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7 Days to Die - Zombie Survival Game
Do you guys think it has potential ?
I think it could turn out to be a great game that everyone could almost play on any computer looking at the graphics ! But what is your thought on the future of this game ?
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Yes,it can be a very good survival game
Petrothian 20 lipca 2013 o 16:40 
who cares about graphics, minecraft... being minecraft and pixel art earned notch 107 million dollars *for a single person*

or wargaming.... world of tanks...*cough* is printing money faster than it to buy triple A studios.

That said, from the looks of their forums, the devs seems to be enthusists of the genres, so they will probley keep working on it.

the key thing here is:
will they have enough stuff for us to do and enough randomness to be as addictive as minecraft =D

if this game will make history, it will be that side of the game, the creativity box it brings.

again, too many shoot the zombies games out there already. most of them being fail or not approachable enough.

But yes, one problem I can see for it is... the toxicity from warZ contaminating the launch... you already seeing warZ people trashing this (for the most ridiculous reasons)...

These dev need to hire PR people/do some PR to show they aren't just another set of cash grab riding the fad.

Petro I have yet to see any negative comments concerning this project or any spill over from WarZ.
Petrothian 20 lipca 2013 o 20:23 
Well, it is there *most of it raging on gfx on the vids/commentary on youtube which is of lower quality*

but *shrugs* seen enough comparisons to warZ to raise an alarm.
Tom 20 lipca 2013 o 21:00 
i belive this game COULD be the new creativity game. if done correctly. as said before there are similar games out there, but from what i've seen so far this game has the potatial to go alot further, as its not just the building factor to take into consideration, and not only the zombie shooter part.. but its the mix of it, and building stuff correctly actually matters, having proper defences matter and not atleast keeping up with your overall health.

i've already donated and will keep "spreading the word" cause this is something i really look forward to.
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DannyDarkness 20 lipca 2013 o 21:47 
this game has a rediculous amount of potential. Zombie games have been awful in past years and this one looks like one of the only ones who has a perfect gameplay features
Blood$Money 21 lipca 2013 o 4:43 
give this game some time and you will see it will be the next big thing more then minecraft and dayz
Matfinder 21 lipca 2013 o 4:51 
i love this game and it hasnt even come out yet, but the kickstarter campaign is slowing down, I have sent emails and pms over facebook to multiple magazines and forums trying to get them to post articles and i will continue to do so, so guys this game will be as popular as minecraft or even better.
Zen 21 lipca 2013 o 5:06 
This has a lot of potential tho I would love to see the altitude to be volatile instead of flat terrain. Still a must-buy.
PoopSlinger 21 lipca 2013 o 10:06 
This game has so much potential, already pledged and voted, this game should be good to go!!!
addybaddy 21 lipca 2013 o 11:25 
it has promosing potential
Petrothian 21 lipca 2013 o 11:56 
Well, either way, this game IS coming out. *if kickstarter fails, they will go back to pre ordering on their website.

though progress wont be as fast (same as it were now) since they will proceed at their current speed *some of the dev have day jobs to pay for food....*

I think the most important thing right now is getting this ON STEAM.

Pec0 21 lipca 2013 o 18:25 
Let's hope they incorporate refined RPG elements into the game. Personally, I could play a game with terrible sound and graphics and little-to-no-PVP-multiplayer, if it has an immersive type of character leveling system, and a good co-op system to be able to play with random strangers and previous in-game (or irl) friends smoothly and easily. Giving stealth experience for sneaking past Zed during the day, or bounses for scouting out new locations. I think this game has an enormous ammount of potential, and many opertunities to make something amazing, but it has an equal number of opertunities to get something wrong, and at this point it can be hard to tell how great this game will end up being.
A Seagull 21 lipca 2013 o 19:30 
yeah it jas potensial
Cody 21 lipca 2013 o 21:29 
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