Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

Millennium Dawn Classic (1.7)
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Put Bugs here so He can fix them
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You cant see all the political advisiors, some are blocked off the edge
Naval icons are broken.

in my game nobody made ships and nobody has one at the beginning
Naposledy upravil Spider-Hussard; 9. čvn. v 14.49
Hi, Generalis. I have found two bugs! I'm Playing USA.

1. Political advisor and other designer are not shown properly (only 2/3 window)
2. Arleigh Burke Destroyer3 and other destoryer can't deplyable to any port or fleet
Naposledy upravil j9022043; 9. čvn. v 19.50
2 Synthetic Refineries in construction tab, one gives +1 rubber and +48% fuel gain from refineries. The other gives +3 Oil
Fuel Silo is steel.
Localisation is bugged in custom when making a new game, and destroyers arent deployable
Cannot Select Pride of the fleet, the game crashes if you try to do so, the resource- buldings (chromium aluiminium tungsten) are not available or not visible.
My Game is crashing each like 3-10 minutes. Impossible to actually play since the long loading times too.
This mod should be overworked and fixed.
Just gonna list all my bugs here I noticed during my German Conquering of Europe.

NOTE: I was playing with some side mods (bonus reseach slot, strategic view adjustment (Potentially caused some ui bugs), Player led peace conferences and State Transfer Tool,) but they likely have not caused these bugs.

-Noone had ships at the start and the AI never tried to build ships, I tagged over to Britain and they were just building convoys
-Can't deploy Destroyers
-The AI was building planes but never used them
-The Map Options in the bottom right were bugged
-The Politics menu is bugged in that advisors and companies icons were being cut off of the right side of the menu
-Some background blocks in the construction menu were larger than they should be.
-Tanks and such require oil to build
-In the production menu the Efficiency bar was longer than it should be.
-The "Create Variant" button for ships is cut in half.
-Fuel Silo has a steel icon
-2 synthetic refieries but one produces rubber and increases fuel gain and the other just adds oil.
-The "Add new air wings" button is larger than it should be.
-The weather icons when looking at a province are bugged
-When in a battle the factors icons like air supremacy, attacking from multiple directions, etc are bugged.
-There are dog errors in the results of my naval battles with my subs. I haven't tested it with my normal fleet.
Naposledy upravil Cash_Banooca; 10. čvn. v 10.34
The only real important bug that bothers me is that my game keeps crashing every 10-12 minutes. Maybe try to look into this. Other than that, I love that you brought this mod back.
Naposledy upravil therealbomb_com; 10. čvn. v 13.24
It's september 2022, European Union is already united and EU is in the war with fascist Sweden. The game crashes every time that Sweden capitulates
Georgia has military access to Russia instead of Russia having military access to Georgia. I can't get any supply to my 4 divisions that start out in Armenia.
EDIT: it seems military access is reversed for all cases; for example, Pakistan has access to US, Senegal has access to France, etc.
Naposledy upravil Leutnant Vogel; 11. čvn. v 14.40
Game plays fine (Other than the mentioned bugs with navy, fuel, buildings, aircraft, etc of which only navy/air bothered me).

Until something causes the game to crash at a certain time/date. Unsure of what the cause is but I have seen it happen in 2008, 2005, 2002, and 2001. Reloaded and trying varying "fixes" for this does nothing, same spot once it crashes. Tried to search the error log, saw some graphics and navy stuff wrong in it, along with random other stuff. I would assume it is something to do with other bugs, hopefully gets fixed because I love this mod (Don't like the new merge version).

Tested this with Formable Nations, Instant War, and Delete NATO-CSTO on at same time and with no mods on other than this. Made no difference so for sure this mod. (At least we know Formable Nations and that delete mod works, NATO is beyond annoying)
The mod crashes quite a bit. I can't go further than 9 July 2012 as it always crashes. I have tried 3 or 4 times now.
Naposledy upravil LogOutGames; 12. čvn. v 8.13
2000 bookmark, I invaded Belgium as Germany, capitulated them, yet there is no peace conference, despite there being no one else in this war

Edit: Nevermind, I got peace conference right after I wrote this post.
Still, It took a couple days before it happened, while it should be instant, right?
Naposledy upravil Cubeson; 12. čvn. v 13.21
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