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Homeworld Remastered Collection

[BETA][EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.6b
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lone_wolf  [developer] Oct 5 @ 1:37am
FX:Galaxy v1.36 Beta Changelog
[Feature] Added a ship-naming system
[Feature] Added a preliminary adviser system

[Bug Fixing] Applied Cloaked's solution to 666 formation bug

[FX] Fixed an issue where most HWRM corvettes have a rather small explosion fx

[UI] Original Concept Art Menu from FX:Commander returned

[Badges] Added several new badges

[SP] Made some improvements to Mini Campaign - Karos Outskirts

[KPR] Add missing details for arsenal ship's model
[KPR] Fixed an issue where top-left pulsar turret of keeper is miss-aligned
[KPR] Fixed an issue where demolishers won't point at enemy strikecrafts
[KPR] Balcora Gate can be seen anywhere in the map in order to fix an issue where the fx of ships being built piled up
[KPR] Fixed and issue where arsenal ship has twice the fire power it should have
[KPR] Fixed an issue where keeper's explosion fx is too small
[KPR] Fixed an issue where arsenal ship, dreadnaught and sajuuk's super beam disappear sometimes
[KPR] Improved Target Box of Balcora Gate, so that ships won't attack void in the center.(Thanks to EatThePath)
[KPR] Starting Fleet: 2*Phase Prism → Phase Prism + The Hand That Shapes
[KPR] Phase Prism cannot build Phase Prism, Balcora Gate and Keeper
[KPR] The Hand That Shapes cannot build Balcora Gate and Arsenal Ship
[KPR] Balcora Gate cannot build Phase Prism
[KPR] Sajuuk can only be built once
[KPR] Core - Forces are individual ships rather than subsystems, activating fx added

[KAD] Fixed an issue where multi-beam frigates only spin 180 degrees while firing
[KAD] Khar-Toba can only cloak with at least one nebula is alive
[KAD] Support Pod support range: 4000→2000
[KAD] AI can use support pod better
[KAD] Fixed an issue where building multi-beam moudle may cause the game to crash
[KAD] Fixed an issue where LOD1 of support pod and fuel pod's model are miss aligned
[KAD] Add Dark Nebula, can provide advanced cloak field. (Can't be detected by anti-cloak units), Prerequisites: Hyperspace Module and Mothership Lv2
[KAD] Delete Permanent Cloak Generator, Khar-Toba Permanent Cloak Ability automatically provided by Dark Nebula
[KAD] Delete Energy Cannon Module and Upgrade ability of Nebula
[KAD] Add Energy Cannon Module for Khar-Toba
[KAD] Add "Abyss" Cloak Module for Khar-Toba, Unlocks Dark Nebula, Prerequisites: Mothership Lv1
[KAD] Bright Nebula Build Cost: 7000→6000, Build Time: 270s→210s, Prerequisites: Hyperspace Module and Mothership Lv2→Hyperspace Module and Energy Cannon Module.
[KAD] Aberrance Swarmer Permanent Cloak Ability automatically provided by Dark Nebula
[KAD] Gun Turret Armour: 10000→4000, Build Cost: 500→300, Build Time: 30s→20s, Damage Per Shot: 50→40, Time Between 2 Shots: 1s→4s, Weapon Range: 4000→2800

[TUR] Fixed an issue where LOD1 and LOD2 of vulcan frigate's right half of engine glow are missing
[TUR] Use dreadnaught9ccn's ion array frigate model with HWRM's panels
[TUR] Fixed an issue where 3 out of 4 engine glows of siege drill frigate's LOD1 and LOD2 are missing

[KUS] Fixed an issue where probe explosion is far too large (2.3 Player Patch)
[KUS] Fixed an issue where the fx of gravwell generator powering up is not displayed properly
[KUS] Mothership's extra construction line only works for research ship/module now, and AI now knows how to use it

[TAI] Change Defense Fighter Module to Heavy Fighter Module, Defender prerequisites: Defense Fighter Module→Heavy Fighter Module
[TAI] Add the ability of carrying heavy fighters/corvettes enter/exit hyperspace for support frigate

[VGR] Shipyard now has a Super Capital Ship Facility with it, prerequisites: Hyperspace Module→Hyperspace Module and Capital Ship Facility

[HGN] Shipyard now has a Super Capital Ship Facility with it, prerequisites: Hyperspace Module→Hyperspace Module and Capital Ship Facility
[HGN] Battlecruiser prerequisites: Capital Ship Facility→Super Capital Ship Facility

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This is a small update that addresses some of the issues present in 1.35 and implements some other fixes + balance changes. The changes to KPR and KAD are part of that, so please give them a try and share your thoughts.

Ship naming is available by clicking the ship's blueprint in the UI when the unit is selected. Some numbers (e.g. 9/0) may cause the game to crash when written (a good way to test what keys are not supported is clicking them in the virtual keyboard; if nothing happens it is likely bugged).

The advisor system is meant to further help players in Shimmering Path, and can be cycled through with "T" key. It can also be enabled/disabled in Player vs. CPU via Staff Officer setting in the match settings.

With this update Multiplayer should be good to go again, if you are interested in joining us or organizing some matches you can find the mod's fresh Discord here: discord.gg/ekG3Wry
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