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Oni  [developer] Jan 29 @ 9:19pm
Feature List
Character Limit has been hit in the Description and i can no longer properly describe features with that limit imposed, so i'm moving features into this thread instead.

  1. Rebalance Scanning Protocol - Makes Specialist Scanning Protocol ability cost zero action points, have no charges, and have a 3 turn cooldown[1]

  2. Alien Rulers No Free Turns - Alien Rulers will nolonger get free reaction turns
  3. [Experimental] Alien Rulers Hostile All - Alien Rulers will be hostile towards everybody, not only Xcom[1]

  4. Free Hostile VIP Interactions - Subdue/Knockout costs no action points.

  5. Faction Armor - Change which Faction Armor should have an Utility Item Slot. Defaults to Powered Only[1]

  6. Rebalance Sting - Removes Charges from Reaper's Sting ability.

  7. Cycle Mission Soldiers - Adds new buttons to switch between mission soldiers only.

  8. Heavy Ordnance Indicator - If your soldier has this ability, an icon will appear over the loadout slot that's affected by the ability.

  9. Added missing "Remove Item" navhelp for controllers in the loadout armory screen.

  10. Chosen Weapon Upgrades - Chosen Weapons can be equipped with upgrades.

  11. Alien Ruler Armors Rebalanced
    Serpent - Removes charges from Freezing Lash, Cooldown is increased from 2 to 5.
    RAGE - Removes charges from Rage Strike.
    Icarus - Removes charges from Icarus Jump, will nolonger break concealment, and sets the cooldown to 3 turns.

  12. Rebalance Wraith - Makes the Wraith Suit's WallPhasing ability passive

  13. Rebalance UltrasonicLure - The Ultrasonic Lure now adds The Lost SitRep when activated, and also spawns in a lost swarm on the map, aswell as its vanilla behavior of attracting lost and painting a target for the lost to attack

  14. Sharpshooters Can Reload And Shoot - The only thing stopping snipers from shooting now is if they have ability points enough and that they haven't moved.

[1] See the "XComGame.ini" for more info

Check Change Notes for Update Logs
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