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orangemagik  [developer] Apr 8, 2014 @ 12:22pm
Demo Playtest feedback!
Please use this thread to leave you feedback after playng the demo!

All info about the demo and download links here!

A few points for discussion that are especially important to us:

1. Controls. The most painful part. We know that mouse+keyboard setup in our game is in the worst state by now. What can you suggest to improve this? And what do you like/dislike about gamepad controls (if you are using one)?

2. Using powers (run, stop, reverse). We are in a middle of testing this. Those powers are meant to have a properly animated fx (such as "eqrthquake" effect that will motivate Molecats to RUN), so they will be visually presented in a more intuitive way. But still there are some issues in mechanics. What do you like/dislike about using powers?

3. Your experience playing various levels. Write a few words about each level (except for

4. Character animations. We have some reports that not everyone pleased with how Molecats march through the levels. How do you think? We are planning to extend their animation set (making more cute idle & crazy interaction animations), so we need to know if we are on the right route with this.

Apart from all that above, feel free to write anything else you think about the game.

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kruger Oct 19, 2014 @ 11:34am 
some feedback:
The default controls for keyboard are painful, that's true. I'll try other configurations later, but blaying with the mouse (at least on the tutorial) is much more satisfying. Oh, I think that the shortcut for the RUN power is perfect (spacebar)
The molecats should enter the door only when not running? That's a bit weird, because some times the player just wants to run to the end.
I found interesting that when running, the molecats dont interact with objects - keys, switches. Please, put it to good use :D
The tiles that the player can rotate could be more visible. I mean, they are very similar to the immobile ones, when in minority - darker color without moving parts. If the player is looking at molecats before they reach one of these tiles, it's hard to notice that he must move an tile to advance.
The first level is interesting. Simple enough that most players that went trought the tutorial will do it, but still hard enough to make some more casual players have headaches trying to solve it. Maybe showing both wheight-button and rotating panels is a bit too much, or the 3 rotating panels. For an second level I think it's awesome.
The second level is very nice. Needing to grab those lanterns is really sweet, and make a good presentation on how darkness works. Also, the creature that walks in the last panel is an enemy or just an indicator of where is the objective? It isn't clear at a first sight.
Level 3 is incredible. The secret, the moving tile, everything turns it into a "Im a puzzle that anyone can solve, but I have something special :D". These first levels are all so simple and elegant(yet challenging) that I could show my mom it and she would enjoy.
The fourth level is a bit disapointing. The cracks are easly avoided and the secret is poorly explored. I really searched for an button to open that door, and got disapointed when I gave up and the level was finished without big problems. I think it's easier than 3rd level.
Level 5 is ok. But it seems to have an secret - the central tile in the lower line. Anyway, it's more an patience problem than an logic one. Oh, and the placar for number of molecats saved seems to be wrong - I've got the one sleeping and took it to the exit, but still say 0/1.
Level 6 is amazing. The solution is there, plain and simple, and yet it is not easy to solve. The need to coordinate 2 molecats makes this level something between satisfying and frustrating. Simply put: awesome.Also: nice joke with Otis :D
Level 7 is an nice introduction of layers. Nothing really dificult, but it shows what players must seek in an layered level. Also, it's the first level where i noticed the countdown for exit.
Level 8 seems dificult. I've yet to finish it, but didnt pay that much atention. Also need to complete level 9.

The molecats animation get boring really fast. They're beauty, but for the 9 levels and tutorials it became just boring. The enemies are ok, since they only appear in a few levels. Maybe an bigger set of animations for the molecats resolve this. Also, they could interact a bit with the objects, not just pass by and play the object animation. Dont know if its possible, but its an idea.

The powers overall are really nice, but can turn the game from an puzzle-based game into an time-framed style of game. I think it's nice to have some elements of it, but need care to not change completely the game objective.

Well, thats an big feedback. Hope it's useful. Also, version tested is demo 0.1.3_x64.
orangemagik  [developer] Oct 19, 2014 @ 11:54am 
Many thanks for the review! Something you have mentioned we have already tuned, and yes, we hope to bring more various animations for molecats. As for the levels, this is not the real structure of the game (it means level 1 is not really level 1 and level 5 is not actually level 5), so in the final game there will be more simple levels between tricky ones, designated to show new mechanics to the player.
Btw, there is a secret in the level with cracks;)
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