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Possibility to still recognize Unusual, or Uncommon "file types" that appear in the future, and still generate rooms & content from them =]
I know that many different programs and file types may come about inside the future of our world. How might AdventureOS, handle these unique unknown file types, if it will be capable of recognizing them at all? =o.

I talked about a file type called .kes in the comments section, which are basically scanned in versions of text books and converted pdf files, which your computer can read outloud to you through a specific software program called Kurzweil. These files are big in size, rich with data, and you end up creating entire organized libraries of chapters and books using them. But I imagine that it might be a little too late in the game's development to add in anything truly special surrounding these file types, unless it was part of a special DLC for the game made later on, but basic recognition of this file type could still be a possibility =].

And for that matter, the possibility of other "mystery" or unknown file types in general, could still potentially generate content in the World of AdventureOS I would think, if it encounters big folders full of file types that haven't been catagorized or identified as of yet by the games programming. These "unknown file types" still have a MB, KB, or in rare cases I suppose GB size to them, and a date of creation, date last modified, and the name of the creator inside of them as qualities to them -- these could all be used to create mystery rooms without having to read too much into the type of programing and content assosciated with them.

They could have a futuristic, unfinished, and mysterious theme to them, since they aren't fully known about by the people of the AdentureOS world. But themes could center around the file creator, or in other words the "Owner" listed in the details section of the file's properties, or around the Computer that originally created them, since the properties section usually also includes that with most any file type =D. Some files even show how much time has been spent with that file open before it was next saved, and all files have a "Date of creation" setting, so that could help to pick the appropriate themes to go with them...

What do you guys think? Should unknown file types be included for content creation within this game? Maybe its already something that has been considered and included in the games programming, in which case, I would love to hear more about it =D.

With such huge book like files found throughout my computer's file directory, I know that learning more about this aspect, and the possibility of .kes file types being a part of what this game can recognize, would definitely help in my decision buying promoting this game. But with the way I asked this question, this has potential for unique AdventurOS excitement among game and program developers as well -- because as they create and build the files for their personal "unknown programs" it would affect the AdventureOS world still, and remind them of what advancements they've made, and where they might need to go back and retouch up some things. ^_^

I look forward to hearing everyone's responses =D. =]
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This game has a lot of potential if added then still unpublished thing would make it just great, or out but hey its a DLC would be better if they are directly included in the game that would increase the life of game! AdventureOS <3
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This game has a lot of potential if added then still unpublished thing would make it just great, or out but hey its a DLC would be better if they are directly included in the game that would increase the life of game! AdventureOS <3
I definitely agree ^_^
I cant wait to see how this game handles my HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE ♥♥♥ pictures folders and mod folders, I fully expect mod folders to be hellholes filled with the most epic ♥♥♥♥in loot and meanest ♥♥♥♥ing monsters, hey they could even implimant a system where if the folder is too close to the top of the tree/starting point of hte game and have a tremendous amout of rars(treasure chest) they could make the door locked or require a boss to be killed who is RNG based on number of boxes.
i have one thing to say:
that is all
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