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Time Rifters
Proton Studio  [vývojář] 26. pro. 2013 v 15.23
Weapon / Upgrade Ideas
What cool weapons or upgrades would you like to see in the game?
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Maybe sights?. and I would like to see clone upgrades (more speed, to weapons at the time, or mega vison) and a melle weapon, love the game beacouse of the music, graphics and becouse it is very smooth and well optimized
Don't change a thing the game is perfect
Just Awesome, my new No 1 Oculus Rift Game!
Please more levels!
Will buy this!

Won't use the lightning gun,
since it should be (imo) more like the Quake lightning gun, a constant stream of Light.

And some other weapons would also be great
(maybe something like a rocket launcher / Gravity Gun).

I like the interaction with the bridge at the Boss! More of that!

New "block enemies", maybe explosive ones, time strechting ones (max Payne Bullet Time-Effect)

In a level:
4 Buttons which need to be pressed(fired) at the same time = Bomb goes up or something like that.

Please do more of that "mind♥♥♥♥" Stuff!

Dual Wield /w Razer Hydra Support :)
Naposledy upravil nn_23; 27. pro. 2013 v 15.50
indie! \o
Proton Studio  [vývojář] 27. pro. 2013 v 16.34 
The thought of slicing through enemies with a giant sword has crossed our minds, so melee weapons are definitely on our experiment list. We have considered doing player upgrades in the past and it is something we will look at again.

Great suggestions. Rocket and missile launchers have been on our list of possible weapons to add and a gravity gun seems like another cool weapon to try. Love the ideas of the different enemies. Lots more added to our experiment list.
Great!! Love the Ideas from other people too!!
Thinking about it I would like 2 revolvers. Shooting speed like shotgun, but more power in one shot. Maybe start with a single handed revolver, dual wield as buyable update.

Like the idea of a sword :)

Enemies: Cubes, that make other cubes invincible, so these must be destroyerd first.

I think there is a need of a "Player management", so i can swith profiles (a friend plays, so he wants to begin from the start and I don't want to delete my savegames) - btw. where is the players data saved?

Don't know which engine you are using, but if you implement razer hydra support you'd be the No 1 Oculus demo so far (there are only 2 other RH/VR good ones, but both of them are not quiet as far as you guys).
For example in Unity it seems (as far as I have youtubed) pretty simple.

One useful upgrade you could implement would be some sort of flamethrower. It could cause damage when you're shooting at enemies, and still leave enemies burning for a short time after you stop firing at them. Another good idea would be a weapon that could freeze enemies
Proton Studio  [vývojář] 29. pro. 2013 v 20.32 
@nn_23: We were thinking of Mario Galaxy style player profiles. Perhaps where the greenlight banner currently is on the Title Screen could be replaced with 3 profile selections.

Currently the save data is stored in different places depending on the platform.[docs.unity3d.com]. I think Unity uses some kind of checksum to prevent those values from being changed/hacked. There's rumors that the Oculus Rift may have embedded Android support, so using PlayerPrefs allows us to nicely store data cross-platform.

We're keeping an eye on hand tracking solutions (Sixense Stem, hopefuly Oculus builds in support with a custom controller). Dual wielding via hand tracking would be pretty amazing. If we get on Early Access we would be able to push out little experiments as we go :)

@Pokedex649: Nice ideas. We actually made a burning effect for the enemies (at the same time as working on the acid particle effect), but don't have a weapon to go with it yet. We were actually thinking the fire could spread from enemy to closeby enemies (but that might be too crazy or powerful).
Naposledy upravil Proton Studio; 29. pro. 2013 v 20.33
I'd Defintately say More of a like. Sniper style gun that upgrades for high single block damage at a slower-ish rate of fire. aswell as a chain gun... who dosn't love a chain gun?
FLAMETHROWERS AND ROCKET LAUNCHERS AND GRENADES AND PRETTY EXPLOSIONS AND PAINTBALL GUNS THAT HAVE ACID THAT DISSOLVE ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also put in a lightsaber and the guns from quake like that one guy said somewhere ^ there.
These are my demands.
Or wishes however you want to phrase it.
Don't change a thing the game is perfect
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Zobrazeno 115 z 37 komentářů
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