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Mini Metro
Don't Cross the Stre- Lines!
I'm not sure I understand the "rule set" for line crossing. Often it will come up with "You cannot cross lines" but not only does this make line planning extremely difficult it also isn't a steadfast rule. I HAVE made lines cross, I will try to do it again an post a screeny, but I'm still not sure why I can't do it anyway? Why is it a rule?

I also find the pathing of lines near rivers to be a bit strange. For example a U-Bend shaped river with a station in the centre can have a line leading in, but not back out (depending on the station you're trying to connect it too) without going via a tunnel. Which is fine if you want to waste a needless tunnel.

These could be alpha issues, so treat this as feedback rather than criticism. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing this so far.
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Also I have to add, visual its not very obvious when you get the carriage upgrade. Its also not obvious in the wording to whether you have to add this to one line of your choosing or if it adds it too all lines. Be nice to see an actual extra carriage in tow.
When you add the extra carriage by dragging the "C" icon in the upgrades menu to the line of your choosing, then you most certainly get to see an extra carriage in tow. Keep your eyes on the yellow line and you can see the extra carriage.[imgur.com] From what I understand, soon, the extra carriage will be applied to all lines but I could well be mistaken on that fact so please don't quote me :) at least not to often. I'm new to all this so I'm not sure if this is the right or the wrong thing to do but I'd like to thank pauly4it for the gif, first Mini Metro gif I've come across.
Автор останньої редакції: L 0 J 1 C™; 5 бер 2014 о 17:49
I agree with the river situation. If the riverbank is diagonal, I had a line that could be parallel to it between two cities on the same side of land (no tunnel). But if the line had to cut through a 90 degree corner, a tunnel was built even if both cities were on the same side of land. That's a waste of a tunnel.

However, sometimes joining two stops on the same side even though it crossed the water (2 dashed lines) doesn't register as a tunnel (4 dashed lines). Maybe it's dependent on length of the water crossed?
Автор останньої редакції: rocketfan; 5 бер 2014 о 18:43
The line crossing is something we spent a lot of time discussing how to handle. In the original version for Ludum Dare 26 you could build lines anywhere you wanted, which could lead to some really crazy spiderweb layouts that became very confusing. This led to one of the primary design goals for the full version being making it easy to make the map look good, clean and just like a real metro map.

We set ourselves a few rules to do so:
- no crossing lines
- tracks can run side by side
- don't move tracks around without the player doing it
- don't force the player to relay out tracks because of a design issue

This had led to the situation where it looks like tracks can cross sometimes, but not others. But basically it's just that if it would be possible for you to relay your tracks in a different order to get to where you want them to go without overlapping, the game lets you get away with it. It only occurs when tracks are leaving a station so we figured it wasn't a massive sin. :)
I've noticed that you can influence the route a particular line takes based on the way you drag the extention handle out from the last station, do you know if it would be possible to have more control over this? Almost as if your driving the TBM yourself.
Yep, you can - I always prefer to have my lines leaving the station on the same angle that they enter it, and it makes me sad when I create a route that doesn't let me do that. :(

During a code jam last night we noticed a bug that forces some lines to always pick one of the two options, when there's nothing stopping it from using the option that you want. So it's on the radar, will get fixed after balancing.
I've noticed that getting the route angles correct is important for more than aesthetics. If the angle at a station is too severe, the train is forced to stop and turn around, even if it doesn't have to load/unload passengers. With smoother angles the train get bypass the station without stopping.
I'd suggest changing the error message to 'Lines can only cross at stations' to indicate to players how they should manage their lines rather than telling them they can't do something.

Also, I have noticed times where it draws crossed lines but there was still mathmatically (from a graph perspective) a valid path between the stations which wouldn't cross the lines.
I was just playing and I had a line cross itself parallel and the crossing wasn't near a station. it made a nice backwards P on my map
There was a bug that let lines cross, it had been in there since forever. It was relatively rare enough that we never came across it until now - lines that connected stations without a corner still reported a collision, but connected anyway. That's just been fixed in alpha7.
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