Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. faction pack
K1NGT1GER609  [developer] Jan 22, 2016 @ 9:37pm
Artifacts and you.
Note: AI drop artifacts upon death.

Artifacts are rare items found in both the stalker games and here, the difference is in how they operate and are found. Artifacts are now craftable, stand next to a shadow manipulator to craft them. As you may have seen this mod now requires another mod (extra equipment slots) for them to be equiped right and keep you from being radioactively contaminated.

Most artifacts are radioactive and will hurt you if you do not have a: seva suit, exoskeleton, cs2 armor, a guardian of freedom suit, ssp suit, or a skat 9 military suit on as well. The only artifacts that arent radioactive are fireball and crystal. Consumables that counter radiation helps in wearing artifacts without a protective suit.

The sanity artifacts:
Moonlight: Helps in regaining sanity at a similar rate of a tam o Shanter.

Stoneflower: Regains sanity at the rate of a top hat.

The fire artifacts:
Fireball: Insulates the player like a eyeumbrella with fire resistance of a scail mail.

Crystal: Insulates the player like a summer frest with only 50% fire protection.

The healing artifacts:
Firefly:Heals the wearer three hp per fifteen seconds.

Kolobok: Heals the wearer two hp per thirty seconds.

Soul: Heals the wearer one hp per sixty seconds.

The Energy artifacts:
Snowflake: Increases movement speed by 20%.

Shell:Increases movement speed by 15%.

Battery: Increases movement speed by 10%.

Wound artifacts:

mama beads: Reduces incoming damage by 5%

eye: Reduces incoming damage by 10%

flame: Reduces incoming damage by 15%

Cut artifacts:

Gravi and Goldfish: unknown reason why they don't work in cave servers but work on non-cave servers.

Shipwrecked add on:

Meat chunk: Poison antidote and protects you from poison bites and gas.

Stoneblood: Protects you from poison gas only.

Current bugs:
1.Switching in between suits for example from duty to loner while wearing an artifact will cause you to be radioactively contaminated until you spam wearing the first suit you had on while removing the artifact. It wasnt intended to own multiple suits.
2.Leaving the server and rejoining while having a healing artifact will cause healing and radiation damage.
3. Modifying the extra equipslots mod to not include backpacks and/or amulets will cause the player to equip certain artifacts and be unable to unequip manually. This applies to other equipslots mods.
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