Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

Heroes of All Stars V9 (Obsolete)
epic  [developer] Nov 8, 2013 @ 4:24pm
Need your suggestions on new races
After the wonders, I want add more races. need your suggestions on that, the race, the leader, the UA/UB/UU, and 3 heroes for each race.
Currently I plan to add Troll, Blood Elves, Naga, Tauren and Dwarven. Thanks to Marcus Aveon, the troll is completed, and I think the Naga should have a navy UA, and the Dwarven should have better production. And I think one of them can have the spain UA(bonus on natural wonders). Need your suggestions on how to do that.
An example:
leader : Zul'jin
UU : Troll Beserker's that replace the Archer
UB : Voodoo Lounge, replacing the temple
UA : All Troll units have passive health regeneration over time
Martialist : Zul'jin
Ranger : Vol'jin or Rokhan
Magician : Rastakhan
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Square Lemons Nov 8, 2013 @ 10:34pm 
Id love to see the Xel-Naga As a race and the dark voice(amon) as a leader

the 3 starting heros for him could be himself narud and Nyon

for specialties he could have a hybrid reaver (replacing somthing like a longswordsman) whith increased damage

a hybrid dominator (replacing something like a longbowman) giving it incresed focus?? (+1 range and accuracy promotion)

for race special something along the lines of never dieing seeing how amon can surive through all the ♥♥♥♥ something like +50% settler prouduction during war and +1 production in all citys during war

another Race could be Dr.ariel hanson as a leader

for the three heros have dr ariel as one another one could be an abberation and the last one could be a infestor

specialty unit you could have something along the lines of Infestied civilian (replacing warrior or something like that) and start them off whith the march promotion to represent fast regen

could be Infested marines (replacing somthing like musketmen) whith an improved build time so insted of 150 production do like 100 to represent the endlessness of the infection

for the race specialty you could give like 20% growth to represent the rapid infection rate of the virus

Hope you like my suggestions great mod and keep up the good work!!! :D
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Cthulhu The 3rd Nov 8, 2013 @ 10:36pm 
Race: Burning Legion.

Leader: Sargaras

UU: Doom Guard: Replaces Longswordman. Immune to hero spells and abilities. ((Taking this from thier spell immunity in Warcraft 3.)) If you can't do than a bit of a boost in stats and they can move like a scout. (They are the Legion's elite after all, they are battle veterans of millina or more. They should know thier way around most any battlefield.) Or they start three levels. ((So you can specialize them for the fight ahead. Once again they ARE the best of the best, the elite. They should be quite expirenced.)

UB: Demon Gate, Replaces Baracks. Half (or none) of the bonus expirence, but increases military unit production. (The burning legion is a legion for a reason. Countless numbers of foot soldiers. Only a few are real elites, like the Doom Guard, the rest are just average cannon fodder.)

UA: The Burning Crusade: Every enemy killed generates faith (Many in the Legion, espically the Shivarra, or Shivan, worship Sargaras as a god and treat his quest to destory all things as a great religious quest, thus every time they kill someone or something they are worshipping thier God.) All units gain expirence 25% faster. (Yes, I admit, this ability is very similar to that of Diablo and the Burning Hells...but it makes sense. Sargaras is basiclly the Counterpart to Diablo in the Warcraft Universe. :) )

Martialist: Sargaras (This guy should have a REALLY awesome ability, but can NOT be gotten for free. He should cost...a LOT. It's freaking Sargaras, he's badass and should reflect that, but he is also TOO powerful to up. You need to pay the price to summon him. >:) )

Ranger: Ticondrious (The Dreadlord's love to be behind the scenes and manipulate things from a distance until they are sure they will be victorious when they personally go in for the kill. Very stealthy and assassin like, so perfect for a ranger, and as Ticondrious was the Leader of All Dreadlords he's a good pick.)

Mageician: Kil'jaeden (Corruptor of the Orcs, Leader of the Eredar, and with the death of Archimonde, Second in Command of the Legion. As one of the most powerful warlocks of all time, he just HAD to be on here. I would have considered Archimonde, but considering that guy got exploded by Wisps, the sheer epicness of that fail ruled him out. Seriously dude, your one of the most powerful magic users of all time...and you get exploded by a bunch of very weak spirits...while humping a tree? FAIL man...FAIL!)
townkrier Nov 9, 2013 @ 10:13pm 
Originally posted by Square Lemons:
Id love to see the Xel-Naga As a race and the dark voice(amon) as a leader

The problem with the Xel-Naga is finding pictures of them to be able to do the leader and heroes. If there are good pictures, it definitely would be sweet.
epic  [developer] Nov 10, 2013 @ 4:45pm 
Thanks for all the suggestions
For the Xel-Naga and Burning Legion, I already use them in the ideology system, they are considered Gods in the game, I think they might be too powerful to be a race, may be I can make the neutral heroes or barbarian heroes

Any ideas on how to design the Blood Elves, Naga, Tauren and Dwarven?
townkrier Nov 10, 2013 @ 7:07pm 
I'd love to see a Murloc civilization. I'm not sure why.. I just always really liked the Murlocs.

