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Fading Suns Noble Armada
hdiandrew  [developer] Feb 20, 2017 @ 6:59am
Why Noble Armada and Not EFS2
A number of people have asked why we are working on a Noble Armada computer game and not Emperor of the Fading Suns II. The short answer is that EFS had a larger budget (a full order of magnitude larger) than we have for this game. The more detailed answer is that we designed the Fading Suns universe to explore it in a number of different ways and from a number of different perspectives.

Emperor of the Fading Suns took the macro approach, giving players the chance to rebuild humanity from one politically fractured world to a star-spanning empire.

The Fading Suns RPG took the micro approach, giving players the chance to take an individual role in humanity's progression … or decline, depending on your campaign and party desire. We set it shortly after the end of EFS, and designed things so players could base their RPGs on the results of their own strategy games.

We initially saw Noble Armada as a mix of the two. If you have played the miniatures game, you know it is focused on control of a ship or fleet taking part in some of the wars in the heavens. However, the game also allows you to return to the micro level, with RPG characters able to have an impact on the space battle. Ken and Chris partially designed the miniatures game to provide a solution for our RPG players who wanted more detailed space combat rules.

When we started work on the Fading Suns: Noble Armada mobile game, we saw it fulfilling that same role. However, there are some significant differences between a multiplayer miniatures game and a single-player space combat game. I will discuss some key ones in the next discussion.