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Aim Botz - Training
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Mr. uLLeticaL™-S-  [developer] Jul 2, 2015 @ 1:16am
[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions - Read First
Q: How to download and play the map?
A: Check this guide.

Q: Map crashes when loading / textures are black / corrupt files.
A: Turn off CS:GO and Steam, then delete the aim_botz.bsp file from
Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps\workshop\243702660

Alternative way to reach the map file:
Steam Client > Library > [Right Click] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Properties > Local Files (TAB) > Browse Local Files > csgo > maps > workshop > 243702660

Start up Steam and CS:GO, then wait for the map to fully download before loading it.

Sometimes the game crashes when the map is (re)downloading/updating during loading, this is not the maps fault, but the way the CS:GO client 'works'.

Q: Sometimes closing sections crashes my game?
A: Check this video @ 2:55 for an explanation.

Q: I keep spawning outside the box.
A: Join the Terrorist team.

Q: What are the different speed options?
A: 100, 140, 180, 230, 320 (Slowest to fastest)

Q: The bot's do not move.
A: Select a speed and movement type on the control panel.

Q: Bot's are moving towards me.
A: Kill the bots, or type sv_cheats 1; bot_stop 1 in the console.

Q: Bot's are shooting me.
A: Type sv_cheats 1; bot_stop 1 in the console.

Q: I have only 1 or not many bots.
A: Try restarting your game, and load the map.

Q: After playing the map, other maps do not work properly.
A: A restart of your game, or try.
bot_join_team any; game_type 1;game_mode 1; mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 0; exec gamemode_competitive

Q: After playing the map, rounds do not end.
A: Open your console and type; mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 0

Q: Error:Failed to find a dedicated server.
A: Try setting your game lobby to private, or restart your game.

Q: I'm banned / SteamID banned
A: Type removeallids in console, or try removeid.

Q: My skins are missing.
A: Stop gambling them away!

Q: Can I host this map on a server?
A: You could, but some of it's features/functionality would be missing.

Q: Do you work for / or get paid by / Valve?
A: No.

Q: What does FPS Boost do??
A: It changes the following settings, to help gain FPS.
  • cl_forcepreload 1
  • cl_freezecameffects_showholiday 0
  • sv_replaybots 0
  • muzzleflash_light 0
  • mat_disable_bloom 1
  • mat_postprocess_enable 0
  • mat_force_bloom 0
  • mat_powersavingsmode 0
  • mat_drawwater 0
  • mat_colorcorrection 0
  • r_eyemove 0
  • r_eyegloss 0
  • func_break_max_pieces 0
  • budget_show_history 0

To change them back to their usual values copy paste this line in the console:
cl_forcepreload 0;cl_freezecameffects_showholiday 1;sv_replaybots 1;muzzleflash_light 1;mat_drawwater 1;mat_colorcorrection 1;r_eyemove 1;r_eyegloss 1;func_break_max_pieces 15;budget_show_history 1;r_drawstaticprops 1

Q: Where can I report bugs?
A: You can do so here, or privately here[].

Q: Where can I share feedback, suggestions / ideas?
A: You can do so here, or privately here[].
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