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Games of Glory
Linux/SteamOS Version
Linux version is important

SteamOS is Coming

only my vote in games that support linux
which engine do you use? unity 3d, CryEngine and Unreal engine already supports Linux, you should ta using one of the three
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And i was asking myself the same. :)
Lightbulb Crew  [Fejlesztő] 2014. júl. 23., 3:42 
Hi! We are using Unity3D as engine. We will certainly create a Linux version in the future, as we will a MAC version. that is why we chose Unity in the first place! Currently we have only made PC builds however.

Thank you for your comment!
+1 for linux !!!
Lightbulb Crew  [Fejlesztő] 2014. júl. 24., 11:32 
We are listening...
Would love to see GoG on Linux. Come on guys, be on the good side of the force. :-)
If you intend to make a Linux build on release you should specify this with the supported OS's

Linux users should vote NO untill there is somekind of assurance it will be supported. These kind of promisses are broken to often.
This is AWESOME "news"! Looking forward to playing this.
Yay, for developers releasing their games for Linux!! \o/
I did vote NO since there's no Linux version.
I'm waiting too for the Linux version ! Hope it'll be available ASAP !
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