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Will To Survive
Some features u may should be able to deactivate
I think thats a nice idea with the Tamagochi feature.BUT you should be able to deactivate it for making it easy for non hardcore gamers to play this game without restarting it every time they play it.Probably there are some who play this game 1 timer per week.
You could like instead make the Pause funktion cost some food. For making it easy to pause the game. Or you just make a feature in the options.

I know thats a lot of work to do because i do some games by myself. But you cant just go for hardcore gamers who play this game 9H per day ^^

This is just my little advice.
Make a normal and a hardcore mode ^^:D

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Yes, it isn't even about hardcore gamers, but practicality - if I'm playing regularly and then want to do something else for a few days or take a weekend trip, I shouldn't have to worry about the game during that time. Ever seen most Steam user's backlog of games and understand why we have a backlog - a lot of folks simply don't play one game exclusively...
Liquidoodle  [ontwikkelaar] 2 aug 2013 om 7:20 
This is something I've thought about extensively while developing it, I may look into sitting down and writing a decent blog post about it to explain how it would all work.

Basically, I fully understand that everyone has varying amounts of time and lots of other games grasping for their attention as well as the general comings and goings of day to day life. For this reason I've put a lot of thought into how the feature would work so that both hardcore gamers and people with less time for gaming can play happily without it being a chore or crushingly annoying.

There will be three different modes that you can toggle at any time, it's all one single-player game mode but the toggle alters how much Will tries to help you when you are not there.

Default - The first mode will allow you to survive for around a maximum of two weeks lets say. As long as you have a day a week to jump in and play you could do pretty well at surviving. But be careful not to get killed while you are out in the open ;)

Automatic - This mode will be great for those who can put even less time in or if you are planning on going on holiday leaving the game alone for a prolonged period. You can survive for as long as you have supplies left which could be months! But, this does come with a price. Will is not as clever as you, so you will find the supplies you leave him with last for less time than if you were on default mode.

Hardcore - Only for those who want to be ultra hands on, your maximum survival time will only ever be as much as 3 days (the time it takes to die of thirst)

Hopefully that clears things up a little about what I have in mind :) granted there will be a lot of balancing to make sure it all works well and is fun.
Imo, everything that happens in a game should happen in-game. I'm already no huge fan of how State of Decay goes about it's metagame feature (will get it though once its out on PC - gameplay is just too awesome to skip on the game), but I really and certainly can't be arsed to do all this with a second game on top of that.

I have to ask you though - what's the benefit in this? Make scavenging more important than it could potentially ever be in a video game? You know there's a fine line between fun scavenging and what is essentially MMO-like grind. Take a look at Project Zomboid - IndieStone have managed to make resource-gathering extremely important, yet the game doesn't bother you when you're not playing it.

And lastly - while I like your three different metagame levels there, one is missing to sell me on the game - the 'none' option.
Liquidoodle  [ontwikkelaar] 5 aug 2013 om 2:32 
Everyone has their own opinions on games which is great, Will to Survive is a direct response of my own opinions. The feature in State of Decay is nice but lacked an element of control for me, I guess that comes with the fact that I have been developing this game so I have my own ideas of what I would like to see happen. I get very little time to play State of Decay at the moment but whenever I return the simulation works well. The two games can co-exist alongside each other without any problem as far as I can see, you can put in whatever amount of time you wish for either even with a busy schedule.

The benefit is a unique survival experience which is very focused on the survival aspect. It's something which I've been wanting to play for a while personally but no other game has come close to creating. Scavenging will play a part but so will adventuring, problem solving and decisions on how you approach the world around you. I agree that there is a fine line between grinding and fun, I'm aiming for the later. Project Zomboid is certainly great but that doesn't mean that it is the only way to go about creating a survival game, there is room for other genre variations to exist.

Removing the real-time simulation or having the option to disable it would unfortunately only serve to water down the game's mechanics. The simulation aspect courses through the veins of the entire game, without it the tower defence aspects would not work as well, the water/food level system would have to be adapted and possibly wouldn't work which leads to the affect it has on accuracy, movement speed and other factors. The game would also need an entire second balancing pass which would lower the quality of the overall finished thing, as a solo developer at present time is precious and would be better served on improving the existing features. Lastly and importantly it would remove what makes the game idea unique.

