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Warhammer clone?
Seems like the art direction is too similar to the Warhammer universe. Hope you guys dont get sued.
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Except it's been around as a tabletop minis game since the early 2000's, and has it's own distinct brand by now.
Simon Berman  [vývojář] 29. čvc. 2013 v 11.02 
WARMACHINE is an award-winning wargame entirely its own that is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary. We're doing just fine. :)
darksanctum původně napsal:
Seems like the art direction is too similar to the Warhammer universe. Hope you guys dont get sued.
In what way? The IP is set on a single planet, and is Steampunk / fantasy hybrid if you include Hordes.
WARMACHINE is VERY distinct and different from either warhammer universe. check the website and gawk at the excellent art/painting of the community/developers
Warmachine is a very different. For one you dont need a massive army to play battles, and two its fast paced.
looks like clone
Mace původně napsal:
looks like clone

Troll~ololololol ;)
Troll Thread, nothing to see here, move along... X3
Regardless of how long it's been going, it DOES look a lot like warhammer art/style. Plus... never heard of them xD.
If you don't have any interest in tabletop games, you may not have heard of it.
stil warhammer vs 40k universum would be funny.
Simon Berman původně napsal:
WARMACHINE is an award-winning wargame entirely its own that is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary. We're doing just fine. :)

All good artists know that you borrow the best parts of what you love, and hope to do your best to improve upon it, change it, and make it your own. A successful nod to the art direction of a wildly successful, and beautifully crafted, top-of-class IP like Warhammer is very difficult to achieve. Looks like these guys have nailed it.
Working within a specific genre also lends itself to certain aesthetic direction, like quality of light, color palette, actor design, etc. The trick often becomes using all of your storytelling resources -- narrative, voice, sfx and music, gameplay mechanics -- to craft an experience that is both familiar enough to draw in fans immediately, and unique and cohesive enough to feel distinct and keep people wanting more.

Keep up the great work guys.
Naposledy upravil Naytron; 2. srp. 2013 v 16.18
Personally, I don't see the relation here. I play, collect and have played Warmachine, Hordes, Malifaux, and Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K (plus a few of their off-shoots: Loved Gorka Morka. Heh!). Each game has it's own feel, history and backstory. The universe in which Warmachine comes from, which is also known as the Iron Kingdoms, is a rich and deep world full of stories and flavor. How a heavily steampunk inspired fantasy realm remotely resembles the atypical medieval fantasy of Warhammer (which in itself is inspired by other atypical fantasy settings, by the way) is beyond me.

Each race has a very well thought out design, from the various human factions (Cygnar, The Protectorate of Menoth, Khador and the others) to the mystical tech elven themed Retribution of Scyrah, to even the steam-horror filled Helljacks of the Cryx. There's also the clockworked Convergence of Cyriss that's been making it's debut as of late as well. This doesn't even touch the surface of the world, which has a whole other side leaning on the more organic designs of the Hordes factions.

Yes, it's from a miniature table topped wargame. But...pretty much that's where the comparisons end, mates. To look at the wargame itself, even the scale is different and the level of detail on each mini is far more intricate and styled then anything Games Workshop has placed on the table. Sure, you want to throw down armies in the thousands on massive tables of 8 feet by 16 feet, and place an entire weekend into one brawl...look to Warhammer. But if you want a small personal skirmish where a handful of units meet eye to eye on the field of battle to simply beat the scrap out of one another. Look no further my friends. Warmachine offers that level intimacy and feeling of knowing the hearts of each piece on the table.

Picking the most popular game and saying everything else is a clone or a copy of it is easy to do. But that's like saying all role playing games are copying the award winning Dungeons & Dragons. Look deeper and you'll find more differences then similarities.

I remember buying the rule book for this when it came out years ago. I don't care for tabletop games (painting is too much work and too damn expensive), but like newly imagined fiction. It was pretty interesting to read then. It doesn't really have any similarities to Warhammer other than using the same fictional races that everyone has stolen from Tolkien and mythos.
0/10 didn't believe you were real for any period of time
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