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Backstage Pass Beta: Bugs + Feedback
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Bug reports:

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Okay, before I get into the various typos/feedback to report on, I'm having an issue with this:

Originally posted by ayu:
Latest Fix:
03/06/2014: Endless Loop in version 0.3a - There's a bug in the wardrobe that sets your game into an endless loop depending on which clothing you wear. Save this file to the "game" folder and override the one you currently have. This fix is only necessary for 0.3a. If you have any later versions of the game, you do not need this fix.

Where's the link to the fix? How do you patch the fix? Would prefer to keep my saves.

Max OS X 10.6


Edit: Looks like the link isn't viewable for those who don't have a forum account. Should I email you, @ayu, or download the newest version and transfer my saves instead?
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Mac OS X 10.6 // version 0.3a (no bug fix)

8/28 - typo
"For a while we'd say hi whenver we saw each other,"

12/24 - Benito - Misplaced dialogue marker on descriptive text
Benito// This time he loses control and plows straight into the snowdrift.

Interface Discrepancies
Text box: OPTION

General - Possible Bug
Cafe - Wednesday Afternoons: Buying drink ends turn; talking to Benito ends turn (side note: price of cafe's drink not noted)
VG Arcade - Play games as often as like w/o ending turn; talking to Benito ends turn

1/1 - Benito route - Possible Blog Bug(s)
-My blog is getting more hits these days. I earned $27 in ad revenue.
-My popularity went up too!
-My blog seems to be gaining traction. I earned $27 in ad revenue.
-My popularity went up too!
Don't know if this is also related, but later on, Popularity reached 300 before Charisma (~250), and earnings were equal in both messages (~$45 dollars ea.). So, might be gaining extra money and popularity, or, (if the earnings are based on both stats), might be unintentionally earning equal pay for different stat values.

3/21 - Benito route - bug
Turn ends abruptly upon visiting Movie Theatre alone
Okay, some WEIRD stuff as I was trying to play w/ just the keyboard (my preferred method on the laptop). Some might be too much work to change considering it's not game breaking, but thought the feedback could be useful.

Mac OS X 10.6 // version 0.3a (no bug fix)

Weekend Screen - Keyboard Control Issues

(tested on 4/25, Benito route, weekend screen, loaded both from weekend saves and just before that)

Weekend screen unresponsive to arrow keys and ENTER
- ENTER works if highlighted first with mouse

^ Same for Inventory screen
---loaded from weekend save, all of Inventory unresponsive
---otherwise, only top menu OK

^ Same for "Where would you like to go?"
---same result via weekly planner

Wardrobe responsive, but individual clothes are not highlighted, so it's a counting game to choose desired outfit

Email screen: hit or miss -- lack of graphical indications for selection make nearly useless
- Works on top menu, MAY work on bottom menu, doesn't select messages (or does it??)
---- highlight graphic for Inbox/Outbox/Trash (none now, so impossible to tell if selected)
---- highlight graphic for selected message (^ same)
---- top menu: different colors for highlighted and selected text. often confused if reselecting (though this might be due to lack of highlight graphics elsewhere)

Keyboard ControlESC Menu Issues

Status - arrows keys appear to be able select other buttons besides RETURN, poss. interacting with another menu underneath (not sure if ESC or Text Box menu)
------nvm, not just keyboard issues O_O
---------ESC menu still functions on STATUS screen; clicking left side of Adam's face with get you CALENDAR, bottom right GAME CONTROLS, right side of John's face SETTING, etc.

…ACTUALLY I think that may be true of everything selectable via the ESC menu. Could access the STATUS screen from the Load Screen, Save Screen, etc..

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Ayu  [developer] Mar 11, 2014 @ 7:56pm 
Thanks! I've updated the original thread with a set of minor bug fixes. I will have to get my hands on a Mac to test the interface stuff, but I will look into as soon as we can. Many thanks for all the feedback.
Originally posted by Ayu:
I've updated the original thread with a set of minor bug fixes. I will have to get my hands on a Mac to test the interface stuff, but I will look into as soon as we can.