Whilst I understand your thoughts on the matter the real-time aspect is an integral part of the game and something I will be working hard on making fun and rewarding. Maybe you could check out the game further down the line and see what you think then :)
Oh, I will certainly check it out as I can't seem to get enough of survival games. Survival during an alien invasion sounds pretty good as a base predicament. While I will prolly never be a huge fan of anything meta-game, if it's bearable like you say I might be fine with it. Let's see.
I think it makes the game even more challenging, but yea, SOME players aren't really "hardcore", so maybe there should be a way to deactivate that.
Origineel geplaatst door Bl4ckburn1:
I think it makes the game even more challenging, but yea, SOME players aren't really "hardcore", so maybe there should be a way to deactivate that.
Kind of gotta disagree here. There's nothing challenging about random stuff happening, ever, even more so when you're not there. From what I understand right now you could log out, come back and have gotten unlucky and lost all your progress without any fault of your own.
Liquidoodle  [ontwikkelaar] 8 aug 2013 om 8:12 
@Bl4ckburn1 - The different modes mentioned earlier will allow both hardcore and none hardcore players to play.

@Deleth - The way it's designed isn't random as that would not be fun as a game mechanic. You can plan ahead and will get a good idea of how long you can survive for when exiting the game as it gives you an estimated survival time. The estimations are ran in the same process used to do the simulations for accuracy so if you loose any progress it will unfortunately be down to your own wrong doing.
Well, I guess I'll see how this metagame stuff works out once PC players get their hands on State of Decay. I believe Undead Labs' system is not exactly alike but similar enough to your ideas to be able to draw some conclusions. Rest assured that for now, while I'm willing to give you the benefit of doubt, I'll remain sceptical, perhaps I'm just being too old school for this but ultimately, I don't view this as very good game design.

Why? Simple - a game should entice and entertain me WHILE I'm playing, not pester me when I'm not playing. You see, the way you describe it I almost (note: almost) have to check the calendar and my watch so that I don't happen to lose track on when I finally HAVE to go back to the game. There's a reason I don't play any MMO and it's just more of the same here it would seem. Yes, I will check it out but please don't be insulted when I return here telling you this is just not for me. This negativity comes simply from the fact that I want to play games at my own pace, not by the pace a game tells me I have to play it by.

I also never play only one game at a time and in actual fact, it's sometimes 3-4 depending on day and mood. Then I might buy a new game in between I wanna check out. It is, imo, (no offence intended) almost a little obnoxious to design a game you will ultimately HAVE to play at some point in order to not lose progress.
Liquidoodle  [ontwikkelaar] 8 aug 2013 om 11:14 
Hi again Harmor, no offence taken. Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on games, I never imagined Will to Survive would appeal to everybody so I don't particularly mind should someone not want to play it. Out of interest what are you hoping to achieve with the previous post? It seems to just re-iterate what you said earlier.
Yeah, this was basically just other words for what I said before but I thought they'd perhaps be more clear. Thing is, I don't like when people just say 'I dislike this and that' without at least letting out what exactly it is they don't like about whatever, and I felt I hadn't quite touched on everything I wanted to say in the first post. I'm glad you didn't take offense as you come across as a genuinely nice dude - that alone will very likely make me support you and your game at any rate ;) - and if you don't mind I will perhaps try and cheat my way out of the metagame predicament if at all possible once your game is out so that I can play it the way I want to ^^.
Liquidoodle  [ontwikkelaar] 8 aug 2013 om 11:36 
Ahhh ok, that's cool. I can fully understand what you mean by everything :) it's good that you can articulate it well. I'm glad I come across all right too, it's always a bit weird putting yourself up on the internet like this. Before when I've worked on games it's been part of a team for a larger company so it's far less personal. I'm sure there will be ways to cheat it, what game doesn't have cheats and glitches right?
Origineel geplaatst door Liquidoodle:
@Deleth - The way it's designed isn't random as that would not be fun as a game mechanic. You can plan ahead and will get a good idea of how long you can survive for when exiting the game as it gives you an estimated survival time. The estimations are ran in the same process used to do the simulations for accuracy so if you loose any progress it will unfortunately be down to your own wrong doing.
It's still an estimatuon though, right? So you still could have terrible luck and die way earlier due to getting unlucky. As a person who often gets extremly unlucky, like losing an level 3 unit against a freshly recruited one in a single round of Battle for Wesnoth unlucky this bodes ill for me.
I in generaly really like games like this, but this feature alone will sadly keep me from getting this one.
Liquidoodle  [ontwikkelaar] 15 aug 2013 om 13:23 
I put estimations down as there are some very minor discrepancies between the way the simulation and estimations work at present. For the final release I'm aiming to have the estimations give an exact amount however.

At the very least they will be the minimum amount of time meaning that returning before this time is fine, returning after this time is more likely to be bad but you could luck out. So you can only technically be lucky, if that makes sense?
I think it is a good idea to have the function to deactivate some features. Not every Gamer is a Hardcore gamer and they just play to have fun.
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