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Astral Terra
This looks really interesting but i'm wondering about a couple of things before i decide to actually pledge on the kickstarter.
1) What will the combat system be like/resemble?

2) Will you need to live-of-the-land-survive or adventuring-survive? (or both)

3) Story, is there one or is there just exploration, are there sidequests?

I want to support this game so badly, but i sort of don't know (and kind of doubt) that this is the game for me :/
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Greetings Zucku!

1. The combat system most resembles the combat from the MMO Dungeons and Dragons Online. It is a hybrid of real time clicks (if you have a weapon equiped you will swing it) and use of power bar (dragging powers and tools onto the bar allows you to use them by pressing the number keys). Behind all of that is a stat system that allows these things to improve as you level up (not as detailed as Skyrim but more than Minecraft).

2. You can do either to survive but you will need to do something to keep health up. This can be through farming resources and crafting to finding things to help through adventure or discovery, to being able to simply by those items from a merchant if you can find one.

3. There is an overall little-big story that can give the character purpose should they choose to pick up that quest chain and start it (it is epic but small - think Link and triforce's ;)). Our focus is on the Sandbox and creative aspect of the game and building that to be as engaging as possible. Astral Terra is probably considered story-lite if that makes sense to you.

Gratitude Zucku for giving us the opportunity to explain these systems some more! We hope you enjoy the game if you do decide to try it!
I was wondering similar things. Thanks for the additional info. The game looks very pretty, but it would be good to see some examples of what you've explained above in video.
Curious to know how large each map/server will be? How many players per server when you get there? Will there be an opportunity for player induced world events?
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Curious to know how large each map/server will be? How many players per server when you get there? Will there be an opportunity for player induced world events?

I'm curious about this as well. What sort of multiplayer experience is planned?
Greetings gamers! About multiplayer - the complete implementation of this is still being built. Our current setup, when completed, allows for a small number of players on your server that your are hosting (similar to Terraria). Player fires up a multiplayer game, the game starts the hosting in the background and the player moves on to their world. Other players can then join them via a couple different methods we are working on (and looking for feedback on). Based on this method, the amount of players possible in a game would in large part be based on the players hardware capabilities and available bandwidth. We are also looking into options for a standalone server that could host a large number of players. This still wouldn't be MMO size player base but would allow for many more players in one world than the personal hosted game option.

We have basic interactions, combat and PVP working over the network so far. Once we have all the building and terraforming functions working online we will be ready to start stress testing. From there we can make more informed decisions regarding our capabilities, allowing us to provide better feedback to the community on where multiplayer is going.
Just a reminder in case anyone missed it, regarding showing off more of the game functionality, we have just started a new series of videos that feature specific game mechanics or features. Our first video is Terraforming and covers that very subject. It is now in the video section for this project.
Hope this game is as good as the video looks
My question is:
How much?
when can i play the ♥♥♥♥ out of this?
and have you've seen my cat?
@Aldershot - Bwahahahaha! Good stuff, gratitude for the enthusiasm! We haven't settled on price - looks like we are aiming for $19.99 to $24.99. You can play this soon after Steam Greenlights us. :) We are aiming for early access alpha testing late Jan 2014. Beta phase starts in April. We are running a Kickstarter right now but if that doesn't pick up we will most likely move over to IndieGOGO soon. No, we haven't seen your cat but if it sees me, it will most likely fall madly in love with me and you will have to coax it back into your arms with never ending promises of all things cats cherish. I'm not particularly fond of cats myself but they seem drawn to me for some reason - they wont let me be! :P
This looks decently fun, but that sounds a bit too steep for a sandbox game. I just don't see it being worth that and I would skip it at either of those price points. $12-15 is what feels about right to me on this as a starting point based on what I have seen so far.

If you are looking at games like Minecraft for your price point, don't. They got away with it by offering the game at reduced prices for years before the game was stable and popular enough to get away with raising the prices to where they are now (and being basically the first truly mainstream creative survival game helped a fair bit too). I wouldn't even consider buying it today for what they are asking, it just isn't worth it. I picked it up back when it was in beta and still felt it was too much already then at $18 or whatever it was at the time.
please i love long story how many hours can i expect out this game story if i sort drag along not like race through it ya know
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