danaby2  [developer] Feb 19 @ 8:34am
Elver Update #10
[Elver Update #10]

Big J has finally finished up the church interior.

Additions :

>Added Punisher Questline, an expansive adventure through time, space and most importantly, the church interior
>Added Vault
>Added Decoys [57739 - 57743] inspired by Timo's Decoy Mod
>Added "Runerave" by staswalle to the radio
>Added Racing Cart [57035]
>Added Makeshift Scope [57726]
>Added Sword of Light [57718] & Variants [57727-57738] [57745]
>Added Welcome Mat [57720]
>Added Mail Box [57721]
>Added Slide [57722]
>Added Glass Roof [57723]
>Added Painting #12 [57747]

Changes :

>Added 2 new spawns for each dorms key
>Increased mesh spawn chance from dorms room
>Increased amount of item spawns in dorm rooms #1, #4, and #5
>Updated crafting chart to feature the Renegade bow and Toxic arrow
>Increased Candycane Mosca cost to 34 White Presents from 30
>Decreased chance of frozen THICC set dropping from White Presents
>Removed Barbed Wire Fence crafting recipe - it was being used to make unraidable bunker bases
>Player hitbox now contributes to motorcycle collision
>Decreased Gunpowder drop chance from Horde Beacons by 0.3%
>Updated Elver assets to Unity 2019 but like idk if that'll change anything honestly

Fixes :

>Fixed decalable shader on Leather item
>Fixed clipping on Metro Stone Wall #2
>Fixed Random Quest #7 description
>Fixed Planter Part 1 quest placable box thing being a pumpkin for some reason????
>Fixed fan object LOD
>Fixed rare pig variant not spawning
>Fixed broken collision on House #8 (big barn with breakable wall)
>Fixed Hector's primary item
>Fixed small generator radius outline thingy being inaccurate
>Fixed like 30 million stuck spots in the dorms, military checkpoint, deadzone and many more, thanks to everyone who reported these!
>Fixed Offbrand Thick Military Backpack description
>Fixed Drill not having repair recipe (it doesn't lose durability but ones found in the deadzone would be damaged)
>Fixed weird little hole in mall model
>Fixed some broken icons
>Fixed some very minor clipping issues around the map
>Fixed some other stuff too probably
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Animatic Feb 19 @ 8:39am 
Oh man, I can't wait to play the second Elver survival map. Now in a larger size!
avert Feb 19 @ 8:57am 
Unturned Elver Map
ToTenLis Feb 19 @ 9:08am 
Elver II
thks milord
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Kirb Feb 19 @ 9:21am 
let's goo
Ratbats Feb 19 @ 9:24am 
hope they fixed that disappearing zombie bug at junction
edger v2
Do I need to reset my elver to get this update?
danaby2  [developer] Feb 19 @ 9:49am 
Originally posted by Indomnigames:
Do I need to reset my elver to get this update?
ok thanks : )
my church is still closed and i cant get in is that a bug or is the update still not fully out?
danaby2  [developer] Feb 19 @ 9:55am 
Originally posted by xxXChildLoverXxx:
my church is still closed and i cant get in is that a bug or is the update still not fully out?
you need to speak to Big J to access the church
True Enemy Feb 19 @ 10:04am 
uh how do i get into church interior
big j still says it should be done in few updates
when i speak to him he says the church will be ready in a few updates
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