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Venture Kid
Nathan May 21, 2016 @ 1:48pm
Steam Release
I loved this game on the iOS.
But there were a lot of problems in it.

If you've played it on mobile, you'll know what I am talking about. Minus difficulty of course.

If you haven't, you should play the mobile version or watch someone casually play it.

  • Orbs (the ingame currency), items purchased/used, power uses remaining carry over deaths & game overs. If you die after purchasing a emergency health kit, you won't get it back after respawning. Not even the time-wasted to acquire the orbs to pay for it. Did you use your boomerang up on the second boss? Unless you take advantage of another annoying bug (I'll discuss it next), you won't be getting back any uses on it that you had before beating the boss.
    You'll have to buy a weapon potion now. What's that? You lost all of your lives and went back to the map? And then you go back to the same level of said boss? Look, your items and lives are all back to the way they are at the beginning. So you just wasted(maybe) 60 orbs on a potion that did no good to help you fight.
  • Enemies respawn if you walk back into the area they spawned in. Say you walk over a hill with an annoying mimic-turret thing(the platforms that shoot you and it needs to be hit in the eyes while it's shooting to kill it) and kill it. Walk away about a little more than 1.5x of the screen length and then go back. It's back and shooting you again. What's worse is that this doesn't happen with items(hearts, lives, orbs, etc). Things like bombs and hourglasses act the same way though.

  • Thing is, once you buy the weapon-balance item or emergency health pack you can't turn it off. This is frustrating because you might want to save the pack or focus on restoring uses for one specific power but you can't.

  • Finally, there is the huge problem with the shop. Just clicking a button will purchase it without warning. This, combined with the fact that the buttons are so close together can be a big time-waster and a frustrating thing to deal with. This is minor but I would like a fix.

    If you, dev of this game, can fix these problems at least in the Steam port, I, amongst others, would be pleased to play it.

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FDG Entertainment  [developer] May 23, 2016 @ 2:03pm 
Thanks for your Feedback! It will be forwarded to the Team
Nathan May 23, 2016 @ 4:22pm 
Originally posted by FDG Entertainment:
Thanks for your Feedback! It will be forwarded to the Team

Thanks for replying!
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