Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. faction pack
K1NGT1GER609  [developer] Dec 14, 2017 @ 10:27am
This section is all about consumables that are craftable with the alchemy machine. Please note that logging off does remove the overdose penalty but at the same time removes the benefits. As of now all stalkers spawn with certain consumable(s) that rely on two factors the faction and wealth status of a suit. For instance freedom will spawn with energy drinks, military factions use vinca, sunrisesuits carry around a bottle of vodka, and a exoskeleton may have multiple consumables including expensive ones.

Energy drink:
+gives a +1 speed boost for 120 seconds
+no overdose penalty
~moderate pricing for balance
~mobs can eat it and benefit

+gives 20% damage reduction by closing wounds faster and prevents blood loss(lore aspect). Lasts 40 seconds
+no overdose penalty
~mobs can eat it
~moderate high pricing as one ingrediant requires the summer season

+do an additional 15 damage on most weapons for 600 seconds
+some what cheap and very attractive to make
~mobs can eat it
-overdosing does 70 damage to player as its hard on the heart and damages muscles from rapid growth

+reduces sanity loss by 50%.reduces sanity loss(night) by 75%.
Lasts 240 seconds.
~mobs die from neuron shutdown or take 2000 damage upon eating
~monolith faction only benefit from night sanity aura reduction
-Take 400 damage from overdosing!
-720 second cool down before eating it again safely
-very expensive and end game content
-sanity loss due to drugs not tasting good

+cheap and should be enjoyed in moderation
+protects from radiation for 10 seconds
+gain sanity from eating
~mobs and nonstalkers knockout from not being able to handle the good stuff
~stalkers screen bounces around to simulates drunkness for 160 seconds
~raises body temperature by 5 degrees
-small hunger loss
-knock out duration: 160 seconds
-nonstackable and takes space
-I am sorry(in advance) that its technically tequila as the game doesnt have potatoes to make it accurate. Plus i dont know how to code growable crops.

Vodka shot:
+Cheap to make
+gain small sanity from eating
+other players won't knock out from drinking it
~protects from radiation for 2 seconds
~mobs knockout for 80 seconds
~raises body temperature by 2 degrees
~bounces the screen around for 160 seconds
-tiny hunger loss

+protects from radiation for 20 seconds
+stackable and takes less space
+no overdose penalty
~moderate pricing
~mobs can eat it
-not tastey small sanity loss
-upsets the stomache small hunger loss

+protects from radiation for 120 seconds
+no overdose penalty
~mobs can eat it
-moderately high pricing
-not tastey small sanity loss
-small hunger loss from chemicals upsetting the stomache

DLC and later:
Antidote(not available till shipwrecked)
+cures poison and protects from all poison sources for 20 seconds
+no overdose penalty
~mobs can eat it
~moderate pricing
-not tastey small sanity loss
-chemicals upset the stomache small hunger loss
-does nothing right now and isnt spawnable

Anabiotic hasnt been planned out so its not in the mod just yet. Hopefully somewhere in the future a opertunity arises and suits the drugs characteristics.

Most drugs are dangerous when consumed in excess and can harm or kill a person, so watch for your character announcing when the drug effect are gone. When your character gives the ok signal its safe to consume the drug again. Lastly the no overdose penalty means you dont get hurt from eating in excess but you dont reset the effects and waste the consumables. So dont over eat the consumbles that havent worn off as its just a waste.
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raerob88 Jan 13, 2018 @ 8:32pm 
can you make some a bit eazyer to craft pls?????????????? and i love the mod
K1NGT1GER609  [developer] Jan 14, 2018 @ 2:43pm 
Not sure what should be cheaper but some craftables produce more than one on craft. If anything ill update the antirad amount made, otherwise im trying to balance it out so you have to manage when to use them over abundance.
raerob88 Jan 26, 2018 @ 8:22pm 

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