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Homeworld Remastered Collection

[BETA][EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.6b
lone_wolf  [developer] May 1, 2017 @ 11:47pm
FXG v1.2.0 beta2 Release Notes
FXG v1.2.0 beta2 Release Notes

FXG MOD now supports the newest version of HW:RM. But:

1. This mod only supports the Public Patch Preview verion(v2.205) of HW:RM. You must follow this guide ( https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/announcement-public-patch-preview/1512431 ) to update your game to v2.205 before playing this mod.

2. For HW:RM v2.x, this mod is still in "Basic Support" state, which means there're bugs and glitches everywhere, and some non-critical functions will not work.
If you find any bugs or glitches, you're welcome to report them in this dicussion page. But keep in mind that we may not answer you or fix these problems very soon, because there're already many things in our ToDo list.

What's new in v1.2.0 beta2:
Hopefully(I say "hopefully", because some of these fixes haven't been fullt tested), we have fixed these bugs:
1. You couldn't build most capital ships with huge unitcap.
2. Kushan Bombers wouldn't appear once constructed.
3. The animation of Turanic Vulcan Frigate's guns wouldn't stop even when it already stops firing.
4. We now use a new workaround to deal with the problem where Balcora Gate's FX would disappear sometimes. (But this is still a workaround, as we believe the fundamental cause of this problem is a bug of the game engine itself.)
5. Stats error on Progenitor Partner said it have 0 damage.
6. Description error of Progenitor Partner and Probe.
7. The Vaygr Clusterd Missile Platform's anti-cloaking ability didn't not work and it didn't fire at any fighters or corvette only frigate and capital class.
8. Progenitor Guard Frigate wouldn't rotate its turrets when attacking fighters and corvettes.
9. We've added Warning text on all random maps thumbnails: You shouldn't use these maps in multiplayer games as they will cause out-of-sync error.
10. The dustcloud at the center of map Eye of storm displayed incorrectly.
11. When doing there jobs, Resource Collectors, Repaire Units, Capture Units of all races won't be upside down anymore.
12. Small fixes on Kadesh Mothership model.
13. We configure the mod to force display subtitles in all our single player missions, even if players set disable subtitles in their game settings.
14. Repair Units refused to repair Balcora Gate.
15. A serious bug of X System. This bug will potentially cause out-of-sync in multiplayer games, as well as many other glitches.
16. The map Idolum would cause out-of-sync in multiplayer games.
17. Hiigaran Approach Sensor and Sensor Distortion Probe could be researched but couldn't build them.
18. Taiidan Heavy Corvette wouldn't firing at anything.
19. Stats error on Progenitor Bee Hive says it have 80 damage.
20. We've brought back the missing firing FX of Progenitor Movers, Light Movers and Heavy Movers.
21. Description error of Turanic Vulcan Frigate, Hiigaran and Vaygr Scouts, and Kushan Salvage Corvette.
22. Bentusi Probe looked too big when NLIPS on.
23. Fixed the crash when beginning FX:Legendary Fleet Campaign. Havn't fully tested yet.
24. Hiigaran Resource Collector's repairing FX played at wrong postion.
25. The build list of Turanic Heavygun Cruiser might display incorrectly in some occasions.
26. We've removed the map Cathedral of Kadesh as it causes General Failure.

And we've also made several improvements:
1. Hiigaran Light Cruiser now has hi-res textures.
2. Hiigaran Shipyard's super-capital ships facility now has hi-res textures.
3. Hiigaran Pulsar Corvette now has hi-res textures.
4. Progenitor Mover and Light Mover, and also part of Heavy Mover now have hi-res textures.
5. The game will show a warning if you're trying to play it on HWRM v2.1. We strongly recommend you update to v2.205.
6. Text in Thaddis Sabbah Campaign has been proofread.
7. In FX:Legendary Fleet Campaign, the game now has autosave when each wave of enemies coming.

Known issue that haven't been fixed:
1. The AI of Bentusi won't work.
2. Some components on several ships, including the Kadesh fuelpod, are slightly dislocated.
3. The unit cap list's display order and indentation are incorrect.
4. Balcora gate does not have a ping icon when you get core force - eternal force but you can still use ping by using the X key.

