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Get Wrecked Altis [Vehicle Combat Sandbox]
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Sli  [developer] Nov 10, 2014 @ 6:31am
Known Issues & Temporary Fixes
I spawned in water/the sea
This issue relates to the Armageddon mod still being active. Ensure all mods are disabled before joining a server to prevent these conflicts.

Vehicles spontaneously blowing up when using a weapon
Double check all attached weapons are pointed the right way (OUT) and are not too far inside the shell of the vehicle. RPG's attached backwards is usually the culprit.

The vehicle repair/rearm/refuel point doesn't appear to work
Try driving away and then coming back. Be sure to stop on the point and not drive through. Shooting at players delays the pad's effect for a few seconds.

I lifted a vehicle so high up I can no longer reach it
Your best bet is to try and 'Save' the vehicle which should cause simulation to be re-enabled and it to fall back to the floor.

Weapons shifting/moving upon load
This is currently the only bug we don't have a temporary fix for and relates to the way Arma loads in these object types at completely different offsets to everything else. Try to avoid putting the weapon inside the frame of the vehicle as this will only make the problem worse.

My character is stuck on a black screen after death
Rarely this might happen after a particularly explosive death while in a vehicle. You should still have access to the respawn button via the ESC menu.
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