Since it is kind of out there, I'll write up a lengthy description of the suggestion.

Civilization: Murloc

Possible splashes:

Overall thought -
Murlocs are a race that should be strong early and settle along the coasts and be scattered around the world.

Unique Ability:
Tiderunning - Can embark and move over Oceans immediately (see Polynesia). +1 Movement and Sight when embarked. Murlocs cannot build (any) ships. All embarked land units may attack ships.

Unique Unit:
Murloc Flesheater - replaces Pikeman - 20% of damage dealt is turned into health.
Required Resources - none
(maybe use the Mohawk Warrior unit model?)

Unique Building:
Primal Hut - replace Lighthouse - Gives +1 food and +1 production from sea tiles, and +1 food and +1 gold from sea resources.

1) King Mrgl-Mrgl (actually a Night Elf but he leads Murlocs)
Class - Ranger
Unique Ability - 1 Free Level and also "Cross Borders ability"(can you make it so 1 unit can enter borders without open borders/war? Would be a cool ability for King Mrgl-Mrgl.
Starts with - Boots, Ring
Image -

Cookie -
Class - Sorcerer
Unique Passive - Cookie's Cooking - Healing is 30% more effective.
Starts with - Book
Image -

Those two for sure.. plus one of these two:

Mmmrrrggglll -
Class - Magician
Unique Ability - Frost Shock - Deals similar damage to Charge but also stops movement for next turn (basically Charge dmg + Confusion's inability to move). Single target, 3 range, 8 turn cooldown, Under the same ability category as Fireball and Charge.
Starts with - Book, Boots
Image -

Murkdeep -
Class - Berzerker
Unique Ability - Charge Mastery
Starts with - Sword, Ring
Image -

Start bias - By Ocean (use Japan's start bias)

Cities -

I can make a list in xml format and send you.
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epic  [developer] Nov 10, 2013 @ 8:38pm 
thanks for the detailed infomation, that's a good one, this mod just need a navy race now :)
townkrier Nov 12, 2013 @ 6:12pm 
I made a quick list of suggestions / overview of looking at the different races available in the games.

Starcraft 2
Raynor's Raiders (changed from Terran)
Terran Dominion (changed from Dominion)
The Swarm (changed from Zerg)

Other Possibles:
Primal Zerg (Change Zerg to "The Swarm") -- I think there is possibly enough there with heroes/locations on Zerus to do a Civlization)

Total: 4 (or 5)

High Heavens
Burning Hells

Total: 3

Warcraft (More Warcraft 2-3 than WoW)
Night Elf

Total: 4

World of Warcraft


Total: 0-9

Overall Total: Somewhere between 11-20

Although it would be sweet to have all 22, I think balancing the existing (maybe + 1 or 2 more) would be ultimately better though).

I also think Warcraft races should probably be capped around half of the races in the game (so about 8-9 Warcraft races) so they don't dominate the game.
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epic  [developer] Nov 12, 2013 @ 10:19pm 
for the warcraft races, since I played warcraft 3 a lot, but never play WOW, so I may not be able to design these races good enough.

I'd like to have your help to design the wow races.

Currently there are Murloc(done), Troll(done), Blood Elves, Naga, Tauren, Dwarven, and any you can add.
Can you suggest the leader, trait, UU/UB and heroes for them? if you play WOW, you may give a better design than I can
townkrier Nov 14, 2013 @ 3:45pm 
Civilization: Primal Zerg

Possible Splashes:

Theme: Primal Zerg take the essence from their enemies and incorporate it to make them stronger/better.

Unique ability - Natural Selection: Extracts the essence of enemies, gaining +50% Experience from combat. +15% Combat in Friendly Territory.

Unique Unit - Baneling - (would be good if it was a totally separate unit so it couldn’t upgrade/be obsoleted) - Attacking kills baneling, but does 14 strength damage to all adjacent enemies (same damage as Swordsman). 3 movement. Costs 40 to build (slightly above half of the cost of a Swordsman). Engineering technology would be a good place to put it.

Unique Building - Primal Essence Pool - replaces Watermill - does not require being on a river. Gives +1 Food and +1 Science to any Luxury or Strategic Resource worked by this city.