What we are working on and are expected to see in the next update:
1. Continue fixing remained bugs.
2. Make the mod compatible with HWRM v2.1.
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lone_wolf  [developer] May 2, 2017 @ 12:00am 
Forgot to mention that, it seems that with the newest NVIDIA Driver, the sheild effect of Bentusi Probe looks broken. (But there's no problem with my Intel integrated graphics). Anyone can confirm if it works with your graphics card?
Single-Player Bugs:
- Your resource collectors can no longer repair the transport (or other units; no repair research available either)
- The Turanics don't send anymore junkyard dogs after the first wave.
- The time between events is way longer than before, greatly dragging out the mission.
- You can no longer build Multi Gunships (instead only normal Gunships)
- Minelayer research is gone and with it the option to construct Minelayer Corvettes (only saw the Scout EMP research pop up)

[Thaddis Sabbah]
- Your initial Assault Craft squadrons stay docked with your carrier until manually launched again (despite the carrier being set to 'launch all')
- The mission/dialogue/objectives can 'reset' to start when pressing [esc] during a cutscene. So far this has happened when:
**pressing [esc] during the cutscene that plays after your scouts reach the anomaly (all incoming Taiidan ships just disappeared, and the dialogue was reset to the start of the mission)
**pressing [esc] during the cutscene after the Taiidan attack your collectors for the second time (after unlocking gun platform/assault craft production)
- Your Vaygr carrier (and units) use the default Hiigaran/Kushan color scheme+badge instead of the Vaygr color scheme or the player's custom color scheme/badge. The Taiidan also use some grey color scheme instead of their default red/yellow.

- Cannot construct the frigate or capital-class subsystem turrets on the Hiigaran Light Cruiser (despite the in-game text saying these have no pre-requisites)
- Completing Bentusi Defense mode (PvC) does not unlocks the relevant achievement
- Using "Return to Menu" (esc) to end a game will cause the music in the main menu to not play.
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lone_wolf  [developer] May 2, 2017 @ 7:46am 
Originally posted by WildHeart|GENESIS|:
[Bugs - Single-Player]
(1) The Thaddis Sabbah mission will 'reset' after investigating the anomaly (all incoming Taiidan ships just disappear, and the dialogue is reset to the start of the mission).
(2) Your Vaygr carrier and units in this mission use the default Hiigaran color scheme (+hiigaran badge) instead of the default Vaygr color scheme or the player's custom custom color scheme+badge.
I can't reproduce that 'reset' bug on my computer. Anyone else have this problem?
23-Down May 2, 2017 @ 9:24am 
1.) I can confirm both the color bug (Taiidan bombers in Hiigaran colors with Vaygr logo)
Vaygr in their colors or Kushan not sure with a Hiigaran badge.

2.) And that the script sequences are restarting once my carrier died. After the initial investigation of the anomaly everything worked as it should've though. Nothing reset at that point in time for me. Maybe he managed to safe his scouts and that ruined the script for Wildheart I can't tell.

At a later point when my carrier died due to reinforcing taiidan destroyers the scripts kept playing normally and as intended.
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Ran into the 'reset' bug again. Updated it in my first post along with some other things I found.

I'd also like to give a suggestion to increase the HP of your Vaygr carrier in the Thaddis Sabbah mission a bit. From 110.000 (current) to 160.000 or something should make it more manageable. Reason I suggest this is that the Taiidan Destroyers/Missile Destroyers that port in near the cruiser keep on firing on your carrier while Makaan is hyperspacing in and the cutscene is playing. Carrier keeps on dying before the cutscene can finish, failing the mission every time.
Can also confirm that the Bentusi probe shield effect is working properly for me (AMD graphics card). The shield itself does not seem to be anything more than a visual though (enemy shots go right through it).
lone_wolf  [developer] May 7, 2017 @ 11:37pm 
Originally posted by WildHeart|GENESIS|:
Can also confirm that the Bentusi probe shield effect is working properly for me (AMD graphics card). The shield itself does not seem to be anything more than a visual though (enemy shots go right through it).


Yeah, the shield is only a visual for now.
It seems that the shield effect is broken only with the newest NVIDIA Driver. That's confusing...

The problems in Eden is because HW_Lover accidentally remove all Hiigaran tech tree in the campaign when testing some things. We will fix that in the next update.
HW_Lover May 8, 2017 @ 10:19pm 
Thaddis Sabbah resetting issue fixed, for now, just avoid pressing ESC button too much.
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