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Savant - Ascent
Things that miss in the game.
Here is a list of things that would be good if they were implemented.
  • To be able to change the BGM & FX volume
  • To be able to set own keys for jump/switch platform
  • Increase difficulty in Vario Mode - add own CD's/Upgrades for that mode.
  • Increase difficulty if you would able to run the game in widescreen resolutions
  • Able to turn off/on abilities
  • Vario Mode is not working in Endless Mode (?)
  • Future Storymodes

Scoring Mechanics
  • The faster the enemy dies, the higher score.
  • Score gained by evading enemies
  • In Endless Mode - Collecting 4 Blue CD pieces gives you another life. If you have full lives, you are able to stack one CD as max.
  • While having 1 CD stacked, Gained Score are increased by 15%

Reverse Time Attack [unlocked after clearing Vario Mode]
  • You dont have any lives - your life is the clock ticking down to 0.
  • By killing enemies you gain 5 seconds (Bigger enemies, bigger time gain)
  • If power bar is on 5, the time goes 2 times slower (Being 2x stronger also gives you the power to bend the time and space)
  • Getting hit removes 40 seconds from your total time.

Just my two cents.