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Iron Soul
BluBeeGames  [vývojář] 23. čvc. 2013 v 23.02
Iron Q&A Episode #1 (Prelude to Bot-mageddon)
Welcome to our first Iron-tastic Q&A episode with the bees behind Iron Soul. Here, our team members including Farzad (Art), Reza (Tech) and Yashar (Design) will be talking about various Iron related subjects.

It’s important to remember that H25’s lawyer will be moderating the semi-panel and will shoot any team members going too far. With that said, don’t be afraid of asking your own questions here or in other topics / discussions.

Ready? Let’s do this!
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BluBeeGames  [vývojář] 23. čvc. 2013 v 23.02 
H25 Lawyer: Hello everyone. The session is now in order. First of all, who can describe Iron Soul for me in just one sentence?

Farzad: Iron Soul is a combination of 3rd person shooter and platforming that was inspired by…

H25 Lawyer: Wait a second… I know where this is going! Why do have to name drop an old title like MDK every time your bunch wants to talk about my client’s game?

Reza: Well, we are all huge fans of classics like MDK and original Unreal Tournament. Because of that…

H25 Lawyer: AHA! Knew it. You name dropped another game.

Yashar: Hey! What’s wrong with loving those classic titles? Maybe Iron Soul isn’t as ground breaking as original MDK but that’s not the point!

Reza: As I was saying, due to our main sources of inspiration, the gameplay aspects of Iron Soul like camera control, movement and shooting feel a bit different compared to more recent titles.

Farzad:: None stop movement and shooting are required!

H25 Lawyer:: I see. In that case, many challenges within Iron Soul must feel rather dated and weak.

Yashar: Not necessarily. We wanted to make some seriously nail biting moments during each platforming challenge. That meant playing with the speeds, distances and behavior of various platforms. Of course now the main modes are a bit simpler but the challenging soul is still intact.

Reza: Same goes for enemies. They don't act like humans because, well... they are not humans. While we did a ton of design work during pre-production, many things came together until much later. For example, the worms used to spit singular projectiles. A bug from heavens came and changed things. Now player REALLY needs to shoot said projectiles in the air.

H25 Lawyer: So it was because of beautiful AI and random bugs that you managed to make your game tolerable?

Farzad: Hey watch it! H25 is our friend (slash) creation but you’re just his lawyer. We can always send you back to your pointless twitter account.

H25 Lawyer: Oh look who’s talking! Care to explain why most of your enemies look like giant eyeballs?

Farzad: Well, for starters, only one enemy type looks like that (NRO9). Here’s the thing. These enemies must feel completely different compared to our hero. Both are robots but H25 feels a bit more human. To create a proper contrast between them, enemies had to look and act quite differently compared to a humanoid robot.

Reza: Plus some of the more entertaining moments come from the way these enemies navigate the battlefield.

Yashar: You can see how those wily monsters dodge a jumping kick in our here in gameplay reveal trailer. Speaking of which…

H25 Lawyer: I’m sorry Dave, eh… I mean Yashar. Can’t let you do that. Our time is up and we have to continue this Iron-tactular discussion at another time.

H25 Lawyer: Before leaving us, have a shameless plug-in for my informative, sweet, influential and finally 100 percent official twitter account: http://www.twitter.com/H25lawyer
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