating Ceiling Gateway and Gate. Gateway designed to be operable and sized right while ridng an Argent. After testing while riding an Argent I changed it to rotate on a center axis instead of on the edge. That allows for more room underneath and next to it when/if it bumps into you while opening. This new unit is a gate that looks like a ceiling. It will snap to walls, and other castle ceilings will snap to it. I have ran into issues with getting this new gate to snap to ceilings but ran out of time to find the issue. Outer edges of the uv on the gate seem skewed as well but will add those two issues to the top of my to do list.

Started normalizing experience points gained from crafting and repair of the castle pieces. About 1/3 through and will finish them for the next patch.

Also spent some time with the sconces but they seem very picky as to when they allow you to access the inventory. Might table those and work on a taller, pole based decoration like a torchiere to fill in for fire sources up high while I try to figure out what's ailing the sconces.

SP version catch up took a lot longer than I expected and my free time is less as well. Should be caught up soon.
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hogscraper  [developer] Nov 26, 2015 @ 5:53pm 
Patch v1.17

NEW STRUCTURE: Curved Ceiling w/Cutout: This ceiling is just like the Quarter Round ceiling but it has a cutout to be used with curved steps.

NEW STRUCTURE: Short Wall Barricade. Designed to snap to foundations and ceilings and offers a barricade for open areas. Same width as Castle Wall.

NEW STRUCTURES: Smooth and Crenelated Inside Battlements. They are designed to compliment the regular corner battlements in setups larger than a single foundation. They can be used around a 1x1 of walls but will have a lot of overlap. Just a heads up on that one as I figured people might be ok with that to have 4 inside battlements on a single foundation of walls.

MAJOR MOD CHANGE:Added ability for server admins to change the health of my structures through ini. How to utilize this feature has been made into its own discussion. If you do not want to change the health you don't need to do anything.
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hogscraper  [developer] Dec 4, 2015 @ 12:21pm 
Patch v1.18(Upcoming for Sunday's patch)

Wooden Trapdoor now has two snap points for regular Ark ladders. I am still unable to convince the ladders to snap anywhere on my ceilings but I did trick them into snapping to the Trapdoor. I added one snap point to either side of the hole that the trapdoor snaps to. I also placed two metal plates above the ladder snap point that tricks the game into letting the player interact with the trapdoor while on the ladder. If looking directly at the block doesn't allow for the menu to open, back a few inches down the ladder and look straight up. Kind of hacked together but working as intended. One drawback is that you need to place the Trapdoor before you can place a ladder.

Removed Ceiling with Offset Hatchway from crafting options in the mod. The piece is still in the mod, you can still place any you have crafted and you can still find them in the Admin Box but they are no longer craftable. I am still unable to get two of the snap points working no matter what I do, and with the above changes to the Trapdoor itself, the ladders on one of the offset holes wouldn't line up without collision issues. Either you couldn't place it because it was obstructed or you could place it and the new block I added keeps the player from using it. For now I want a better experience for new players that doesn't take reading the forums to learn the hatch won't snap to their new ceiling. If I ever get the trapdoor snaps working correctly I will add that item back. For now, your admins will need to help you with that item until it gets to a more satisfactory state:)

Angler Gel can be used in fireplaces now as a fuel source.

Increased range of wall and ceiling detection of foundations to be just over a foundation's thickness. This should alleviate several instances where you can't place a wall or ceiling above a castle fence foundation because of ground height issues reporting the foundation below as being too far away.
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hogscraper  [developer] Dec 8, 2015 @ 8:03pm 
Patch v1.19

Portable Workstation now faces the same direction as the Royal Engineer's Workstation when placed.

Wooden Stairs are now stackable, up to five high and will snap to Castle Foundations. Please be advised that the snap points that it is grabbing onto are for different items so you might need to hunt for the center snap point. I have exclusions set up for this piece but they do not seem to be working at all.

Removed the Ascendant tools from the Admin Box.