Zurvan - same

2. Silvin - Ranger - corrosive goo - does 10 poison damage a turn to a single target and reduces movement in half for 3 turns.
Starts with ring.

3. Dhaka - berserker - cliff jumper - can pass mountains (see Carthage).
Starts with sword and axe.

Cities -

Silvin’s Pack
Dahaka’s Pack
Brakk’s Pack
Kraith’s Pack
Yagdra’s Pack
Tyranrozor Brood
Ravasaur Brood
Viper Brood
Raptor Brood
Torrasque Brood
Carrion Brood
Splitter Brood
Hunter Brood
Corpser Brood
Vile Brood
Impaler Brood
Lurker Brood
Noxious Brood

Housekeeping / other aspects:

1) You would have to change the Wonder (the Ancient one to Primordial Spawning Pool - the first spawning pool from Zerus — and you can use Brakk instead of Zerus for the hero.

Wonder splash -

Brakk picture -

2) Would also have to take Zerus off the city state list.
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Cthulhu The 3rd Nov 14, 2013 @ 3:47pm 
Hmmmm....this was a bit of a tough on since you are adding the Murlocs but I think this works.


Leader: Queen Azshara

UA: "From the Murky Depths We Come" Or "Terror of the Deeps". Which ever you prefer.
Honestly they should have the same thing as the Murloc's ability, so I suggest adding unique parts to both of them. For instance, judging by the fact that, no matter how man you kill, the murlocs keep a steady number, those buggers reporduce quick, so maybe have thier population grow 10=20% faster than normal, but because they are realitively simplistic, have them research things at a slower rate. Say 20% for Pop growth, but 10% reduction in science. For the Naga, because they are VERY warlike, they get a 10% bonus to fighting on the water, and generate Faith everytime they kill a unit.

UU: Naga Royal Guard: Replaces Longswordsman. Increased Attack and Defence, and come with 2 free promotions, but cost 50% more to buy and/or train. These guys should be big and intimidating, but they should also be expensive as hell.

UB: Temple of the Tides: Repleace Temple. Generates +1 faith more than a regular temple, and give bonus production (Your call on how much) Due to the training and use of Mur'gul Slave Labor.

Martialist: High Warlord Naj'entus Special Ability: Naga Anomaly: Naj'entus has bonus starting Martial points and his Skills are 10% more powerful.

Ranger:Lady Sarevess: Special Ability: Siren's Call: Her Allure ability has a 20% bonus to work.

Magician: Queen Azshara: Speical Ability "Queen of the Depths" :Azshara Gains a Legendary Spell book and three levels in one of the magic branches (You pick which one seems best.) All enemies get a -10% agiasnt her due to her beauty.
epic  [developer] Nov 14, 2013 @ 7:10pm 
thanks for the suggestions
one thing to add is, we can't design all the races to be warlike, in warcraft there is only war, but in the Civilization world, there are many more than war, like culture, fiath, production.... So the races need to be diversified to fit into Civ5

so the Murloc still be have the warlike UA, and the Naga changed to yield more from sea tiles, and since their beauty, receive extra bonus tech or policy when hire female heroes

for the primal zerg, since they live in nature, I'd like to give them the Spain + American UA, receive bonus when discover natural wonder, and has extra sight and expand land faster

how about that?
townkrier Nov 14, 2013 @ 10:46pm 
That sounds good. A couple of the races left (Tauren - culture, Gnome - science) should even things out a bit too.

Cthulhu The 3rd Nov 15, 2013 @ 11:41pm 
I can get behind that. On the subject of civs with other specialties besides war, You should probably make Goblins trade based Civ, after all those little buggers are the cloest things the world of Azeroth has to Corperations. Hell If I remember right they actually DO have corperations. So for Goblins porbably either pure trade, or Trade/Reseach monsters. Goblins do love them some gold, and they love them some science, espically if said science goes BOOM! :D
townkrier Nov 16, 2013 @ 7:33am 
Originally posted by Marcus Aveon:
I can get behind that. On the subject of civs with other specialties besides war, You should probably make Goblins trade based Civ, after all those little buggers are the cloest things the world of Azeroth has to Corperations. Hell If I remember right they actually DO have corperations. So for Goblins porbably either pure trade, or Trade/Reseach monsters. Goblins do love them some gold, and they love them some science, espically if said science goes BOOM! :D

If you suggest a Goblin civ, you will also have to suggest a bunch of new city states :D. Right now, Goblins have like 1/3 of the current city states:
Booty Bay

Not to say Goblins wouldn't be a sweet civilization though, just that we'd need new city states to replace them.
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