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Viscera Cleanup Detail
🐍 22 grudnia 2013 o 22:23
Metal Gear Solid Janitor VR
I saw this in a magazine back in 1999 I think it was that had a badly photoshopped Snake wearing a walkman holding a mop. It would be awesome to have a Shadow Moses level in this game. Just a thought anyone else think its a good idea?
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lava.drop 26 grudnia 2013 o 16:09 
Yeah no, unless you want to lure Konami's lawyers after this awesome videogame.
🐍 27 grudnia 2013 o 21:49 
I highly doubt Hideo would care and probably would think it's funny. Way to be a buzz kill.
lava.drop 27 grudnia 2013 o 23:25 
Hunches are not good weapons against blood sucking vampire lawyers from hell. ;)
🐍 28 grudnia 2013 o 2:55 
I don't think Konami would care about this game. It's not exactly a AAA title so I'll have to disagree.
lava.drop 28 grudnia 2013 o 10:46 
Like what happened to Byond and it's Duel Monsters Unlimited game?
i would agree that this would be an good idea but they need permeison or LAWYERS
lava.drop 3 stycznia 2014 o 9:53 
Oh it would be awesome and would fit ANY game in our collective gaming memory, imagine cleaning up: demon guts from Doom, Nazi guts from Wolf 3D, strange creatures from Hexxen, mess from Space Quest, Alien guts from Alien vs Predator games, more demon guts from Quake, Dead Space, Halo, Marathon, Oni, etc. Almost any FPS game is good material for this game. But reality is those are very real legal risks.
🐍 3 stycznia 2014 o 15:12 
im pretty sure this game is going to have a full list of fps games with levels on it just gotta spread the word
lava.drop 3 stycznia 2014 o 15:23 
🐍 3 stycznia 2014 o 18:55 
that shadow warrior game has a level if the game gets really popular im sure other companies will get involved too whats to facepalm about just more cool content
lava.drop 4 stycznia 2014 o 15:03 
MAGGOTT 7 stycznia 2014 o 1:27 
well they could put it in but the game would become reality in their office
Mr. Swift 31 marca 2014 o 16:26 
Heh, I remember that picture exactly. Still got the magazine somewhere I think, might be able to dig it up if I didn't throw it out. It had Snake shopped to look like he had equipped a mop in the weapons panel and an CD player with the old fashioned big headphones in the equipment panel.
🐍 7 kwietnia 2014 o 0:31 
yeah i guess there is one other person besides me who remembers
Mr. Swift 16 kwietnia 2014 o 18:14 
Im just as suprised as you are that thats the only thing to remember really well out of that entire magazine, albiet I dont think there could be a level of it without going through the consent process with Konami, we could always throw out the idea of maybe getting some big ol janitor headphones with tunes :3
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