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PULSAR: Lost Colony
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Onboard destruction
A lot of times, games similar to Pulsar: Lost Colony have a good premise for exploration and cool fights, but destruction is very linear. Will Lost Colony have onboard fires that can be put, or maybe there could even be a leak in the ship. Just getting shot by lazers and listening to the same "warning" voice could eventually get rather linear. How do you guys plan to implement onboard damage? Would be really cool if you could put out fires, etc.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Parkertheballer; 1.9.2013 kello 8.28
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I agree with Biscult, and I think I may have mentioned something similar in the suggestion's forum, I'll drag it now to the forefront here.

"You know what else might be interesting, is that in extremely dire combat situations parts of the ship could be vented into space, for example if your engines overheat. You can eject the warp core or some such nonsense, for immediate cooldown. But at the cost of longer lasting repercussions.
Again, using the engineering analogy, ejecting the warp core might give immediate cooldown, boosting your shield capacitors, but speed and maneuverability might suffer so greatly you might as well be limping to your next destination.

Also, I like this idea because it requires great communication and planning. If a crew-mate is accidentally trapped in a room being vented, maybe a weapons chamber due to unstable radiation leak, he'll have a few last moments to say goodbye before being sucked into the cold unforgiving vacuum of space, cutting him off mid-sentance."
Would be cool.
edinstein  [kehittäjä] 1.9.2013 kello 22.09 
Hey SonOfAyeBiscuit and Damnit Jim!

What you both described is really great, and I think we are all in agreement. We were planning to have more depth with the interior damage mechanics, but it would be awesome to add something like this to what we have planned so far!

We probably won’t be able to vent people out into space, but it will most likely be more of a “Remove oxygen from entire room” deal instead.
Yeah, sucking someone into space would be more than a little challanging :P but I love to hear that you guys are taking this request seriously :D Thanks for the response and keep up the great work <3
Maybe would it be possible to destroy or loose NPC-opposition by blocking, destroying their compartments while sneak-beamed in to the enemy-ship to ease the boarding?

Shile sneak, you could plant not 1 but 2 explosives or similar ordnance to take over the ship's resistance so you wont need any battles :) eg. All vital-systems could be planted some sort of device which renders the systems inusable until repaired?
^ would be cool!
edinstein  [kehittäjä] 8.9.2013 kello 18.34 
Hey Apache!

It very well could be a scenario, where you and your crew disable vital ship systems stealthily, thus avoiding an armed conflict. In fact, there is an entire playable faction practically dedicated to devious tactics such as these - the Alliance of Gentlemen. Keep in mind, you’ll need quite a lot of equipment and preparation in order to be successful. We believe that will make victory that much sweeter!
No matter. Your ship will be assimilated. Resistance is futile! Dead or alive, you coming with me :)
It would be nice to possibly see a diagram of the ship as seen in many displays in Star Trek:The NExt Generation, that, could be used to vent rooms using airlocks and ventalation in a FTL-like fashion. I would say the ejecting the warp core would be used when A. the warp core is overheating, or B. The Warp Core is Ruptured
Nice idea. ^
V3SSEL 17.9.2013 kello 14.28 
ya NICE i want it to come out.
V3SSEL 17.9.2013 kello 18.04 
*double Face Palm*
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