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Ideaz u can post too

My Ideas if I were a workshopper like Neo),
For the medic i would put a giant potion (A giant POTION) on the medic's back as a replacement to the syringe gun and then give him these medevil medigun made of barrels wood and and ALCHEMY CIRCLE that shoots the heal ray a the tip.

Stats for the Medi Age Gun Every- every kill the medic gets contributes to the ubercharge rate, healing spies will cause u to bleed and the spy to bleed the same, Equivilant Exchange (An Alchemy Principle Because u can make something from nothing)

Stats for the Medic Potion Back Pack, This backpack will decrease his health by 50 points and speed to the speed of a demoman and make him have 15% bullet resistance, immunity to fire and bleed, and 20% explosive resistance but the more damage of that type he takes the more resistance he has. For example (x) Explosive damage will increase (X) Explosive resistance. Again this will replace his ranged weapon

The Melee Weapon (MEDIC) Apearance- There will be none use as u please

The Mmphical Pyro (Pun Inteded)

The Mmphik Stick- He will have a staff as a melee that sets people on fire (Lik the volcano fragment) And this will have a gem ANY SHAPE NEO WANTS at the end of the weapon with a Handle made of wood)

The Mmphik Pheonix- A Flare gun that will have a Pheonix head with a gem in its beak at the end of the flare gun, this will knock back enemies and do minicrits to airborn enemies and also turn them to ASH like the Phlog.

The Mmphik Dragon- This will be flame thrower with a dragon head at the end made of gold with a diamond with runes on it, inside the mouth and the tank will be a runed gem (any Shape)

The Mmphikal Saints Hood- would be a mages hood woth a dark spot where u cant see the pyros mask but there will be glowing eyes.

The Mmphikal Runed Ruby- would be a gian runed pillar (When i think of it i think of the one in castle crashers) But this can be painted and when the pyro gets hit by fire it will blink that painted color.

Those are my ideas and please post,

-The Dreamer Of A Better Team Fortress 2
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Chanoler 1 OCT 2015 a las 17:02 
Just gonna say since there are no public comments on The Cavedigger, despite how good of a hat it seems to be I would NEVER wear one because by wearing it you are basically saying "My brain is here, please shoot me there Snipers"
Shore 4 AGO 2016 a las 11:55 
The shape of the helmet reminds me of an M15 Adrian.
NEMESIS 16 ABR a las 9:13 
All class, don't put me in the gallows but I think it would work fine. It fits the artstyle of tf2 pretty well aswell.
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