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How to use IC scripts from the workshop.
Just a quick guide to show how to use this script and others that you can now find on the workshop.

Once you have subscribed to the script and set up the computer and IC housing and inserted an IC10 chip click the edit button on the computer to open the ingame code editor.

At the top of the code editor you will see some buttons, click the one marked "Library" this will open a new window called "Source Code Library"

In that window you should see a list of scripts that you have subscribed to. To the right of the name and description of the script is 3 symbols. Just click the middle one (the document with an arrow) and the code will be put into the editor.

Now you simply have to click the confirm button at the bottom of the editor and then click export on the computer and it will put the code onto the chip ready to use.
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Very useful, Rocketworks should include this in their Guides...
Why am I not seeing any of all the IC mods I have subscribed to? Also, why do i not see them in my workshop list? CORE is the only one on.
They don't appear in the in-game workshop menu. You can only see the when you click the library button on the computer editor
I found out that they appeared only AFTER the last patch... Steam is slow. LOL
at some point (if not done allready) i place this on the wiki along with page links to the IC Codes
so much helps for me,thanks a lot
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