Yay! Glad to be of help! <3

Am interested in trying just about everything equally, so please let me know if there is anything specific you need testing/feedback on routes, or from a Mac owner's perspective. Looking forward to the content update next week! :)

------------------------- (next update will be in v0.3d)
(please ignore whichever issues already fixed in v0.3d!) -------------------------

Mac OS X 10.6 // version 0.3a (no bug fix)

Keyboard Controls - Nonfunctionality
- Giving cupcake gifts before dates
- PLANNER screen
- Selecting items that have artwork, from shopware to inventory to wardrobe
- (Dialogue Choices OK)

Keyboard Controls - Cupcake Minigame
If mouse hovering over selection: nonfunctional
Mouse free - can select BATTER, FROSTING, TOPPING, RECIPES, DO OVER, & QUIT buttons
----------------- can't select OK!, any cupcake ingredients

7/3 - Benito Route - Typo/Discrepancy
Text from Adam states his interview is next Tuesday morning (7/5).
- In planner, interview scheduled (and happens) Monday morning (7/4)

7/3 - Benito Route - Typo
Benito // …probably not.
p -> P

5/30 - Benito Route - Typo + Bug
Award's Ceremony, upon losing:
…can't help but feel a little disappointed, though.
Different leading lines, but repeated twice.

Also states that due to Vice/Versus' win, our popularity goes up. However, my popularity dipped from 300 to 100.

7/25 - Benito Route - Bug
Hung out w/ Adam @ VG Arcade (first time) - Benito at work, w/o cast, greets Adam
7/30 ---- Sian checks on Ben @ hospital (who supposedly hasn't left since 7/22)
8/1 ---- Hung out w/ John @ arcade, no Ben (still @ hospital). Second time w/John @ arcade.
(Discrepancy might be occurring due to programmed first times (lol).)

8/1 - Benito Route - Bug?
Turn ends after calling/talking to Benito on phone, who is still at the hospital.

8/7 - Benito Route - Bug
Both the Confession and Epilogue take place on 8/7, though clearly much time has passed.

8/7 - Benito Route - Bug
(in case this bug hasn't been reported for every route...)
...after Epilogue, week of 8/1 stat raising repeats and loops… FOREVER (Sian in kimono, too LOL)

7/22 - Benito Route - Music
Super awkward design choice (oversight?) -- cheerful weekly music plays during a serious moment. Emotional impact negated.
+ General After the first half/common route, there are few instances where tracks besides the daily+weekend tracks feature.
++ I remember another serious moment triggered by (I think) is the fashion stat, re: Allison & Child Actress (suddenly blanking out her name!) where the same music played.
+++ Same with 7/30. 8/3. 8/7.

6/27 - Benito Route - misc.
Weekend, Arcade, hanging out w/John for the first time.
Benito takes one look at John and smiles at John knowingly.
I'm, uh, on Benito's love-love route, so this line??? Implies Ben's thinks Sian's on a date w/ John, which you think he'd have some sort of reaction to.

7/2 - Benito Route - misc.
Work, triggered by John winning Pointless Glasses @ arcade
[Re: Lloyd] …that's the shirt Adam bought for John!
Confused, 'cause I don't remember any scene in-game wherein Sian hears about Adam buying anything for John.
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house-special curry Mar 26, 2014 @ 11:59pm 
Quick update:

Recently made a second partition on the hardrive of my Mac, in which I installed the latest Mac OS (Mavericks). (In other words, it's like divvying up part of your hard drive to run on Windows XP and the other, Windows 8.)

ANYWAYS, downloaded the newest BP update for both Snow Leopard and Mavericks. Quick note of issues.

Mac OS X 10.9.2 (Mavericks) // version 0.4a
Won't even open. Flickers black and white (or black and blue), almost crashing entire computer. Have to Force Quit.

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) // version 0.4a
Works as usual.

Re: OP,
Not certain but suspect the Opening's video/audio is out of sync. (Has ~5 seconds of animation w/o audio).
Ayu  [developer] Apr 7, 2014 @ 4:33pm 
Just so you know, we ARE looking into this. Sorry for such a late reply - it is to my detriment that I'm lousy at communication. D: It's very likely a problem with the video since other people have mentioned this as well, so we're looking into how to fix this.
Phew! Glad to know it wasn't just my computer slowing down. Thanks for the update! <3

np; lousy about getting back to people myself, especially when busy. Apologies, too, for the lack of feedback lately! Hopefully can fit some playtime before next update. Best!
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