Fixed naming of Castle Wall Foundation in structure BP. Also added a small accent block to the left side of the model to indicate which direction is OUTWARD when placing it. This determines which direction that walls default towards and which way battlements will ultimately face if placed above. There is also an accent block on either side of the wall foundation so that you can clearly tell which is the outside and which the inside. One block is thin like the letter I and the other is a block like the letter O. If you snap the wall foundation with the incorrect side facing out, you can hit E to flip the foundation before finalizing the placement. The accent blocks are in the preview as well so it should be much easier to get them the way you want. Even after this, you can still use E when placing a wall on top to flip the wall around in order to make sure all your battlements line up the way you want.

The Metal Doorway Gate is now actually made of metal instead of wood.

NEW STRUCTURE: Single Story Spiral Staircase
These spiral stairs aren't really fitting for a medieval setting but I've had a mostly completed model for weeks and decided to spend a little time to get it into the game. I wanted players to have another option for getting up to a single story without needing to use too much room. This item was not designed to be stacked but it is possible to trick them into a stack. If you do this the tops will no longer line up with the third floor and beyond and you will have to jump to get to those floors.

Bridges should no longer demolish at odd times when other items get demolished. The Bridge has been changed so that even if one in a chain of ten is destroyed, the others around it will now stay. Please keep me posted on this one!

Balcony snap points have been fixed on the rotating ceiling and on the Center Hatchway Ceiling.

Rotating Ceiling Gateway and Gate have had their textures fixed and a naming issue I overlooked in the main BP.

NEW STRUCTURES: Massive Fortress Gateway and Gate
These are larger versions of the mod's Fortress Gateway and Gate. These new ones are large enough to allow passage of Brontos. Its not pretty at the top where their heads glitch through, but I didn't want to force a three wall high gateway on people. The Massive Fortress Gateway is the same size as a Drawbridge frame and will rest on two foundations. Please be aware that the new gateway has only one snap point for the gate. When placing this structure please note whether you are pointing it facing in or out. The small frame that holds the gate needs to go to the outside of your base or the gate can go through walls on the other side of the foundation it sits on! This thing is massive like the name suggests. You can hit E to flip the gateway around to fit properly. If you choose to ignore this advice, walls and ceiling you place on top of the Massive Fortress Gateway will be oriented backwards and ceilings will try to snap outside of your base.
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hogscraper  [developer] Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:44pm 
Emergency Patch v1.20

Fixed an error that had Corner Battlements acting strangely.

Removed foundation checks for regular Castle Walls only until they get the issue fixed with distance checks and foundations in certain situations.

Added in a fix to the fireplace emmiters. I took some time earlier this week and learned a little on how they work. These are much nicer than the other ones.

Removed foundation checks from floor tiles.
hogscraper  [developer] Dec 19, 2015 @ 8:49pm 
Patch v 1.21 (Upcoming for Sunday evening patch)

Resized Curved Battlements to fit better with Straight ones. They can be picked up for the next week so replace them while its free:) This includes both the Curved Battlement and the Curved Battlement w/Cutout

Wall Topper and both quarter ceilings have had their foundation check removed.

Added snap points to the wall foundations for the massive gate. The additional snaps are making steps a little tricky to get right, but the snaps are there. I decided against snapping to the sides of the Wall Foundation to alleviate needing steps because the wall heights would not match.

Normalized xp, material costs and health of the Massive Gateway to match other structures.

Fireplace has been replaced with Castle Fireplace. If you have any of the old ones on your servers they can conflict with the Fireplace that was recently added to Ark. Please demolish the old ones and replace with the new ones. I will be removing the old Fireplace from my mod next Sunday so please start replacing the old ones now.

Place this well on the ground or a foundation to draw water from deep within the planet! At the moment, water pressure is too low for running pipes but you can use this well to fill water containers.
The new Castle Well is part of the second phase of structures for my mod. As they will differ in a few ways, one major way will be appearance. Since I haven't had time to make any models for these new structures I purchased a small set from the Unreal Marketplace. They have their own, different look from the castle pieces I already made but they look good and I really like that they are different. More to come on resource structures in the next week!
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